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Quality File Cabinet Locksmith Services

Our Premium File Cabinet Services:file cabinet locks

  • File cabinets new lock installations - this service is particularly valuable if your filing cabinet either has the old 20th-century locks that can be picked in under 30 seconds or if you want to make sure only current employees or management have access to your sensitive documents. Change the locks and you instantly upgrade your company's security.
  • File Cabinet Key Duplication - Who needs access to your filing cabinet? Your secretary? Accountant? Senior Manager? To expedite the work process, make sure all the right people have a key copy and don't need to wait for the boss to get out of a meeting to access essential files.
  • File Cabinet Lockout Service - Your filing cabinet is built to be secure. That means that when you've lost the only key to the filing cabinet, you won't be able to get inside without the assistance of a professional locksmith. Call today for the fastest, most affordable file cabinet lockout services.
  • File Cabinets Lock Repairs - When your filing cabinet lock is broken, it's not much use. Call for quick filing cabinet lock repairs from our professional locksmiths near you.

We can also extract jammed keys or repair damaged lock cylinders or other parts of the mechanism. This will save you the cost of having to buy a new cabinet, not to mention the time that it takes to go out and find a new one and reorganize everything again.  

Choosing The Right File Cabinet Lock

Most homes and all kinds of businesses have filing cabinets.  They are the ideal place for both safety and organization. Nonetheless, the standard locks on most of these apparatuses are not particularly robust. Depending on where you purchased the cabinet from, it may take as little as a paperclip and a few minutes to bust in. No lock is 100% safe, but your documents should be in much safer conditions than this. If you are interested in installing more secure locks, our certified commercial locksmiths work with a huge assortment of different cabinets as well as toolboxes, drawers, chests and so on to increase the safety of your items. Not only this, you do not need to worry about sacrificing style, as we can tailor the locks to match anything from the newest products to priceless antiques. In addition, we offer emergency assistance 24/7, 365. If someone has attempted to break into your office, we can repair or replace locks on the spot.

Types of Locks

If it has a lock, chances are that we work with it! Even if your cabinet did not come equipped with one, we can install a brand new lock of your choice on it. Whether you want to repair, replace or start from scratch, we work the entire spectrum available:

  • Cylinder Locks - One of the most common types of locks that use one style of lock that is opened by a single master key. Ideal for low-security situations.
  • Cam Locks - Similar to cylinder locks, but feature a metal component, a cam, which rotates a metal bar as the key is turned. As the key is turned this moves a latch to secure a drawer or door in place.
  • Lock Boxes - Similar to what you might see at the bank. Small, individually locked cabinets for a high level of security.
  • Lock bar - These are typically installed on the outside of a cabinet and can be installed across several drawers to serve as a master lock for an entire set. They can also be used as an additional layer of security on top of other methods. The system is particularly ideal if you only want one person to have access to the filing cabinets.
  • Sliding Teeth - This is used for items that move horizontally and one part of the lock mechanism will move into the cabinet as it slides open.
  • Keyless options -These may or may not be used as an additional layer of security on top of an existing system. Typically they use a pin similar to what you might find on a suitcase or locker. This makes them very convenient since any person with the code, instead of a key can access the lock.
  • High-Tech - Nowadays, there is a huge assortment of new technology locks such as keypad locks, keycard systems, and ones that function with mobile devices. Although these tend to be slightly more expensive than their traditional counterpart, they offer a level of security and convenience that is unparalleled. These locks can have built-in alarms and also keep track of who is accessing what information.

File Securityfile cabinet lock

Since our progression into the digital era, concerns about practical security have been largely left aside as we focus on new threats from hackers to identity theft to the variety of scammers. The vast majority of businesses still keep a huge amount of sensitive information backed up in hard copy form, which makes them an easy target for corporate espionage. Thieves can also steal a range of other sensitive information from your business file cabinet, from social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, legal information and a lot more. Locked file cabinets are a great start, but you need to make sure that the locks are not only sturdy but up to date with the latest file cabinet lock technology because safety does not have to come at the cost of convenience.

Anyone with access to your office could scan or photograph these sensitive materials and make them available to the world. This is no exaggeration as we hear stories like this on the news almost every day. For this reason, now more than ever, it is vital to make sure your documents are safely protected.

Some Professional Office Security Advice

The locks that you need are largely determined by your security needs. Regardless of what your business is, you will need a certain level of protection to guarantee the safety of not only yours but likely your employees’ personal information as well. The best thing you can do is consult with one of our experts who can help you understand your safety needs and where you might have any potential vulnerabilities. In addition, if you have lost your keys, if your office needs an emergency exit panic door installation or the locks have become damaged, we can help you there as well!

Call us today to ensure your company's sensitive documents stay private and secure!


I would like a file cabinet lock replaced. Is this possible?

Having your file cabinet lock changed is possible! There is no need to have to purchase a new cabinet when one of our locksmiths can just change the lock for you. Just give us a call and we will have a locksmith out to you in less than 30 minutes!