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Mailbox Locksmith Services - Need repairs to the lock?

Getting a new mailbox installed has never been simpler. Our mailbox locksmith experts are here to assist you with all your mailbox related locksmith needs.


Mailbox Locksmith Services

Regardless of what type of services you require for your mailbox, our experts are here to help you out. Looking to have a new mailbox installed? Need help extracting a jammed key from your mailbox lock?

Mailbox installtionsOur comprehensive mailbox services include:

  • Mailbox lock fixes
  • Mailbox lock changes
  • Office mailbox services
  • Mailbox installs
  • Mail box lock rekeying
  • Key extraction from locks
  • Mailbox key cutting

When it comes to your mailbox security, we do it all! We service all types of mailboxes and mailbox locks and keys. Our company works with residents and businesses alike to help keep our clients’ mailboxes secure at all times. LocksmithPros has got all the necessary tools and equipment needed to service your mail box needs at all times. We come directly to your home or office in order to change your mailbox lock, replace it with a new one, or any of the other security-related mailbox services we offer.

Mailbox Changes

If you want to change the current mailbox that you have for a brand new one, our locksmiths can help you install the mailbox of your dreams. Keeping your mailbox secure at all times is crucial, as it insures that the important mail and bills that are delivered and stored within it will be kept safe at all times. There is no mailbox that we don’t install or work with.

We install all types of mail boxes, including:

  • Residential mailboxes
  • User mailboxes
  • Equipment mailboxes
  • Service account mailboxes

To have any type of mailbox installed in your home or office, all you have to do it give us a call and we’ll be able to come right over and help you out with all your mail box change service needs right away.

Jammed Mailbox Lock

Just like any other lockout there, mail box locks can become worn or damaged over time, leaving you with locks that don’t function as they should. One of the more common issues that come from weathered mail box locks is that mailbox keys could get jammed inside the locks. A stuck key inside a mailbox lock can be difficult to remove. At times, your mailbox key could even break off inside the lock, leaving you with half a key stuck inside the mailbox lock which can only be removed by a professional locksmith technician. If you are faced with any of these mail box issues, our mailbox locksmiths can help you with all your mailbox lock service needs 24/7.

Mailbox Lock Installation

mailboxes installedSome mailboxes come with locks preinstalled, while others do not. If you would like to have a new mailbox lock installed on your current mailbox or you want to have your current mail box lock replaced for a better, more secure option, our locksmith technicians can help. There are several different types of mailbox lock options to choose from, depending on your security needs and budget, as well as your personal preferences of course! Our experts can come to your home or office location and can change or install a new mailbox lock for you promptly.

Mailbox Lock Repair Services

Mailbox locks are exposed to different climates throughout the year. Many mailboxes are exposed to rain, snow, and moisture which could cause rust to build up inside mailbox locks. The heat of summer can cause mailbox locks to contract, and the bitter cold of winter can cause the metal within your lock to expand. After years of this intense type of workout, in addition to the strain of constant usage, your mailbox lock might not be working as well as it should be. Our locksmith professionals can help you treat your mail box locks from rust as well as repair any of the issues with your mail box locks that you might be having.

Certified Mailbox Installation Experts

Our mailbox lock technicians are fully insured and have the proper training and knowhow to handle all your mailbox security needs. We provide full-scale installation and sales of all mailbox types. We can even assist you when it comes to getting rid of your old mailboxes. Our team is always happy to help you by answering any of your mailbox related questions for you. When you choose our mailbox locksmiths, you can rest assured that your mail will always be as secure as possible. 

Want to have a lock repaired, a lock installed or a brand new mailbox installed? Give us a call today!