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What Are the Best New Home Security Gadgets in 2024?

Whether you travel a lot or you are out at work all day, you might want to consider investing in some new home security gadgets. These devices not only bring more peace of mind and strengthen the security around your property, but they can also make you eligible for better home insurance rates

Our expert locksmiths have prepared a mini guide for home security systems that should help reveal the truth about home security systems. Whether you are interested in knowing which is the best home security gadget without subscription, the best self monitored home security system, or the top home security gadgets, read on.

The Truth About Home Security Gadgets

The best new home security gadgets on the market can help you keep a close eye on your prized possessions and loved ones. They can also help you customize your security setup without having to sacrifice your home’s aesthetics or your existing quality monitoring systems. Are these systems or the gadgets associated with them worth it? It depends on personal preferences and expectations. If you do not wish to be exclusively tied to a professionally installed home security system, various companies provide a rich list of smart devices including video doorbell cameras, DIY home security systems, motion sensors, and others. 

On occasion, using enough of these gadgets will help you build your very own Fort Knox at home. If you are interested in a more humble homestead, some indoor cameras and motion sensors should suffice. Probably the most important element you will need to consider is the smart home hub. The hub will connect to the Wi-Fi and communicate with the rest of smart security gadgets found inside the house. Besides the standard surveillance cameras and motion sensors, you could also opt for glass-breaking sensors, water and smoke leak sensors, and others. 

Based on their features, pros, cons, ease of installation, and balance, these are some of the best home security gadgets for 2024 and beyond.

Our Best Rated Home Security Gadget: Ring Alarm Pro 

Mixing the simplest installation in under an hour, the best customizable functions, and a rich selection of features, the Ring Alarm Pro is one of the best options on the market right now. The system allows users to add 24-hour monitoring that can rapidly send alerts to the local authorities when necessary.  When compared to the standard version, the Pro model turns into a high-speed router when used together with an Eero system. An additional pro of the system is the fact that it can maintain the connection to the internet in case of a power outage or when dealing with a faulty wired connection going out. For an additional fee of $20 per month, users can benefit from the Pro Protect Plan. This will bring them 3GB of data that should help them maintain all devices connected to the system online. 

The system can also be used together with Ring cameras and doorbells and it can process videos on-device for enhanced privacy. Motion sensors can be customized so they are bypassed during certain alarm modes. One drawback of the sensors would be the fact that they might go off on occassion when larger dogs wander around. It is possible to begin with a prebuilt bundle or choose the Pro Base Station and further invest in the exact number of motion sensors you need. You could also pair additional home security gadgets such as smoke detectors, carbon monoxide alarms, garage door openers, smart locks for doors and windows, and thermostats to a listening device and connect it to the security system. This way, you will receive alerts via the Ring Alarm. 

Best Home Security System without Subscription: SimpliSafe

With zero installation and monthly fees and no long-term contracts needed, SimpliSafe is one of the best home security systems without subscription. However, for a monthly fee of close to $15, users can benefit from an optional monitoring plan. The system is powered with the help of the patented Fast Protect Technology that allows their live monitoring agents to rapidly inspect all security threats for guaranteed fast police responses and priority dispatch. The same agents will also keep an eye on potential floods, leaks, and fires. The top motion sensors can successfully detect people via high-precision algorithms that detected humans while ignoring pets. With full control over actions like arming, disarming, and protecting your property 24/7 and HD security cameras that can be installed both indoors and outdoors, you will stay on top of all the action.

The Best Self Monitored Home Security System: Wyze Home Monitoring 

Wyze Home Monitoring offers one of the most affordable expert monitoring solutions in the market. Their sensors and security cameras work very well compared to other gadgets of their kind. While the system does not offer any cellular backup and is not compatible with third-party smart home systems, the excellent price, lack of contract, free starter kit with an annual plan, affordable monitoring cameras, 10-hour battery backup, and cloud video storage turn Wyze Home Monitoring into a good option. The short warranty and the fact that the system cannot share any app access with the household are additional cons connected to this system. 

Google Nest Cam for 24-Hour Video Feeds

A top home security gadget that can be used inside and outside the house together with other top security systems is the Google Nest Cam. The gadget provides a 24-hour video feed with 1080p HD images with a 130° viewing angle. The camera is also weatherproof and uses a dual mic system that allows you to talk to your home guests and visitors whether you are inside the house or in a remote location. The gadget is powered by batteries and installation is fast and easy. 

Toeeson Door/Window Alarm

The 120DB door/window alarm is an excellent home security gadget meant to increase the safety of children and vulnerable individuals inside the house. The gadget can be installed using adhesive with zero wiring needed. Towson is a magnetic sensor window/door alarm with chime/alarm settings that detects entries, and prevents children, toddlers, and babies from getting out of the house.

August Smart Lock with Auto-Locking 

Another excellent home security gadget is the August smart lock that allows you to transform any Android or iOS smartphone or Apple Watch into a virtual key. The smart lock can be used in auto-lock mode to automatically lock up your home behind you while eliminating the need to constantly watch out for your no keys.You can also use it to assign additional virtual keys you can log into the system and keep close track of anyone getting in and out of the house while you are not there.

All in all, with so many excellent new home security gadgets and easy and affordable access to the best home security systems with or without cameras or subscription, keeping your home safe today is easier than ever. Choose your favorite gadgets or complete security systems and start building your own fortress.