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Transponder Vs Car Key Remote

Car Key Remote

Do you know how a transponder key is different from a car key remote? There are certain cars that come equipped with both such keys. Let’s learn more about them in detail including their working and functions.

In the past, there used to be a simple metal key to lock and unlock cars. Who would have thought that these types of keys would be outdated a few decades later? With the introduction of more advanced luxury cars, such keys are being replaced by more advanced, secure and convenient keys.  Nowadays, the latest cars come equipped with transponder chips and remote control key fobs. The cars that were manufactured a decade back include a transponder key that helps start the car and a remote key fob to help unlock it. All these advanced locking systems are regarded as the best security methods for your car as they offer additional security against intruders. In addition, they add a touch of convenience and luxury to your car.

Although there is enhanced popularity of these keys on the market, some individuals think that a transponder key and control key fobs are the same thing. In this article, you will learn what makes a transponder key different from a car key remote. This information will help you handle your car issues more appropriately.

The Difference Between Car Remote Keys And Transponder Keys

Car Key MakerNowadays, most cars come with remote keys as a replacement for the classic flat metal keys. Usually, they are also fitted along with the transponder locks that don’t need the use of any passkeys.  Understanding the dissimilarity between a transponder key and a car key remote will make things easier for you. The primary difference between the two is that a transponder key works to unlock a car with the help of a key or a physical locking mechanism. In addition, it is needed to start the engine.  A remote key will unlock the car and it will be needed to start the vehicle. However, if the remote key doesn’t work, car owners can make use of their metal keys to start the car.

You will also find remote control keys that include a remote unit on the head of the key, which makes it a two-in-one device. Some models of the car include a remote unit, which is incorporated into the key. In situations when your remote key malfunctions, you can make use of the flat metal key to open your car and avoid the alarm from sounding.  Remote transponder keys come with a control chip incorporated within them, which are crucial constituents of a car since they help with the security by adding an extra layer of defense against burglary. You will find an exclusive serial number inscribed on them, which is set when the transponder system was originally programmed.

This microchip will direct a signal to the car when you want to start it.  After the system confirms the serial number, the engine of the car starts after automatically turning off the immobilizer. It is worth noting that the car engine will not start if it doesn’t identify the serial number.  The key of a regular car with no buttons is actually cut in a manner so it can turn the locks and can be programmed to efficiently neutralize the immobilizer. It is important to note that every key is programed in an exclusive and diverse method, so the hazard of burglary is at the lowest.

You must remember that the engine of your car will not work if there is any sort of damage to the transponder chip. In such cases, the alarm will start to sound. In general, this issue must be taken to professional locksmiths that have experience in working on transponder systems.  Luxurious vehicles come built with transponder systems that solely function to keep the vehicle safe from potential burglars. The vehicle that includes such advanced features is not easy to steal as they cause the alarm to go off.

Servicing of Transponder Keys

Although a transponder key is quite complicated yet beneficial, it can break and get damaged by regular use and improper handling. In such cases, it is crucial to get them reprogrammed so that they start working flawlessly.  When faced with damaged transponder keys, it is suggested to always hire professional locksmith services. Our team at locksmithspros.com includes a team of skilled locksmiths that are trained to work with exclusive tools needed to fix your car keys and reprogram the transponder keys.

Servicing of Car Key Remotes

It is essential to get the car key remotes replaced and repaired. With the course of time, there can be inappropriately aligned buttons or broken units in your car key remote. You need to get your keys fixed by professional locksmiths to avoid any more issues. If you don’t have a spare key to use in the meantime, the locksmith can help you by creating a replacement remote.

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