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Smart Homes, Locks And Home Automation

Home automation, also referred to as domotics, is the process of building automation systems for the so-called “smart homes”. These systems manage lights, thermostats, appliances, and home entertainment systems, and they can also feature security options, including access control and alarms. And they turn into a big part of the Internet of Things when they are connected to the Internet.

A home automation system ties these devices to a gateway. The user interface relies on terminals that are mounted on walls, phone apps, tablets, computers, or different types of Web interfaces that can be used off-site via the Internet. The industry is highly competitive, but there are only a few internationally accepted standards. The market is predicted to reach close to 13 billion U.S. Dollars by 2020. Homeowners can make their own purchases from home centers and online platforms, make their own home automation devices, or get in touch with security companies and expert locksmiths.

How Can Locksmiths Make Your Home Smarter?

There are lots of advantages of using the professional service of a residential locksmith for installing a smart lock on a front door. Unfortunately, not all locksmiths are familiar with the new technologies and can deliver this types of services. Home centers, the poor degree of reliability of lots of home automation products, and the steep learning curve are the main reasons why lots of the older generation locksmiths fail to make the jump into the 21st century. The search for a locksmith who is up-to-date with the latest smart home trends might be a little more lengthy, but it should generate satisfying results in the end. Services like LocksmithsPros dedicate their time and energy to constantly expanding their knowledge and horizons. They specialize in all smart lock aspects for home and commercial spaces and they can cater to remotely controlled lock needs.

While many DIY smart lock installation devices exist on the market, most consumers deal with the problem of not being able to set up these devices on their own. This weakens their confidence in the efficiency of these products, often times convincing them to return to the classical locks they have been used to for decades. But this means they are missing out on the many excellent advantages of using smart locks; a certified and experienced locksmith who can install and maintain a smart lock can fix this.

Locksmiths – Your Go-to Security Advisors

Regardless of the type of locks a customer wishes to buy, a locksmith will always provide them with the certainty that the installation process will be done by the books, hassle-free, no additional work and stress needed. On the other hand, a DIY lock fitting project may lead to common problems, especially for homeowners who are inexperienced and have never installed a lock before in their life. There is also the risk of buying locks and keys that are not working right, or that won't provide the expected level of security.

Trained locksmiths that are part of the home automation market offer security, peace of mind, reliability, and 24/7 tech support, in case of need. They also advise customers on the best types of smart locks and other home automation devices part of their offering.

What Is A Smart Lock?

Smart locks are arguably critical components of a genuinely smart and connected home. They enable users to enter and exit the premises as they please, while closely monitoring anyone coming or going while they are away. There are smart locks that enable homeowners to use their phones to control the closing and opening of doors on their property. There are also models that enable users to assign special access privileges to friends, cleaning services, or home guests. And there are even locks that enable the use of voice commands.smart locks

Choosing the right smart lock for your own needs may be a little trickier. The professional advice of a locksmith who has been in the industry for many long years is therefore very precious. While online reviews can also prove to ponder heavily when making the final call, the practical tips given by a lock technician who actually works with different types of locks on daily basis should definitely matter.

Upgrading your traditional locks means preparing a budget for the new smart locks you are about to buy. There are smart locks in the $100 range, featuring simpler options. If you are looking for the complete set of benefits of a smart lock, you can opt for a more expensive model that enables you to control your lock from any remote location, includes voice commands, and sends out push and email notifications. The most complex smart locks also feature tamper alarms and they are usually twice or three times costlier than the regular smart locks.

You can also opt for a lock that relies on a mobile app to lock and unlock your doors by tapping on an icon, or use an app that to manage everything from your computer desktop or laptop. You should be allowed to add either permanent and temporary users and set up custom schedules for certain times and hours of the day.

What Are Smart Alarms?

Smart home alarms enable users to easily arm and disarm their systems no matter where they are with the help of Smartphones. You can opt or wireless alarms for doors and windows that can be paired with corresponding home alarm systems as well as fire, smoke and CO detector systems. Pet-friendly, wireless motion detectors can also be connected to smart home alarms and cater to a variety of custom needs.