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Tips for Installing And Maintaining Security Of Doggy Doors

Doggy Door Installation

Are you looking for a trained locksmith for the installation of a new doggy door for your beloved pet? Do you want to enhance the security of your doggy door to deter intruders? If so, LocksmithsPros can help you with the proficient installation and security of a doggy door at a good price.

Homeowners with pets can enjoy the advantage of pet doors as they help dogs to conveniently enter and go out of the house at their own will, even when you are not available to open and close the front entrance for them. The use of a pet door also drastically reduces the risk of dealing with pet accidents in your home. There are several special pet door models available that are exclusively designed with security in mind.

Doggy Door Installation Services

We offer several services for the repair and installation of a doggy door. Some of our specialized services include the following:

  • Installation of a new doggy door
  • Lock rekeying and repair services
  • Tips to enhance the security of your pet door
  • Door hinge replacement and installation services
  • Cover installation of the pet door
  • Pet door repairs
  • Lock fittings

Specialized Pet Doors With Enhanced Security

doggy door servicesHaving a pet door is not only good for your pet but convenient for you as well since it assists your furry friend when they want to roam around freely. Well, this pet door might be appropriate for your dog, but it may not do a good job to keep the intruders and burglars away from your property. Even though a large number of pet doors come available with covers, they may not offer the needed protection from burglars.

This is why manufacturers have come up with the latest models of pet doors with superior security features, which are usually available as hinges and keyholes. These added security measures let homeowners secure pet doors from the inside. There are other models of pet doors that have a highly-secured combination lock system for better security and ease. Even though these pet doors offer security to your property, but they limit the freedom of your dog as they may not use it once the door is locked. So, what you can do to ensure that your house remains protected at all times and your pets also remain happy? Read for tips on securing your pet doors.

Effective Tips to Enhance the Security of Your Doggie Doors

Here are certain effective tips that you can follow to reinforce the security of your pet doors and keep yourself, your life, pets, and possessions safe.

  • Always buy the right-sized pet door.  Most dog owners often buy a big-sized door for their dog even if the dog is small in order to offer comfort and ease. However, it is important that you buy the right sized door for security reasons. In many instances of pet door burglaries, people have reported that burglars used a spray to injure the dogs defending the house and getting in to take away their valuables.
  • Choose the pet door with suitable security features, Nowadays, you will find exclusive pet doors that come with steel covers for enhanced protection. The inclusion of the combination lock system and thick steel covering makes the door sturdy. It is important to find a pet door with bolts fitted on the interior side of the door so that you can only operate it from inside the house. You can also choose the pet door that has a frame to surround the hinges so that intruders cannot disassemble the door when the door locks are locked.
  • Find the door with the best lock and key system. If you are a frequent traveler and leave your home unattended for several days, it is suggested that you choose a lock with a superior locking system for enhanced protection.
  • Rearrange the doors to avoid the risk of theft. You should find out if it’s possible for the burglar to shove their hand through the pet door and reach the lock of your front door. Make sure to rearrange the doors in a way that the burglars are not able to reach the lock of the front door.
  • Pick a suitable site for your pet door. When looking to install a pet door in your home, make sure that you get it installed at a location that is not easily visible to passersby and intruders. Most homeowners install the pet door at the back door for this reason.
  • Install an automatic pet door. You can choose an automatic pet door for better security. There are several automatic door models that can be easily controlled with keys tucked in the dog’s collar. Other models have an inbuilt RFID chip for controlling. The specialized automatic pet doors make use of radio frequencies that connect with the dog’s collar through an exclusive tab.

When your dog reaches the pet door, the attached sensor in their collar activates the door and it gets unlocked. Undoubtedly, these doors offer the best solution for deterring burglars, while allowing your furry pet to roam around freely in and around your home.

Even though pet doors offer many benefits to dog owners, they can pose a risk to the home’s security by becoming the potential entry point for intruders. However, this should not discourage you from getting the pet door installed in your home since you can enhance the security of pet doors by applying tips recommended by expert locksmiths.

In order to get a pet door installed in your home or for having it examined by experts for better security, assessed, get in touch with the qualified and trained team at Locksmiths Pros!