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Keypad Locks Installation Service

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The first generation keyless entry systems used a lock controlled by a keypad located near or on the door, and it required you to enter a predetermined numeric code to gain access to the building or a room. The keypad locks are far more superior to the conventional locks, and among other advantages, they eliminate the possibility of a lockout by 99%. Some brands use batteries while others use electricity to power the locks, but they all take out the hassle of leaving the security of your home or office under your doormat.

Push button locksWe can help you with the following services:

  • Keypad lock installation
  • Combination lock change
  • Code changes on pushbutton locks
  • Keypads lock rekeying
  • Keyless lock solutions
  • Electronic lock setups

There is a massive exodus towards keyless entry systems, and the latest technology has brought us smart locks controlled by a smartphone, but they owe it to the keypad locks. However, there are so many options available in the market, and it can be overwhelming when trying to make the best decision of the keypad lock to buy.

Types of Keypad Locks We Install

Mechanical Keypad Locks

This only has a keypad next to or on the door, once you input the authorized code, which then triggers a mechanical response in the keypad lock, and the door opens. It is ideal if you do not prefer battery- or electric-powered locks, or it is not possible.

Electric and Battery-Powered Keypad Locks

This is ideal for homes or business, and when you input the code, the lock will open automatically. However, note that the utility bills could run high, and if you forget to change the batteries when low, you could find yourself in a lockout situation.

Keypad and Key Lock

Several manufacturers combine the conventional deadbolt lock, and a keypad lock in one and this gives better security. To gain access to the room, you will need to input the pin code then use a key to gain entry. It might seem like much work, but you will love the peace of mind that comes with the security provided by the lock.

Keypad and Biometric Lock

Some manufacturers will use fingerprint scanners, and others will use a retina-eye scanner in combination with a keypad. During installation, you will have to gather all the people who will have entry into the building or room for retina or fingerprint scanning, and you can reprogram it whenever necessary. They use a chip that accesses the database of all the people authorized to open the lock.

We have gathered experience over the years, and we have seen the popularity of keypad locks increase. Let us shift focus and look at the advantages of using keypads as one of the ways of going keyless.

Advantages of Keypad Locks

Instant Access

You have probably been at the point in your life when you have to juggle between balancing the bag of grocery or shopping and trying to fumble for your keys in your purse or pocket. It is not an experience to be happy about and in the process, a burglar waiting on you might mug you, or the key could break in the lock. Keypad locks give you instant access to your home since you only have to input a code and you will be in the safety of your home in an instant.

Complete Control

The rise in popularity of this type of keyless entry is due to the increased control one gets. It rules out the possibility of being locked out because you have complete control of the system. Showing up at home or the office without the key happens to the best of us, but since most locks require only a code, you have complete control of the security system. Beyond this, you can be able to keep track of who has been to your home or office, and select locks will alert you if an intruder tries to tamper with the lock.

Peace of Mind

The modern burglar is skilled beyond what we have seen in the past, and they can always access your office or home by making a skeleton key, steal or copy your key. However, with keypad locks, particularly those that do not require a key to open, you will get the peace of mind that no one can get past your security system without the programmed code.

Change the Combination

The process of losing a key and getting a replacement is lengthy and requires a professional locksmith to undertake, and the bill can run into the hundreds of thousands. However, you can change the code combination without changing the lock. This way, you can limit the number of people who can access your home or office whenever you need to, and you do not have to call a locksmith.

Affordable Keypad Lock Installation

Price is of major concern for first-time keypad lock buyers, and it has held many people back before. However, as technology improves and more manufacturers come on board, the price is dropping significantly. The installation costs to are now at a fraction of the cost compared to a decade ago as more locksmiths gain experience to install and maintain the locks.

Finally, with the above information, you can easily make the transition into the keyless entry systems using the keypad locks. You can get the named types of keypad locks installed in your home or business simply by calling our Locksmithspros team.

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