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How to Choose a Home Safe

Choose a Home Safe

You can keep your valuables safe from intruders and natural disasters such as fire and floods by investing in a sturdy home safe. Contact LocksmithPros for affordable safe installation prices.

If you wish to buy a new safe for your home, it is crucial that you consider several factors to ensure that you are making the right choice.  A safe for your home is a necessary investment since it keeps your valuables secure from potential burglars and from natural disasters such as floods and fires. Today, home safes come with several necessities to offer you everything you are looking for in a safe.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Home Safe

In this article, you will learn some of the basics you must consider when purchasing a home safe suited for your needs.

Evaluate Your Requirements

Choose a Home SafeBefore you make the decision of buying a home safe for yourself, make sure that you gauge your needs so that you can choose the right option. If you reside in an area that is prone to natural disasters such as floods, fires, hurricanes, or your locality is subjected to a high burglary rate, you may want to consider looking for a safe that comes with additional security measures. There are home safes available on the market that are waterproof and fireproof in order to keep your possessions safe. So, carefully evaluate all the things regarding your residential area and your valuables you wish to keep in your safe so that you can make the appropriate decision.

Plan Your Budget

When buying a home safe, keep into account the money you wish to spend on this investment. Home safes are available in several sizes and have inbuilt security measures; therefore, their prices vary widely.  The price of a basic home safe begins from a few hundred dollars and can reach up to thousands for more advanced safes with efficient security features. If you wish to purchase a high-end home safely because of your precious assets, it is suggested that you invest in a good home safe that is spacious and secure.

Home Safes with Theft Protection

Home safes that are resistant to theft and burglaries often come with a burglary-resistant rating. Experts give such ratings based on the testing done by lock picking tools, explosives, and torches.

  • Home safes with a TL-15 rating are able to endure a fifteen-minute burglary attempt with basic tools.
  • Home safes with a TL-30 rating are able to endure a 30-minute theft attempt with tools including wheel and power saws, electric tools, cutting tools and drills.
  • Home safes with C-classification have at least one inched steel door and a one and a half inched steel body.
  • Home safes with TL-30X6 ratings are tough and their body and door can endure a break-in attempt for at least 30 minutes with cutting tools, picking tools and tools that use pressure.

Water Resistant Home Safes

Water-resistant home safes come with a distinct mark that indicates it meets all the criteria for keeping valuables safe from potential water and moisture occurances.

Fire Resistant Home Safes

It is always a good idea to purchase a fire-resistant home safely since there are high chances of a homeowner experiencing a fire at home. The best home safes that provide protection against fire are UL and Intertek. Home safes have a fire rating that indicates the amount of time that a safe will be able to tolerate high flames before it catches fire.  Some home safes don’t get hotter than 350 degrees from inside and can keep your valuables secured for 30 minutes in the case of a fire. You will find other types of home safes that offer high resistance from fire and can keep your valuables safe for at least an hour; however, they are more expensive than the first type.

Where to Put Your Home Safe?

Deciding where you wish to place your home safe will also assist you in choosing an appropriate option regarding its shape and security options. Most homeowners consider placing their home safe in their master bedroom, but it is a very common location most vulnerable to burglary. Therefore, it is suggested that you choose another private location in which you can place your home safe. If your area is not prone to floods, you can consider placing your safe in a basement. In addition, bolting your safe on a floor or a wall is also a good option. Some other secluded places where you can choose to place your home safe is the garage or your attic. However, make sure that these places are free of dampness so as to avoid your valuables getting exposed to moisture.

It is also important to decide whether you want the safe to remain movable or fixed in one position. In general, home safes that are installed in one position are safer as burglars are not able to take them away. However, if you are usually moving and renting your house, an installed safe is not a good option.

The Large Verities of Home Safes

You will find a large variety of home safes on the market including metal ones, cabinets and drug safes for securing your medicines, laptop safes, safes for storing money and digital firearms safes. People who work from home and want to secure their confidential information from intruders can invest in a laptop safe. If you wish to get a sturdy home safe for your home, get in touch with our expert staff and let them help you make the right decision. We at locksmithspros.org have all kinds of home safes, and therefore we can offer you the best advice based on our experience and knowledge.