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High Tech Business Security

A business locksmith team is prepared to assist you with all your office security system installation and maintenance service needs. At Locksmiths Pros, we offer the best locksmith services for big businesses at all times and at affordable rates.

office securitySome of our business security services include:

  • Office perimeter security 
  • Internal security systems for offices
  • Digital locks installation and reprogramming
  • Alarms installation for offices
  • Keyless security systems
  • CCTV installation and repairs.

Business Security Systems Installations

Different businesses have different extents of security required. Our expert locksmiths have researched the latest security technologies to suit both small and large-scale businesses. If for instance, you have a large company, we will introduce digital locks that can only be accessed using chip cards hence avoiding strangers from accessing the offices. Some of our business security services include:

Complex Commercial Security Systems installation

A business is an income generating source that needs all sorts of security details to stay safe. Technology is growing rapidly and the same should be reflected in your business. At LocksmithsPros, we have researched on the best commercial security systems globally and trained our personnel on their installation. Some of the business security systems we deal with include:

  • Keyless access- Everything is going keyless and so should your business. We have specialists in keyless locks that will use registered biometrics or card access. This way only authorized people can access the offices.
  • With the ever persistent rise in energy costs, many commercial enterprises are installing alternative energy powered systems.
  • Image verification locks- More to the card and biometrics, you can choose the image verification to unlock. It is more expensive but more secure than the other systems.
  • CCTV and camera installation- CCTV is every businesses necessity. The cameras will help you monitor every activity around your business and also store file footage for future referencing hence ascertaining security. We have trained our personnel to install the cameras of course at low prices.
  • Alarm systems installation- Alarms work hand in hand with CCTV cameras. We recommend the best alarms in the market and perfectly fit them, hence assuring your security.

Why Choose Our Office Security Services

  • Quick response- If your company`s security is at risk, or you are unable to access your offices, just give us a call and we will be there in less than 30 minutes. We are well distributed across all metropolitans, with well-equipped personnel to solve all your office locksmith needs. We work for 24 hours every day including weekends and public holidays.
  • Professional and certified personnel- Our locksmiths are well trained and certified by the Locksmiths association. We train them on proper customer care skills and take them through a refresher course annually to sharpen their skills in the new business security technology. All our workers have uniforms to filter the scammers who use our name. After the service, you are given our company`s receipt for record purposes.
  • Affordable rates- Locksmiths Pros gives the most competitive rates in the market. We offer free consultation fees, quotations, and reduced prices when installing new locks. We also work hand in hand with the best lock dealers around to ensure you get the best equipment at very low prices.

Our customer care desk is available fulltime to answer your questions and receive your feedback. Keep your business secure. If you are in need of business security system installation and services, don’t hesitate to call us!