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Top Home Security Systems for 2024

Without a doubt, security risks are part of our daily existence and it would be rather impossible to completely eliminate them. Nonetheless, there are plenty of things we can do to minimize the chances of falling victim to a home burglar. One way to benefit from a conglomerate of security options is to install the best home security system for home.  Our experts have tested and reviewed dozens of top options for you. If you are looking to learn the truth about home security systems, keep reading. 

How to Choose the Best Home Security System 

Home Security SystemsIt can be difficult to take your pick from the sea of endless choices out on the market. The impressive advent of technology has completely reshaped the locksmithing industry in the past few years. We can now use state-of-the-art deadbolt locks and smart locks with facial and fingerprint recognition to control security on the front door, rely on access codes, WiFi, and Bluetooth technologies for customized security options, offer remote access to guests, or use biometric locks with temperature sensors. High definition CCTV surveillance systems feature functions like remote live viewing via smartphones or two-way communication for added convenience and protection.

Ranging from do-it-yourself home security systems to systems that require professional installation, self-monitoring and professional monitoring or integration with smart homes, there are dozens of options to look into. It all comes down to your actual safety needs, security risks, budget size, and personal preference. Looking for a home security system for a small studio apartment might not be as demanding as searching for a more complex system for a five-bedroom mansion. At the same time, a security system with dozens of peripherals that can handle hundreds of sensors for a large property can get pricey. This is why it is essential to know just what to look for, whether you need the best smart home security system, the best home security system without subscription, best home security system with cameras, or home security systems with cameras. 

Best Home Security Systems for 2024 

All the home security systems that we recommend below have successfully passed our strict testing in terms of flexibility, conveniences, sturdiness, reliability, pricing, and smart home integration. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Best Smart Home Security System: the ADT Brand

With more than one century and a half of experience under their belt, the ADT brand is an excellent choice for those of you looking to put your trust in a highly reliable company. The leading home security brand sells some of the most trustworthy home security systems featuring equipment that is very easy to use. ADT home security systems feature professional installation that is usually executed by expert technicians who have been trained to complete flawless jobs. Plus, ADT offers a generous money-back guarantee available for six months after installation. 

ADT home security systems offer wireless, landline, as well as a hybrid alternative. Their offers are suitable for people living in all regions, remote areas with no cellular coverage included. ADT systems even offer coverage for monitored medical alerts with neck pendants and bracelets that can send out emergency signals in case of need. The brand specializes in smart home automation features via ADT Control, a platform that enables voice commands with the help of Google Assistant and Alexa. The AADT Control app can be used as a mobile control panel that enables full access to the security system while at home as when outside the house. The DSC ADT Wireless Outdoor Siren can also be paired with the ADT home security system. The siren will alert passers-by of the existence of a security system on the premises. Any break-in attempt will alert the entire neighborhood. One drawback of the system is the fact that homeowners need to pay more for professional monitoring while also covering the costs of long-term contracts. 

Top Home Security and Automation System: SimpliSafe 

SimpliSafe home security systems offer simple, no-drilling DIY installation that can be completed in under an hour. You can also opt for professional monitoring and pay less than $1/day without having to concern yourself with the hassle of long-term contracts and hidden fees. SimpliSafe is the best home security systems without subscription powered by proprietary Fast Protect technology that enables the company’s live, 24-hour monitoring agents to rapidly check all security threats and immediately dispatch a fast response team at your address in case of need. This option, however, requires the interactive monitoring plan that features video verification. 

SimpliSafe security systems also provide protection against home intruders against and a variety of other threats including floods, fires, and gas leaks. The advanced motion sensors rely on precision detection algorithms designed to identify humans. This means you will benefit from enhanced detection solutions and quicker responses. The SimpliSafe app allows users to instantly arm, disarm and protect their home from any location, 24/7. The High Definition security cameras designed for indoor and outdoor use will allow you to stay up-to-date with everything that is going on at your property. One drawback of these systems might be the large up-front costs you will need to pay to make a purchase. The more alarms, sensors, and of detectors you will need, the higher the final bill.

Vivint for Excellent Smart Home Automation Options 

If you are searching for a good home security system with excellent home automation options, professional installation at zero added costs, environmental protection, and top home automation features through voice controls, try the Vivint brand. The system can be used together with Alexa and Google Home to turn the lights on or off, dim them, or turn the heat up or down depending on the times you usually go home. This should save you between 10% and 1% on your home cooling and heating bills. The pricey monthly monitoring fees might be a minor drawback for some homeowners, especially once all the extra video storage, cameras, and add-ons are part of the bill. There is also a moving fee you will need to cover to have the system re-installed. 

Frontpoint for Complete Home System

If you are looking for the best home security system with cameras, try the Frontpoint alternative. These systems require DIY installation and provide state-of-the-art technology, excellent service, and complete home automation solutions. With burglary prevention options, environmental protection, and the alternative of having the system be monitored by professionals by enrolling in a dedicated emergency monitoring service in exchange for a fee, homeowners can benefit from a variety of perks. Frontpoint uses third-party partners to handle 24-hour monitoring. As for the cons, we can mention the fact that these systems require a long-term contract and that false alarms can occur occasionally. 

Cove Home Security Systems for Best DIY Option

Named the Best Home Security System, Best DIY Home Security System, and Best Wireless Home Security System of 2021 by the U.S. News & World Report, Cove Home Security is an excellent option with affordable installation costs and quick emergency response times. The system features a dedicated touch screen panel linking a variety of environmental and burglary sensors while communicating with different monitoring stations. The burglary and intrusion sensors cover door, motion, window, and glass break detectors and work great at monitoring any property and protecting it against threats. The surveillance cameras will let you know every time anyone will drop by without a warning. It is possible to opt for the SkyBell and Kami doorbell cameras that can be managed with the help of the Cove app and use them together with the indoor and outdoor cameras for HD video streaming and two-way communication options. The system also features remotes and medical alerts that can help you instantly get in touch with the authorities or rapidly arm or disarm the system. One drawback of this system could be the fact that it requires a monthly subscription fee that also covers professional monitoring. 

Our Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best home security system without subscription, we recommend the eufy Security 5-Piece Home Security System. You could also consider Ring home security systems that support self-monitoring and can send fast alerts to the dedicated Ring app once the sensors go off or when motion is detected. The process is free, but homeowners can also opt for subscription plans starting at a very low monthly fee for more detection options and video storage solutions. 

These are just a few of the best home security systems that we recommend. If you need more guidance with picking the most suitable home locks or home security system for your needs in 2024, be sure to contact Locksmiths Pros.