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Why Hire A Locksmith And Not Use DIY

Locksmith or DIY

Have you ever tried any locksmith DIY work around the house? Depending on your skill level and ability to work with your hands, you may or may not have been successful at it.

Let's say you've tried fixing a broken leg on an old chair or gluing a faulty drawer handle back to its place. Some people are more capable of handling this type of project better than others. Whether you count among them or not, one thing is sure: some repairs are just better off in the hands of professionals. Locksmith repairs are definitely on this list, at least when it comes to some of the more complex jobs. While you could be saving money, you may also risk causing more damage to your locks, doors, windows and even cause yourself some physical injuries.

Pros And Cons Of DIY Locksmith Jobs

Needless to say that there are various pros and cons when it comes to DIY projects as opposed to using expert emergency locksmith services like the ones provided by the LocksmithsPros team.

  • DIY is a time and energy-consuming process, as it usually requires you to study and test around a few skills and tools you have never used before. Plus, you may also need to buy a set of locksmith tools and new locks and various other supplies, sacrifice your spare time during multiple weekends or even take time off from work, if you are planning on starting a lengthier project.
  • A professional locksmith, on the other hand, will help you eliminate all the hassle and save you precious time, energy and extra money. You will no longer have to hunt down and compare the best prices for your new tools or lock parts/locks sets. Instead, you will enjoy quick solutions to your problems in the safest and most precise manner possible.
  • Most people who start their own DIY locksmith project tend to get stuck at least once at some point, especially when they need to put back together with a disassembled lock or replace a cylinder/small part. Accordingly, they will either abandon their work and call a locksmith instead of performing a poor job and end up using improperly installed or fixed locks.
  • Authorized and licensed locksmiths ensure high levels of quality every time and they never or rarely pose any real threats or risks – unless they are novices and unauthorized/not licensed. So if you are interested in high-quality work on the first attempt, you are advised to follow this path and leave DIY plans for different occasions.

Why Are Authorized Licensed The Best Choice?

  • An authorized licensed locksmith is one that has completed an official form of locksmith training, has undergone and passed a series of exams and obtained a diploma/authorization that allows him to practice the trade.
  • Locksmiths who are licensed are also usually part of an important locksmith body that regulates the trade and issues industry standards all lock technicians must obey.
  • They are also tested periodically and trained to learn new skills, following the ever-changing demands in the industry.
  • They are up-to-date with the latest upgrades in terms of electronic keys, biometric locks, smart security systems and everything in between. They are, therefore, the best people for the job if you are looking to upgrade your locks around the house and you would like to step into the future and opt for some smart or electronic locks to replace your obsolete deadbolt locks.

Perform Periodical Assessments With The Help Of A Trained Locksmith Professional

diy locksmithYour lock mechanisms around the house should be maintained in pristine condition at all times. Given the heavy wear-and-tear factor they are subjected to, your locks require special attention every few years. If you cannot remember when was the last time you had your locks checked for faults, or you have recently moved into a new home and you would like to test/replace the locks, hire a locksmith. They will be quick and accurate in assessing all known types of locks and help you decide upon the best type of replacements.

Make sure no quality problem is preventing you from enjoying the maximum level of security you could possibly receive from your locks. At times, even the smallest glitch that goes by unnoticed could be an open invitation for an opportunist neighborhood burglar. Ask for professional advice from people whose job is to pick locks on a daily basis and learn which are the least vulnerable/most sturdy locks on the market. If you do not already have them installed on your entryways, make sure you change things. Periodical lock assessments should also come in handy when determining whether your locks and deadbolts are perfectly installed or aligned the right way.

DIY VS. Locksmith Hire During Emergencies

Lockouts from homes are more common than you might imagine. There are many reasons that may lead to an accidental lockout, and we are not going to discuss them here. However, we will mention an improperly functioning lock mechanism or a broken key as some of the top reasons why lockouts occur. In order to make sure you will at least eliminate these risk factors from the equation, we recommend you have your locks checked periodically and have all issues fixed. You could personally perform some of the more superficial testings – for example, see if all keys respond well to your door locking/unlocking trials, or whether they are showing signs of rust or bending. Locks that tend to wiggle inside the door frame could also indicate you are about to deal with a problem sooner than later.

Emergency lockouts services specialize in picking all types of locks and cutting duplicate keys on the spot. They are also usually available 24 hours a day and can reach any address within half an hour. Unless you plan on becoming a locksmith yourself, you most likely do not own a key cutting machine on your own, or any advanced lock picking tools. Keep in mind some US states deny simple citizens to own professional lock picking sets, as they could pose a potential danger. So your best – and only bet – could be an emergency locksmith that can help you get back inside your home in a safe and hassle-free manner.

Steer Clear From Frauds!

Unfortunately, not all locksmiths are trustworthy and have good intentions. Make sure you only hire locksmiths who are reliable and have been recommended to you by people you know and trust.

You could also take advantage of the numerous online databases of reputable locksmiths and make your pick from there, or do your own research on the web and choose a trustworthy company that has been around for many years - like LocksmithsPros! Call today!