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How Do Breathalyzer Car Lock Apps Work?

Without a doubt, one of the poorest decisions a driver could ever make is getting behind the wheel in an attempt to reach his or her destination after consuming alcohol. Not only are a driver's most basic motor skills impaired severely on such an occasion, but there is also a high risk of provoking a car crash that could result in the loss of human lives and cause serious injuries, as well as lead to property damage. The second aspect worth mentioning in relation to drunk driving is, of course, the legal one. Ranging from getting fined to having to cope with a more serious felony charge, incarceration, and the complete revoking of the driver's driving privileges, dealing with a DUI charge is never easy.

Provided you or someone you know has been subject to a DUI conviction and legally asked to install a breathalyzer car lock also known as an ignition interlock device or IID, you've reached the right page. We are going to tell you how these devices work, who can use them and when, and how to always benefit from flawless installation and maintenance for interlock devices.car breathalyzer lock app

What Is A Car Breathalyzer and How Does It Work?

In 2018, close to 29 percent (over 10,500) of the total fatalities recorded in the US were caused by alcohol-impaired drivers. A highly efficient solution that all US jurisdictions can use to stop drunk driving is the car breathalyzer. An ignition interlock forces DUI offenders to first blow air into a special device that is tied to the ignition starter or a different system on board of the vehicle, used to start the engine. Provided the breath samples identify traces of blood alcohol concentration or BAC that is higher than the pre-set limits established by the US state in which the driver is located, the car will fail to start.  The respective limits are regularly pre-set at low values. For example, according to the California DUI laws, the legally accepted value of the BAC for adult drivers is set at .08% for drivers over 21, with 0.01% or higher for drivers under the age of 21, 0.01% or higher for a driver who is also on probation for a DUI or a DWI conviction, or 0.04% or higher for a driver required to own a commercial driver license.

All types of car breathalyzers must comply with the entire range of both local and state laws, along with the standards issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.  Whenever an interlock device identifies higher than accepted BAC levels, it will automatically prevent the driver from starting the engine for an amount of time that can range between 5 to 30 minutes. Once that time is up, the driver can have a second attempt at starting the vehicle by blowing into the breathalyzer. If this attempt also fails, the vehicle will be further locked down for an even longer timeframe.

What Else Are Interlock Devices Used For?

Interlock devices also ask drivers to repeatedly complete breath tests also known as rolling and/or running retests while they are actually on the road, driving. This is necessary to check if the respective DUI offenders have stayed sober during their drive. Car breathalyzers are excellent at lowering the level of recidivism in terms of repeat offenders driving under the influence, as well as first-time offenders. Nonetheless, the rate of recidivism is bound to go up as soon as these devices are removed from the ignitions or on-board computer systems of vehicles.  When used together with various other effective treatment or assessment solutions, ignition interlock devices show great bevahior-changing potential.

personal ignition interlockWhat Are Personal Breathalyzers?

Personal breathalyzers can help drivers successfully prevent public displays of risky drunken driving behavior while under the influence, even though a court of law may not have forced the drivers to use such as BAC checking device. However, personal interlock devices that can be rapidly installed by our expert locksmiths will assist drivers with making the wisest and best-informed decisions when going home after a fun night in the city or after attending a party. Party hosts can also be expected to require guests to agree to perform breathalyzer tests prior to heading home, and the same goes for bar patrons who can stop serving alcoholic drinks in an attempt to naturally lower their BAC in time for driving home.  Usually, someone having a few beers o mixing some drinks may not experience any abnormal feelings, other than some pleasant and perfectly innocent buzzes. This could have them think that driving themselves home would be completely safe. This is, however, a false perception of reality.

This is where a personal breathalyzer comes into the picture, offering an extremely realistic result of their BAC, helping them understand the difference between simply feeling a little buzzed and being intoxicated according to the law.  In other words, personal breathalyzers provide fast answers to the question “Is it safe for me to drive home after consuming X drinks o do I need a designated driver or a taxi?”.

Who Can Install My Breathalyzer Car Lock App?

Provided you have been caught driving under the influence and you are legally asked by state authorities to install and use such an interlock device also known as a BAIID, you should use certified and licensed state-technicians like the ones part of our team. All our breathalyzer installers have the necessary expertise, know-how, and tools needed to constantly provide top-tier services for any type of ignition interlock installation and maintenance needs.

We can also assist you with step-by-step ignition interlock usage instructions and provide have recalibration solutions for your breathalyzer car lock app, usually several times throughout a single lease. We charge affordable rates and even help you choose the most suitable ignition lock device suitable for your occasional needs or multiple testing requirements, featuring sensors with fuel cells, passive or active testing options, one-button operating devices with disposable mouthpieces, and more.