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Are Expensive Locks More Secure?

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We all strive to live in safer homes and feel more protected in our work environment. Unfortunately, sometimes, as much effort and thought we might put into security, a sneaky burglar will still find a way to get into our homes unnoticed. And while the physical damage they usually leave behind is also important, the psychological repercussions seem to be even more difficult to cope with. The idea that a complete stranger with bad intentions has managed to break into your home, look through your personal things and take off with family heirlooms and hard-drives with family photos and confidential information is difficult to grasp. When your privacy is violated like that, you might even find it hard to sleep at night of fear the burglars might return. And from this to start a frantic search for high-security, expensive locks, there is only one small step to take.

To come to your help, here are a few clues as to whether high-security locks are a better solution for your home.

No More Lost/Stolen Keysdoor lock

First things first, expensive locks do come with their benefits. They eliminate the need to use a physical key, which can get easily lost, misplaced, or stolen. A keyless lock also forces a burglar to become creative and use different means of getting in. This includes kicking in the front door or smashing a window. Both activities will usually create a commotion that will attract the attention of passers-by, neighbors, police officers patrolling the street at night, or even the persons who might be inside the house at the time of the attempted robbery.

Hence, an expensive lock that does not require the use of metal keys will normally represent an excellent deterrent for burglars. An intruder that is able to enter your home in “silent mode”, without making any suspect sounds will probably take you by surprise in the middle of the night. The last thing you want is to wake up and see an intruder sitting on top of you, holding a gun to your head, asking for your safe combination. By hearing someone has broken into your house, you should have enough time to call 911 and arm yourself or hide in your safe room.

Say Goodbye To Lock Tampering

High-quality locks that are pricier cannot be picked and tampering with them also requires more skills than opportunist thieves usually possess. No one truly wants to start drilling a lock in the middle of the night or cut it with a torch. While these attempts are also loud, they will also leave obvious traces of the break0in behind. This is critical, as lots of people whose homes have been burglarized had no ideas what had happened as there were no forced entry signs on their classic locks.

Expensive Locks Help You File Easier Insurance Claims

A high-end lock will show immediate signs of forced entry. This will prevent the unfortunate event of walking into your house while the burglars are still there, and risk an armed confrontation. These smart or high-security locks will allow you to call the police prior to entering your home, and while this might not seem like much to you, we can assure you it will make all the difference in the event your home will be broken into.

Filing police or insurance claims in case your home has been broken into and precious items have been stole is often times similar to hitting a brick wall. With not enough evidence and no signs of forced entry on your standard lock, you will have a difficult time convincing the officials that your home in fact fallen victim to burglars. Insurance companies might suspect you are trying to commit insurance fraud since there are no signs of entry. So you will thank yourself later on if your place does fall victim to a property crime.

No More Accidental Lockouts  

Since smart, electronic, keypad or biometric locks do not come with any keys, you will also get rid of the nuisance of locking yourself our whenever you are not paying enough attention to what you are doing. A lockout from your house is probably one of the most embarrassing, confusing, and stressful events you could be confronted with. If it happens when your small children are inside the house, there is no telling what desperate break-in methods you might try just to get in before anything bad happens. And while emergency lockout services do exist and they are usually fast and on point, an expensive lock will help you eliminate the need to hire locksmiths or call the police and ask for help.

Expensive Locks Sometimes Beat An Alarm

How many times a day/night do you hear card and home alarms going off? Do you bother to look out the window anymore and check if there is any suspicious activity at your neighbor's house? The truth is people have gotten so used to fake alarms going off because of wind or stray dogs that they rarely take them seriously anymore. So a neighborhood burglar who has been carefully studying your home's alarm habits could take advantage of the situation.

On the other hand, a burglar trying to kick open a lock or smash a window will attract more attention to them.

Have a professional locksmith for homes fit a high-security lock on your front door and have your obsolete and worn-out lock replaced and upgraded with the smartest choice possible. Call Locksmithspros today for superior locksmith service.