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Safe Installation & Lockout Services

Looking to have a safe installed in your home or office? Our locksmith experts can help you out. We install, unlock and service all your safe and vault service needs.

Let's think about your belongings and make them secure from now on!  At home, we keep everything that is important for us: documents, jewelry, money and other things that are of a high value. It is a good idea to buy and install a small, seemingly invisible wall safe in one of your rooms.

Industrial wall safe installations Our safe and vault services include:

  • Safecracking and unlocking
  • Mechanical combination locks
  • Electronic lock changes
  • Key cutting for safes and vaults
  • Safe lock installations
  • Timelock fittings
  • Opening electronic locks
  • Safe drilling
  • Changing safe combinations

The most convenient location depends on whether you need to have a permanent access to these items or you don't use them too often. Also, if you are sure that you are going to stay in your house for a longer time, you can think about spending some more money and choose a safe which will be even more secure for all your belongings. You just do it once and you can sleep well for at least the next few years.

Office Safe Installations

We want to keep our home safe, but the same goes for the office we are working in. It doesn't matter if we own the office or we are just employees there — we all have some private stuff inside and we want to be sure that no one will steal them when we are peacefully sleeping in our beds.

Security services are more developed than a few years ago. Instead of having a regular lock and a few security cameras, now we have a wide range of other components for different types which put our working place security on the highest level. The size of a company is not important for burglars, they rob both, smaller and bigger offices. Depending on where you work, the crime rate will be lower or higher, however, you shouldn't just count on being lucky. It is a great responsibility to secure every item that is inside your office, so take steps right now and choose a safe for you! If you need help with deciding which one is the best, you can use a specialist locksmith for your office who will come and give you all the details.

Safes for Every Space & Budget

There are many different types of safes on the market. It will probably take some time to choose the best safe for you, but it is definitely worth every minute. If you don't have too many valuables and you need the safe for home, you should probably go with a smaller one. If you are looking for a bigger place to hide your important stuff, such as items in the office and personal documents, you have two options. You can either decide to buy one, larger safe or you can choose two smaller ones. Then, even if for some reason one of them fails, the other ones are still secured. It might happen, the technology is helpful but sometimes we have no impact on that, so we have to be prepared for such situations. Some of the safes have double metal walls which make it even more difficult for burglars to rob you. They can also protect your documents from fire, so you can be sure nothing will get damaged. If you are confused after hours of trying to decide which one you want, just use our Locksmiths Pros services which will make your decision easier.

Our Safe Installation Process

In order to install your safe, you need to locate the wall studs with a stud sensor first. You will need to draw a 14 ¼ - inch square onto the wall between the two studs and then cut out to opening. Make sure to do it carefully so you don’t cut into electrical wiring. The next step is to fill the spaces with wood shims or strips of ¼ inch plywood. Use the finishing nails to secure the wood. With the safe's door open, tilt it into the opening and press it against the wall. Remember to do it slowly so no part of the wall rubs off from the pressure of the safe. Use studs of the four screws provided to secure the safe. Make sure that the door opens and closes properly and think about the code you will use for your safe. It is very easy and fast process, however, if you feel like you need help — we are here for you. Our team will gladly come and install a safe for you, so you don't need to worry if it's done properly.

Residential Safe-Cracking

We are a nationwide company and we will provide you with everything you need. Not only we are able to help you with choosing a safe and installing it if you feel like you don't want to do it by yourself, but we can also save your time if you forget your code or you get locked out of your own safe. It happens sometimes, and it is good to have our contact number somewhere close. Don't wait any longer — with our help you will feel safe all the time! For situations at homes, we offer you residential locksmith services which will rescue you and let you use your safe again within a few minutes. Safecracking is one of our specializations and you can be sure that the job will be done quickly, correctly and without any damage to your safe. Our employees have the knowledge and tools needed to make everything safe.

Whenever you need a professional advice, someone who will make the situation clearer — call us. We will be glad to help you!