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What Are the Drawbacks of Windowed Doors?

Windowed Doors

If you are planning to get a windowed door installed in your home, it is crucial that you get in touch with our residential locksmiths to know about the security threats you could be dealing with.

It is important to know that having a windowed door in your home can prove to be a loophole in the security of your home. In this article, you will learn about the top prevention tips that you can follow so your home and your valuables remain protected from burglars. Nowadays, homeowners are doing everything to make their home more contemporary and stylish and thus, manufacturers are coming up with creative ideas such as appealing windowed doors. You will find these doors in several sizes and shapes like sliding doors, French doors, and Patio doors. Most homeowners are having French doors installed in their new homes because they come with amazing woodwork and a glass pane, which makes them look great all together.

Windowed doors are aesthetically pleasing as they let people enjoy the outdoors while sitting inside their homes. These also turn out as linking doors as they help join rooms such as a living room and a kitchen. Apart from all these unique functionalities, windowed doors let the sun rays peep in your room and allow fresh air to come in while keeping the mosquitoes away.  Although you will find several advantages of having windowed doors installed in your home, they have their drawbacks as well. So, whenever you are planning to get windowed doors installed in your home, it is crucial that you are aware of their disadvantages as well.

Installation of Windowed Doors Is Complicated

Windowed DoorsIt is not an easy task to get windowed doors like French doors installed in your house. This is because it not only requires setting the door into hinges but the installation of tracks on the upper and lower side of the door frame. Only qualified locksmiths such as from locksmithspros.org can set the door perfectly in its tracks and the frame so that it operates smoothly. In general, the lower side of the door includes a wheel that should be aligned correctly in a way that it does not make any creaking sound while opening and closing the door.

The Track Easily Gets Dirty

A windowed sliding door needs the use of a track for smooth operation; however, this track is prone to attract dirt quickly. There are numerous grooves in the track that collects dust and thus, it is important that you keep it clean for the smooth working of the sliding door. Apart from drawing dust from the environment, tracks can also accumulate mildew and mold, especially those tracks that are installed near wet areas such as washrooms. This occurs because the tracks get exposed to dampness for a long time. You will find several areas of the tracks that are difficult to reach and therefore, not easy to clean. When you don’t make extra efforts to clean these areas of the track, it accumulates a lot of dirt and the door becomes functional and shabby.

Jamming Problems

As sliding doors are subject to accumulated dirt, they get jammed and become difficult to move and work smoothly again. A jammed windowed door can, therefore, become an easy entry point for burglars. When jammed doors are operated with force, the sliding door gets misaligned from the track and requires installation again for better functioning. In order to avoid the jamming of sliding doors, you must grease it regularly to make sure that they work with ease without creating any noise or issues. You will find jamming issues in sliding doors that are made up of aluminum and glass because these materials are heavy and therefore problematic to slide.

Windowed Doors are Expensive

You will find windowed doors in several variety and materials such as glass, wood or aluminum. Glass windowed doors are quite high in demand since they offer great energy efficiency, and therefore, they are expensive compared to other doors. Windowed doors that are made of other materials are available in a budgeted range. They are prepared using low-quality material and therefore are prone to damage with continuous usage. Homeowners choose the material of the sliding door in accordance with their needs and environment. Metal doors such as those made from aluminum might not work smoothly in areas that deal with low temperatures as they can draw ice in winter.

Windowed Doors Are Accessible to Intruders

Patio or sliding doors with a glass pane can prove to be an easy entry point for burglars as they can get into the house just by shattering the glass. Even though these doors add an appealing charm to your house, they can be a threat to your home’s security. So, you must make sure that you get the windowed doors installed in areas of your home that do not require a high-level of security.

Get Help of Qualified Locksmiths

Security is an integral part of your home so you must make sure that you keep it intact. Most homeowners choose heavy and secure doors to keep their loved ones and belongings safe. If you prefer getting windowed doors installed in your home, you must get in touch with us at locksmithspros.org.

We are a team of skilled locksmiths who know effective tips to strengthen the security of windowed doors. Get in touch with us for a detailed discussion and suggestion from our qualified and trained locksmiths. We will help you by delivering the best suggestions for fortifying your home security.