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Security Systems & Alarm Installation

Looking to have an alarm installed?  Our security system installation experts can help with maintenance & repairs for your home, office, and cars.

To truly have a peace of mind about the security of your property, we urge you to get a home or office security system installed. This is something we can help you with! And apart from security system installations, we can also take care of maintenance, repairs, and so on. When it comes to security systems for your home, office, or car, our business locksmiths can take care of literally everything.

Security system servicesSome of our services include the following:

  • Home security system installation
  • Office security system installation
  • Security system inspection
  • Maintenance of security systems
  • Repairs of the security system
  • Emergency service

Of course, this isn’t the whole list of services, but listing each thing we can do for you and your home/office security system would simply take too much space. You should know that we’re there for you whenever you need us!

Security System Installation

If you still don’t have a security system installed in your home or office, our advice is to do it as soon as possible. Without it, your property seems like an easy prey for burglars. Even if you have locks on all of your doors and windows, a skillful burglar will have no difficulties getting in, especially if you live in an older property with outdated locks and latches. These days, there really isn’t a reason not to install a security system, considering that they’re pretty affordable. Even the most sophisticated security systems don’t cost too much. At least not as much as the damage caused by a burglary would cost.

Of course, the price of security systems and the cost of their installation depend on which type of system you decide to install. Which one is the best is something that depends on your property, that is, its location, current security features, accessibility to alternative energy sources, and so on. Still, one thing is certain – whichever security system you decide to pick, we’re gonna be able to install it for you!

Types of Security Systems We Work With

Door & Window Sensors

These are the most frequently used type of sensors for the security of homes and offices. How they work is that they’re made of two parts which are connected when doors/windows are closed. If someone opens them, the connection will break, which will activate the alarm.

home alarm installationMotion Sensors

People usually turn on the system of motion sensors when they leave house/office so that the system will keep their property secure when they’re not around. How this system works is that the alarm is activated when motion is detected on the premise.

Security Cameras

The biggest advantage of security cameras is that they allow you to see what’s been happening on your property when you’re not around. Standalone surveillance cams can help you see if someone’s broken into your home or office, but they won’t help you catch them in the act.

This is the reason why we recommend installing complete security systems, which include security cams, as well as motion sensors, door & window sensors, and so on.


Once a burglary is detected by the security system, it will activate an alarm. Depending on its type, it can use either a loud siren or a silent alarm. The latter can send you a notification when something strange is going on in your home/office.

It can also be set to notify the police or security guards, without making any noise. This way, the burglars will be caught in the act.

Car Security System Installation

Car alarm installationWhen it comes to car security systems, all of them can be separated into three categories, alarms, immobilizing devices, and trackers. To ensure a total security of your car, we advise using all of these types of systems. Alarms will keep thieves away, but if they manage to get in, the immobilizer will prevent them from driving away. And even if they somehow manage to break the immobilizing device, they won’t be able to drive away far as the tracker will allow you (and the police) to follow them.

Car Alarms

Car alarms are one of the most basic security features for your car. Their purpose is to sound a loud siren when someone tries to break into your vehicle. The siren is supposed to scare them away, as well as to alarm the car owner. However, a quick and a skillful thief might be able to run the alarm off before you even notice that something wrong is going on. This is why our mobile car locksmiths also recommend installing an immobilizer.


An immobilizing device will prevent the thieves from driving away with your vehicle, or at least slow them down. They would need to waste time in order to dismantle the immobilizer, which increases your chance of coughing them in the act. Furthermore, some immobilizing devices, like a steering wheel lock, for instance, are almost impossible to dismantle. This is why the thieves are likely to give up on their crooked plan when they spot it in your car.

Tracking Devices

And even if thieves manage to drive away with your vehicle, it doesn’t mean that they’ve succeeded in their plan. If there’s a tracker placed somewhere in the car, the cops will be able to catch them easily. The best thing about trackers is that these gadgets can be installed anywhere in the car, which makes it practically impossible for the thieves to find them.

When it comes to security, we’re the guys for you. Our team can install any kind of security system, office, home, car security system, and so on. We can also take care of maintenance and repairs, and the only thing you need to do is give us a call!