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Tesla Car Locksmith Service

Looking for professional Tesla car locksmith services at affordable rates and fast speeds? Give us a call now! As the number one Tesla locksmith service in the USA, we specialize in the entire array of lock and key security issues for the innovative electric car brand known for its unique features. Our mobile car locksmiths can reach you in less than 30 minutes and restore your access to the inside of your vehicle, front or rear trunk in just minutes. Tesla Motors is a well-known American manufacturer founded in 2003 that produces electric cars, car batteries, solar panels, and various home power storage solutions. The first electric sports car of the brand was the Tesla Roadster launched in 2008. Ever since, the company kept bringing more innovation with each new model it released.

Our expert car locksmiths currently work with the following Tesla models:

  • tesla car locksmith servicesModel S
  • Model S Plaid
  • Model Y
  • Model 3 Rear-Wheel Drive
  • Model 3 Performance
  • Model X
  • Model X Plaid
  • Model Y Long Range
  • Model Y Performance

Our Professional Tesla Locksmith Services 

In July 2022, Tesla stopped providing Model S and X drivers with key fobs as standard when purchasing their cars. Instead, new Tesla owners were only given a Tesla Key Card. Nonetheless, owners interested in obtaining and using a key fob as a backup for their S or X Models can buy such a key fob from the Tesla Store. The more affordable Tesla Model Y and Model 3 do not feature any key fobs. Tesla vehicles support three different types of keys: key fobs, key cards, and phone keys. If you are having trouble using any of these options to access your vehicle, unlock or lock your doors, front or rear trunk, or get the engine to start, give us a call. As an expert Tesla locksmith service, we have the right manpower, know-how, machinery, and state-of-the-art software needed to tackle the special security system of the electric sports cars manufactured by Tesla. 

Tesla Phone Key Services

Phone keys let Tesla drivers set up their smartphones as "phone keys" connected to the car vehicle with the help of Bluetooth. This enables drivers to automatically lock and unlock their cars. If you are having trouble setting up your phone key on your own or you cannot use it correctly, we can provide you with the necessary troubleshooting and practical solutions to make the problem go away. 

Tesla Key Card Solutions 

Key cards let drivers communicate with their vehicles using short-range radio-frequency identification signals. Tesla offers two key cards suitable for wallets. The key cards are used for locking/unlocking the car by putting the card against the card reader located below the Autopilot camera. When the car identifies a key card, a series of actions will be initiated. Among them are the unfolding of the mirror, the flashing of the exterior lights, the sounding of the horn, and the locking or unlocking of the doors. The same cards are used to remove and add more phone key cards, phone keys, and key fobs when needed.  In case you cannot lock or unlock the doors with the key card, give us a call. We can reach you in just a few minutes and help restore your access to the car.

Key Fob Repairs and Replacement for Tesla Cars

Tesla key fobs do not have the standard design of regular key fobs. Instead, they look like miniature versions of a Tesla car, with the badge representing the front. The key fob has three buttons embedded in the soft surface of the fob feel. Drivers can unlatch the doors, and front, and rear trunk locks by clicking or double-clicking the correct buttons. If you cannot control any of the locks on the vehicle with the help of your key fob, contact our friendly customer support team. We are ready to answer all questions, offer convenient price quotes, schedule key fob replacement jobs for you, or immediately dispatch an emergency locksmith crew to your exact location to repair a faulty key fob.

If you are having trouble controlling the charge port or powering the car, we can also provide you with the professional assistance that you need at affordable prices. We are familiarized with Tesla’s two-minute authentication procedure and any related problems that might rise with the standard or automatic locking and unlocking features. Tesla cars support 19 keys including phone keys, key cards, and up to four key fobs. In case you cannot use the key fob because it has been damaged by an accidental liquid spill, washing, solvents, abrasive cleaning products, or abnormally high temperatures, we can provide you with the help you need. No matter if you are driving a Tesla model Y, S, 3, or M, we are here for you.

Tesla Lock Repair Services

Our technicians also provide lock repairs at competitive rates. We work with the best lock picking and lock repair tools and software that allow us to identify the problem and provide the best fixes for it. We take great pride in our guaranteed zero-damage policy for all the lock repair services we offer.

Battery Replacement for Tesla Car Key Fobs 

A Tesla key fob battery is designed to last for up to one year, depending on the model. If your key fob battery is showing signs of running low on the touchscreen display, we can assist you with battery replacement solutions for dead batteries or other battery problems. The battery replacement procedure requires the use of a specialized flat-bladed tool. Our professional Tesla locksmiths have the necessary experience to complete the process without touching the battery’s flat surfaces and risking any damage to the key fob.

Affordable Emergency Tesla Car Locksmith Service Prices 

We provide emergency Tesla lockout services at any address or location in the US. We can reach you in less than 30 minutes with our fully-equipped vans and assist you with any lock or key emergency you might need immediate assistance with, no matter what Tesla model you might be driving.

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