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Top 5 Car Lockout Prevention Tips

car lockout prevention

Have you recently locked yourself out of your car? Would you like to avoid ever having to go through this daunting and traumatizing experience again? Find out what you can do to prevent locking yourself out of your car again with these tested car lockout prevention tips. Our experienced locksmiths can give you useful hints of methods that were proven to work well over the years, so grab your favorite mug of coffee and keep reading!

The Horror Scenario

If you have never experienced the bitter taste of discovering that you have accidentally locked your only set of keys inside your car early in the morning or late at night while leaving your workplace, you can consider yourself as part of the bigger half of the nation. It's a problem that tends to happen to more drivers than you might think and it is also one of the most common reasons why our customers contact us. Needless to say, the stress, anxiety or raw feelings of despair you feel during a car lockout are hard to describe. Each experience is different from one another, but these feelings are definitely at the core of each and every one of them. If small children or pets are involved in the lockout, the levels of stress are prone to skyrocket even more. If you already know what we are talking about, it probably means you have already experienced the dreaded event and you would like to avoid reliving it at all costs. Here is what you can do.

Tip #1: Keep Calm And Check All Locks And Pockets

car locksmithOne of the first and most elementary things you should try in case the unavoidable happens is to check all doors and make sure there is absolutely no way of safely getting inside the car without taking extreme measures. Keep your calm while doing it and do not forget to thoroughly inspect your pockets and any bags you might be carrying on you. Who knows, maybe the keys to your car are right there under your nose, but you are too nervous to notice!

Staying calm and as relaxed as possible should also help you get in touch with anyone from the family who might have a spare key to your car. Ask for their help and see if they are willing to come to your location and lend you a hand. If you are stuck out of state or hundreds of miles away from home, this may not be a viable solution. Instead, you could call our emergency locksmith service and ask us to come by and pick your locks. We can do it on the spot and we can reach any address within 30 minutes from calling our customer support number. While you might not see this advice as a real prevention method, we can assure you that you can actually avoid getting locked put by testing all locks (trunk included) and determining whether you have actually locked your keys in the car or you have them on you.

Tip #2: Be Mindful

How many times a day would you say your mind wanders off and you ended up planning next year's summer vacation in your head while driving your car or cooking dinner? We do not know how many times you ended up hurting yourself with your kitchen utensils while daydreaming about something other than cooking, but we know the risk of leaving your keys behind when exiting your parked car is higher when you aren't mindful. Make sure you practice the habit of always checking you have your keys on your before leaving your home in the morning or going out of the car. If you travel a lot, make sure you always turn around and look behind you before leaving a hotel room or a restaurant table.

Tip #3: Use A Bulky Key Chain

This way, you should immediately notice its absence from your pocket or purse or hear it fall and make a sound on the concrete in case you drop it. The more colorful, bulky and heavy (preferably with clinking metal objects), the better. You could try a local hardware or locksmith shop for a wider range of choices.

Tip #4: Fix Broken keys Straight Away

car lockoutKey fobs or regular car keys are not the only ones that could get you into lockout trouble, provided they go missing. A worn-out key that is about to break will usually start getting jammed or stuck inside the locks. The same goes for a faulty lock that hasn't been serviced in years. It could easily lead to your lockout from your vehicle when you least expect it. Make sure you keep in touch with a reliable car locksmith in your area and have them periodically maintain and inspect your locks and keys.

Tip #5: Make Spare Keys

To avoid a car lockout incident, see that you have a set of spare keys made for you and keep them somewhere safe and easily reachable in case of a lockout. While you might not always be near your home or office when the lockout occurs, you could at least avoid going through some of the hassles. You could also leave one of the spare keys with a neighbor or close friend you trust and ask for their help in times of need. It definitely beats having to call an expensive towing service that will charge an arm and a leg!

If you need a locksmith to open the car for you when none of our tips work, be sure to call LocksmithsPros straight away and our emergency service team will be sent your way within 30 minutes from placing the call to our call center.