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Tips to Burglar Proof Your Front Door

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Protecting your home against theft, burglaries, and break-ins is no easy task.  However, at Locksmithspros we can give advice and tips on how to help you. Read on for more information so you know how best to protect your loved ones and valuables.

No matter who you are or where you live, you can be the victim of a burglary or home theft.  You may wonder, however, with all the security technology we use nowadays, how it is possible for someone to get into a house that is secured and locked with cameras and deadbolts, and has the top quality systems installed.  The answer is twofold. First, the criminals who commit these crimes are generally very skilled at their craft and work at it until they are experts. Second, just because security tools are at our disposal, does not mean they are being used correctly! Let’s take a look at some of the common mistakes people make when trying to keep their homes theft-free. Then, we will look at some of the most effective ways to prevent burglaries. Before we do either of these, however, we need to focus on the easiest and most frequently used entry point to home thefts: the front door.

Keeping Your Front Door Burglar Proof

It should go without saying, but alas, it needs to be said: Always make sure your front door is locked!  It may seem a bit silly in the way of advice, but the truth is too many people lock their doors when they are not home, only to leave the most prominent entry point to their home unlocked when they secure front doorare.  

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Open doors are an invitation to the public.  While locking your door is always recommended, make sure that at the very least, your doors are closed.
  • Do not keep spare keys under doormats, under “fake rocks,” or in an exposed or easily accessible spot.  If you must keep a spare key outside, use a lockbox and give the code to as few people as possible. In fact, it is best if only the people who live there know the code.
  • If your outer doors have windows, make sure they are curtained.  This may not be the decor you were hoping for, but a safe, protected home has far more value.

Effective Ways to Protect Your Home from Theft 

In addition to keeping your front door closed and locked, there are a number of ways to secure your home’s front door and prevent burglaries.  Our dedicated locksmithspros residential locksmiths are available to help with installation and consultation with any of these methods when you need them, too.

  • Set up a Door Alarm

Burglars typically try to avoid attracting attention to themselves while hard at work.  That becomes pretty impossible however if an alarm goes off as soon as they attempt to pick locks on your alarmed doors or windows.  The louder the sound, the better as not only will the police be contacted through the device’s call center, but your neighbors will be on the lookout, too.

  • Install a Motion Detector

Motion detectors identify intruders by the infrared energy they emit. Once their energy is detected, a light beam is sent out from the sensor.  If a burglar crosses that beam of light, the alarm is set off, notifying you and your neighbors that someone is trying to break in.

  • Consider a Front Entry Light

front door securityAs part of making sure your locks and security systems are in place, it is wise to install a light over or near your doorway. Thieves typically prefer to case a neighborhood and pick a target that is not well lit. This allows them to remain as inconspicuous as possible while burglarizing your home. A front door entry light may not guarantee your home is not hit, but bright light will surely make a burglar think twice.

  • Secure Your Strike Plate

A strike plate is a metal piece that attaches to your door frame. When your door is closed, the strike plate and lock are adjoined through the plates’ holes, keeping the door bolted in place. If the strike plate is loose, poorly-secured, or falling off, however, it becomes nearly effortless for a thief to pick off the plate and break the lock.  

  • Keep your Deadbolt Pick-Proof

While we would like to think that deadbolts are thief foolproof, highly skilled burglars with lots of experience can pick even the toughest bolts out there.  That is why the LocksmithPros highly recommend a Mortise Deadlock, as it is navigated by keys on the outside and inside of the door.  Burglars like to keep things simple, and Mortise Deadlocks are anything but. The harder the lock is to pick, the better your chances of them moving on to something easier.

Keeping Your Home Burglar Proof and Protected Against Theft

Here are some reminders to help keep you be as safe as possible:

➧ Ensure that all security systems and devices are installed by professionals, like us, The Locksmith Pros. Our work is guaranteed, insured, and done only by skilled and experienced locksmiths.
➧ Follow the directions on all devices as they are written and explained to you. 
➧ Do not announce on your voicemail or any social media accounts that you are going away.
➧ Lastly, keep your burglar alarm on even if you are leaving the house for a short period of time.

Contact LocksmithsPros to make sure your security system is burglar-proof, keeps thieves out, and is truly secure!