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The garage is an integral part of our homes and offices. With expensive equipment and vehicles housed inside them, critical attention needs to be paid to the locking technology installed. At LocksmithPros, we have seasoned garage door locksmiths. We are a reliable company that offers the most competitive rates in the market to ensure your garage is secure.

garage doorSome of our garage services include:

  • Broken spring replacement and repair.
  • Garage door lock repairs and replacement.
  • Panel servicing and repair.
  • Overhead door locks repair.
  • Remote repair and replacement of the garage doors.
  • Keypad and remote programming.
  • Replacement of worn out hinges.
  • 24 hours emergency services.
  • 24 hours garage door lockout services

Getting locked out from your garage is very inconveniencing especially when you need access to your vehicle. Such situations lead to tension and if not well handled can lead to a full damage on your garage door lock. However, at LocksmithsPros, your case is catered for instantly without any further damages to your door. We have 24 hour locksmiths located in all key metropolitan areas and can reach your home within 30 minutes to unlock your door. If you misplace your keys or locked them inside the garage, we will be there in time to get you the keys without incurring   more expenses. We also offer key duplication services to ensure such a situation is not repeated.

Garage Door Openers Repair or Maintenance

Faulty garage door openers or overhead door locks can deny you access to the garage. Unlike house door locks that are easily broken into, garage doors are a bit firmer and only services of a professional locksmith can save the situation. At LocksmithsPros, we are experts in all types of garage door openers. We have the right machinery and the best personnel who handle any opener and allow quick access to the garage. We also collaborate with the best opener dealers who will offer quality openers at low rates, and we will install them at subsidized rates.

We also provide maintenance services to evade future malfunctioning. We have trained our experts on the latest garage opener and locks maintenance products & tools to ensure smooth functioning of your garage doors.

Installation of High Tech Garage Doors

Technologies are growing at a very fast rate, including garage door technology. Garage doors are adopting high tech security features that keep your garage more secure. The card technology, remote controlled doors, overhead door locks or fingerprint garage locks are the latest on the market. Our residential locksmiths are highly conversant with these technologies. We have collaborated with the best dealers globally to make sure your garage doors are upgraded to high-quality technologies, but at lower prices. We also install CCTV, alarms and motion sensors in the garage to beef up security. We synchronize the CCTV to your cell phones, for you to view all the happenings around your garage from any location. We provide the highest quality of all these gadgets at very low rates.

Garage Door Remote and Keypad Reprogramming

In line with technology, some people have adopted remote and keypad controlled garage doors. Such doors are security critical and only the owner who has access to the remote or knows the keypad unlock numbers can access the garage. However, the remotes and keypads require constant reprogramming for them to work effectively. We have trained our personnel on the latest technologies and reprogramming techniques to help you with your remotes around the clock. We also recommend the quality and affordable remote batteries, in case your remote can’t function properly due to battery challenges.

Garage Door Maintenance

Like every other mechanical item, garage doors need consistent repairs for them to function effectively. At Locksmith Pros, we provide garage door lock maintenance packages at very low rates. Our package covers the high tech door, overhead garage doors, and normal garage doors together with their accompaniments. If for instance your hinges and locks have loose nuts, we have experts who remove and reinstall it again with firmer bolts. If your door makes a lot of sounds while opening, we also have tricks to reduce the sounds to zero.

Commercial Overhead Door Services

You may think that commercial garage doors are basically the same as your home garage doors. Their gist might be the same, but there are many differences. In one word, commercial overhead doors need to be tougher. It’s not just in order to keep the thieves away, but also to ensure they don’t break. If they do malfunction, it can put a halt on your business operations.

Overhead Door Installations

Even if you buy the best commercial overhead doors on the market, it won’t count for much unless you install them properly. This is why it’s of utmost importance to hire professionals like us to do this job for you. Apart from installing commercial overhead doors, we're also there to fix them if something goes wrong. We can make any problem go away in a matter of minutes, including those related to tracks, motor assembly, springs, rollers, and so on.    

Why Choose Our Services

  • Affordable rates
    We offer high-quality garage door services at very low prices to all our clients. We offer free consultation services and recommend a quotation for free. To ascertain client trust, all our staff walk around with original Locksmiths Pros receipts and are fully uniformed with our company attire.
  • Certified and well-trained personnel
    We hire the best locksmiths around and ensure proper certification before they start working for us. Our workers are trained in customer services and go through an annual refresher training to keep abreast of the latest garage door technology. Our emergency teams across all metropolitan areas are well equipped with a van and all the necessary tools to ensure easy service delivery when called to task.

We are, without a doubt, the best garage door locksmiths around. If you need any of our services, you can reach us anytime.  We'll be more than happy to service your garage door locks!