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Best Tools and Apps That Will Help You Recover Your Stolen Vehicle

In 2022, more than one million vehicles fell victim to thieves. As a result, the United States reached a new record from 2008 onwards, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau responsible for tracking vehicle thefts every year. Even more concerning, the numbers translate to two cars stolen every 60 seconds.

From opportunist thieves using improvised lock-picking tools to pros who know how to use the can injection method via headlights, relay signals that imitate the signals sent by key fobs when unlocking a door or starting the engines, or hotwiring, there are plenty of risks that your vehicle is constantly subject to. While there are plenty of car theft prevention solutions that can strengthen security on any made and model on the market, there are also a series of specialized tools and apps that can be used to locate stolen vehicles in the unfortunate event that your car has gone missing.

What Are the Best Apps for Stolen Vehicles? stolen car tracking apps

GPS-based apps and devices can help you keep better track of your vehicle while giving you more peace of mind. Many car owners rely on customized GPS trackers that feature linked software or mobile apps that are automatically engaged in exchange for a specific amount of money as part of a subscription service. Once such an app is activated, it will begin to send out notifications that will inform car owners of the exact whereabouts of their vehicles.

StolenCar by AssetGuard LLC is the official app for StolenCar.com, which is the Nation's Neighborhood Watch for Stolen Vehicles. The app offers access to a highly relevant list of missing vehicles spread all across the country while enabling users to take photos of any license plates they believe might be stolen. Anyone who can provide previous information related to a missing car that eventually leads to the recovery of the respective vehicle will generate a cash or non-cash reward.

Total Car Check is another helpful GPS-based app for stolen vehicles that works by checking if a vehicle has been stolen and assessing its full mileage history and MOT. The app also allows users to discover any hidden vehicle history before making the decision to purchase the said vehicle.

In exchange for a small fee, users of the same app can also discover additional vehicle history details including any previous number plates previous keepers, the last two digits of the VIN, the previous colors, and similar details that could help them identify and retrieve a stolen vehicle.

The TheftPatrol Connected Car App provides real-time location data information via computers, tablets, or mobile phones. There is also a hotline open on a 24-hour absis together with your local police department that can recover the stolen vehicle in a few minutes.

Appleā€™s Find My app can also help locate stolen vehicles by tracking the current location of Apple devices like AirTags placed inside them. Any Apple device including phones, AirPods, Apple Watches, Mac computers, AirTags, and various Find My network accessories that have been simultaneously stolen along with your car could help you get directions to the exact location of the vehicle in Maps. By putting these devices in Lost Mode, you can also lock the screen, display a message for the burglars to read, or erase them to keep your data protected. AirTag and Find My network accessories can also easily switch to Lost mode so anyone who comes across your abandoned car can see your contact information and use it to get in touch with you.

Methods for Locating Stolen Vehicles: GPS-Paired Devices

It is also possible to install a series of mechanisms in your car that can easily keep track of it via cell tech or radio transmission paired with your GPS. These devices will immediately notify the police to let them know about the whereabouts of your vehicle while allowing you to remotely shut down the engine.

There are also remote vehicle disabling systems in GPS trackers that are used as secure engine cut-offs. These systems are compatible with any type of FMB series tracker with one or several digital outputs. Setup only takes a few minutes and it can prevent unauthorized users from controlling the car vehicle while gradually decelerating and stopping it while in transit when pre-determined conditions are met. This is done via GPRS or SMS text commands at the simple press of a button in a mobile app.

You could also opt for a smart GPS car tracker that can be easily used with the help of a key fob, a small-sized tracking device that works both on the road and off-road via a movement sensor, and a dedicated app used to track the location of the vehicle and send receive alerts once it is on the move. The tracker simply needs to be hidden inside the vehicle for proper results.

What Are the Pros and Cons of These Apps?

Some of the main pros of these tracking apps are the fact that they provide more peace of mind, enhanced protection via attached sensors that can set off an alarm to deter potential thieves, real-time tracking for quick location in case of theft, and discounts on insurance policies.

On the other hand, some people might consider these stolen car tracking apps to be an invasion of their privacy. Another drawback is tied to the risk of the trackers being jammed by devices meant to disrupt the signals from the satellites, which in turn will prevent you from locating your car.

Final Thoughts

If you plan on installing a GPS-based device on your vehicle, contact a professional car locksmith service with experience in the field that can recommend the best options and offer affordable services. Our crew can cater to all your GPS tracking device installation needs, along with a plethora of additional car lock and key-related services for enhanced security.