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The Best Tips for Summer Home Security

summer shed security

Summer is the perfect time to unwind and enjoy a bit of sunshine. However, we shouldn't relax too much when it comes to the security of our home, even if we are enjoying the warm weather. It’s no surprise that there has been an increase in burglary rates in the last few years.  Whether you are going on a vacation or want to spend some quality time in the sun, or maybe you want to keep your windows and doors open to welcome the fresh breeze, it is imperative that you remain vigilant of your home security, family and valuables.

An easy step to prevent home theft is to reduce the chances of burglars attempting a break-in. You can do so by increasing security measures and remaining proactive and vigilant all the time. There are several other ways to strengthen the security of your home and keep it safe from potential burglars. Let’s move on to the next section that discusses simple tips to improve the security of your home during the summer:

Keep An Eye on Your Back Doors and Windows

Although numerous homeowners are worried about improving night security, most thefts happen in broad daylight when people are out of their home for work, school or to run errands. Thus, it is equally essential to ensure the safety of your home. This becomes more important during the summer. Nobody wants to sit inside a hot and humid home in the summer. We all want to feel the fresh air and so we want and need to have the doors and windows open more often than during winter days. If you have a back door to the deck, the possibility is that you will keep it open for a long time because it does not interfere with your privacy. Whenever you are going out of your home, even for a few minutes, don’t leave the front door, back door, or windows open. Lock them and only then leave the house. Keep in mind that it takes only a few minutes for the burglars to sneak into your home. Also, make sure that you close your windows during the night, even if you are not on a ground floor. If you do want to enjoy the fresh air during the night, consider installing security catches that make sure that the windows are not opened widely from the outside.

Don’t Be Vocal About Your Summer Plans on Social Media

You might have a long list of friends on your social media account, but do you really know all of them? The answer is no. You should always keep this in mind whenever you feel like disclosing your plans on social media. As appealing as it may appear to you, be patient and post pictures of your vacation when you have returned home. You may not realize that there are several intruders that keep a close watch on your social media, waiting to see some news of your plans so that they can do what they do best - break into your home. Some other pointers that are worth remembering to keep safe from burglaries are:

  • Avoid posting details of checking into hotels or other locations.
  • Make sure to disable GPS tracking on your mobile or social media.
  • Make changes to privacy settings of your social media so that only people you approve can see your posts.

Be Vigilant of What You Keep in Your Garden and Shed

During the summer, we often spend a good amount of the day in our garden or shed. So, it’s normal to have things such as toys, chairs, equipment, bikes, and laptops outside. We might think it’s safe to have our belongings lying outside in our garden, behind a fence, but burglars are quite alert and may target your valuables lying outside while you are busy with some work inside your home. Make certain that you pack all your valuables away if they are not in use, especially overnight. Also, lock your shed when you have wrapped up for the day and if you are going on a vacation, you can take the most valuable items from your garage and shed and keep them locked in your house. 

Get the Best Security System for Your Garage and Shed

home security for the summerYou may not realize it but there are several valuable items that you must store in your garage or shed. Most often, homeowners don’t pay heed to the lock system outside their property and they usually have poor locks that can easily be broken by very little force. Always make sure to have good locks for your garage and shed with tamper-proof screws and hinges. If it is not very expensive, use a big lock that will be enough to keep the trespassers away. You can also consider installing a high-security camera to your front area to monitor the activities of intruders.

Make Sure Your Insurance is Updated

Sometimes, even after practicing all home security tips and using the best locks, homeowners fall prey to theft. In order to be on the safe side, it is suggested that you make sure you and your property are properly insured. You can get in touch with insurance advisers and have all the needed information before getting yourself a decent insurance plan.

Strengthen the Security of Your Home to Enjoy Sunshine This Summer!

Burglars are always on the lookout for a home where they can break in and steal valuables; therefore, it is important that we find ways to strengthen the security of our homes, especially in the summer when you are out on vacation. Also, in case you become a victim of burglary, call your nearest locksmithpros service center and inform them about the incident so that you get the necessary assistance.