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The World's Most Secure Safe and Vault Locks

In the US alone, there are over 2.5 million burglaries recorded on a yearly basis, with one burglary occurring every 15 seconds, and one break-in unfolding every 26 seconds. The similarly disturbing numbers worldwide make security a hot topic right now for home, car, and business owners all around.

While there are different types of security systems accessible on the market, locks continue to be the main line of defense. Given the rising demand for safer and more efficient locks, manufacturers have promptly responded with fresh lock models that calculator to a variety of needs. Among them, safe and vault locks that are crucial for keeping our prized possessions safe from a variety of risks including natural hazards and burglary attempts.

Keep reading to learn what are the world’s safest locks right now, with examples ranging from locks used by the most reputable banking institutions on the globe to the most advanced security locks for residential and commercial clients.

Fort Knox, the Safest Bank Vault on the Planet

The US Bullion Depository that hosts 147 million troy ounces of gold along with the Declaration of Independence is located in Kentucky and it is considered one of the most secure vaults worldwide. The two confirmed security methods used by Fort Knox are the four steel fences including two electric fences and the granite walls which measure four feet in thickness and are reinforced with 750 tons of steel that can withstand modern warfare.

The vault's door weighs 22 tons and it requires a passcode for opening. None of the staff members know the full combination. Inside the vault, there are several smaller vaults containing over 5,000 tons of gold.

Outside, a fleet made of 30,000 soldiers, tanks, and helicopters completes the security system at the Fort Knox military camp.

Bank of England - Gold Vault, the Second Safest Vault

As the second-largest and also safest vault worldwide, the Gold Vault is home to around 5,000 tons of gold and has been designed to withhold bomb attacks. It is protected by an advanced voice recognition system, requires a key with a three-foot length, and its size is larger than a 50-story building. While there is no official data regarding all the security mechanics protecting the vault, it is safe to say that its level of protection is unparalleled.

The Global Seed Vault in Norway

The Svalbard Seed Bank, also known Global Seed Vault, is located on the island of Spitsbergen in Norway. It is believed to be the most secure building on the planet and it is responsible for holding samples of crops that would be used to hit the restart button on life on the earth, in the case of an apocalyptic event occurring in the future. The vault has a storage capacity of 4.5 million varieties of crops and it now hosts more than one million samples.

The Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Located close to Wall Street, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York is responsible for protecting about around a quarter of the gold reserves worldwide, with 98% of it belonging to foreign countries. The three-story bunker is placed 80 feet below the ground and it is completely surrounded by solid rocks. Besides the steel door that weighs 90 tons used to safeguard the 540,000 bars of gold inside the vault and the top-tier locks protecting it, the vault is also protected by armed gunmen.

The Iron Mountain Vaults

The retired limestone mine at Iron Mountain is located 200 feet underground. It hosts around two million square feet of vaults considered the safest vaults on the planet. The identity of 95% of the vault owners is unknown. The rest of the 5% is represented by names like the Warner Brothers and the Smithsonian Institution.

The vaults safeguard many important photo negatives, along with historic master recordings, a massive collection of data, and original film reels, all closely guarded by armed security personnel.

The Cheyenne Mountain Complex in Colorado

Guarded by two doors weighing 25 tons each that can easily withstand a 30-megaton blasting force and buried 2000 feet into the granite of the mountain, the protective military bunker located in El Paso, Colorado was used as the headquarters for the NORAD and US Missile Warning Center during the cold war.

The Best Safe and Vault Locks for Residential/Commercial Use

Biometric locks are excellent options as residential locks or small business/office space managers looking to enhance protection on their high-security safes or vaults. These locks rely on advanced retina, fingerprint, and other biometric data to enable access. This way, they completely eliminate the need to carry and store keys or memorize access codes. The best variants are EMP tested, offer five-minute penalty lockouts when entering four incorrect codes, and they are programmable for multiple unique codes (three on average).

Electronic keypad locks rely on numeric or alphanumeric keypads and ask users to input unique codes for unlocking purposes. The best models also feature additional mechanics including multiple user access code usage and time-delayed options. One drawback might be the fact that they are powered by batteries and they may be prone to electronic hacking attempts.

Our Expert Advice

We strongly advise against dual locks which are electronic locks that feature both a keypad and a key. They are not listed as certified by the Underwriters Laboratories, which is an independent product safety certification organization, they frequently record reliability problems, and they are only compatible with a small number of safes overall. Their repairs normally require locksmiths to use the drilling technique for a new template.

For best results, opt for an advanced mechanical lock for reliability in the long term, with models like Sargent and Greenleaf 6741 and 6730 on top of our list, or a modern-day biometric or electronic keypad model. For more tips and hands-on safe installation services, give us a call.