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Key Tracking Software and Key Control Systems

If you have ever lost the keys to your car or home and you had a hard time retrieving them or had to hire a locksmith, rekey the locks and get new sets of keys, these next few lines will come in handy. Advanced key tracking software has been specially developed with the thought of assisting individuals who want to keep a closer eye on their keys and make sure they never lose or misplace them again.

Key tracking security software found in key tracker fobs or key finders works by sending an audio signal to a small device that will alert you every time your keys get left behind. A key control system is a small tracking device that can be connected to a keyring in order to stop the keys from getting lost. This can be done by pressing a button, which will automatically trigger the device to beep or chirp in a loud way so you will be able to retrace your steps and find your keys. A great number of key tracking devices work with apps that show the map location of the keys that have been lost, as well as send reminders when you have been separated from the keys.

Curious to learn more details about key tracking software and find out how to choose the best key tracker fobs or pegs for your personal needs? Whether you need help with tracing the car keys you always leave behind or you own a fleet of vehicles with dozens of keys that need to be secured properly, read on.

How Do Key Control Systems Function?

A key control system works with the help of remotes and receivers. The receivers are the devices that will need to be connected to your keys, while the tracker remote will send out the necessary signals via GPS systems, as well as Rf or Bluetooth connections.  Key control trackers use radio frequencies and they are built using technologies that are less complicated than the ones used to build Bluetooth-based versions. When pushing a button on the tracker, you will hear a beeping sound. You will not need to tie a smartphone to the remote to make it work. A tracker that uses RF is built with several extra features.

Bluetooth-based key finders need to be tied to smartphones and controlled with the help of apps. This gives you the freedom to access a number of special features, including map location and out of range notifications whenever your keys are outside the range of the device. Bluetooth key trackers cover large ranges and, given the additional options they come with and improved features, they also cost more.

Key tracking systems that use GPS systems enable you to rapidly find your lost or misplaced car keys or home keys in real-time and they cover even greater distances compared to the previously discussed models. Often times, this means you should be able to track down your lost keys from hundreds of feet away using a simple remote you can carry in your pocket. Other trackers have smaller ranges, so see that you find out all the available information concerning this range and other important prior to buying any finder.

Top Key Tracking Systems to Buy

Since most people have never used a key tracker fob peg or a key tracker for fobs, knowing which features they should compare and research before making a purchase is vital to ensure your choice will be a good one.

The Key Tracking System's Covered Range

There are key fob trackers like the Tile Pro model that uses Bluetooth in order to cover a range of 400 feet, while also accurately pinpointing the keys that have been misplaced. This is one of the best range values compared to the rest of the key finders you can currently find in the industry. Since this range is one of the critical options for these trackers, as it will help you expand the search for the keys to a greater area and automatically multiply your chances to find your keys.

The previously mentioned key finder is shaped like a square and it has a hole in the center for easy positioning of the tracker to the key ring. The same model can be used on boats or in areas with high levels of air humidity, thanks to its waterproof option. It is necessary to download a smartphone app and synchronize it using Bluetooth in order to get the tracker to work. The process is simple and can be done by anyone, no matter if do not have any experience working with key racers behind. Once the keys to your home or car are tied to the app and they go missing, you will get the chance to take a look at the map that the app comes with, or ring them and listen for the specific alarm.

Special Key Tracking Features

One of the best special features that key trackers can have is the “community find” one, which is part of lots of key trackers. Its purpose is to engage key fob tracking devices that are found near the missing key; this is done by keeping your anonymity and providing you with continuous updates for the location.  In case you can have lost your smartphone, but you still have your key tracker and keys, you should be able to use these devices to make your smartphone ring.


A key tracking system that uses button batteries that can be replaced will considerably expand the tracker's lifespan. The respective batteries can easily power the trackers for 6 months, 12 months, or a year and a half, depending on the chosen model.

Extra Loud Trackers

The ringer of the key tracker needs to be loud enough so it can be heard by all users, and some trackers are louder than others. Be aware of the fact that some of these trackers could get too loud for you, so you should always test them in-store to make sure you are getting what you are looking for.


There are key fob trackers that can support up to ten different keys and help you organize them to you liking.