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All You Need to Know About Luggage Smart Locks

Standard luggage keys can get easily damaged, lost, or misplaced. Combination lock codes can be difficult to remember or dial because of the tiny wheel dials on the locks. Dealing with any of these issues while traveling could cause great distress to you and your family. Luggage smart lock manufacturers have come up with excellent solutions to these problems.  If you would like to find out what is a luggage smart lock, how luggage smart locks work in general, and which are some of the most popular models to look into right now, read on.

What Are Luggage Smart Locks?luggage smart locks

Briefly put, a luggage smart lock is a keyless lock alternative to standard luggage locks that require physical keys and combination lock codes to keep the bags secured. Smart locks for luggage basically let you use your smartphone or a different smart device as a key, completely eliminating the need to carry around a metal key and worry about not getting it lost or stolen.  Also, there is no need to remember a complicated digit combination code to unlock your bags. If you are not a frequent traveler, memorizing a luggage lock code could be more challenging than you might imagine. At the same time, traveling very often would constantly force you to dial the code in the tiny dial wheel, oftentimes while on the go, in poorly lit hotel rooms or areas, making the process even more difficult.

Padlocks that can be installed on zippers are also similarly problematic for the same reasons. Plus, most of them are very vulnerable in case of a theft attempt as they are rather easy to unlock using the most rudimentary lock picking tools.  Luggage smart locks can effectively eliminate all these problems through their smart mechanisms that are incredibly easy to control via a handheld smart device, be it your smartphone, a smartwatch that you wear all the time, a tablet, or some other device, whether it is running on Android or iOS.

How Does A Luggage Smart Lock Work?

In order for such a luggage smart lock to work, it needs to be paired up with an NFC or a Bluetooth-based smart device. The respective technologies will ensure that the lock and the smart device will communicate when within range, enabling and disabling the lock in the LOCK/UNLOCK mode similarly to the way a smart lock on a door works: by tapping on the app that the smart lock comes with, using a passcode, through fingerprint access, by inputting secret codes via the built-in buttons and so on.  Smart luggage locks will also usually allow you to catch a glimpse of the last location where luggage has been seen, thanks to the special proximity tracking system they come with. You can expect to receive notifications in real-time letting you know that you have left your bags inside the hotel room, at the airport check-in area, or someplace else while traveling.

Luggage Smart Lock Mechanics

The locks require the smart device they will be paired up with to be within the range of the lock, or else they will not be able to find your bags and help you manage their security as desired. Before you buy a smart lock for luggage, see that your smartphone is compatible with all the system requirements of the lock and its app, including the right upgraded Bluetooth or NFC version, usually Bluetooth 4.0 on an iOS or Android smart device.

  • Keyless Security Features

These keyless and completely trackable luggage security options will allow you to get full control over all the padlocks on all the bags you will be traveling with via your phone. Expect to be able to keep tabs on whoever has accessed the locks on your luggage on your vacation by checking out the activity log that most of these locks and apps come with. You will be able to see the precise date and time when your bags have been unlocked, as well as the usernames that have authorized the respective lock management operations.

  • Luggage Tracking Solutions

Whether you have just arrived at your destination and you are not able to find your bags or you suspect the airline company might have misplaced or lost your precious bags during one of the layovers, the smart luggage app will come in handy. It will also help you quickly identify your own bags from dozens of other identical, standard travel luggage bags in the airport terminal using the special crowdsourcing function that most of these locks are sold with.

  • Weather-resistant and Fail-Safe Smart Locks for Luggage

You will not only receive notifications letting you know that your lock's power is dropping and you should have it recharged soon (usually one hour of charging will suffice for 12 months working time), but you will also take advantage of the weather-resistant features of these locks when traveling on rain or snowfall.

  • Smart Lock for Luggage Versatility 

You should be able to keep your handbags, suitcases, gym lockers, storage sheds, or bike locks and padlocks properly secured with the same app and never have to worry about losing or misplacing a key again. However, if you are currently dealing with a key loss emergency for your luggage, bike, home or car, get in touch with our experts and let us send over the nearest emergency locksmith in the area. While also incredibly sturdy and well built, certain accidents and malfunctions can occur to smart locks for luggage as well. If this is the case, hire our luggage smart lock repairs near me service at a good price.

Luggage Smart Locks 2024

LockSmart Travel, LockAirBolt, or iTrackEasy Smart Padlock that relies on Bluetooth 4.0 technology are some of the hottest luggage smart locks you should consider buying in 2024 and beyond. Why choose these locks? Because they will let you:

  • share an endless number of virtual luggage keys on the spot
  • charge them via USB
  • remove shared users by simply tapping a button
  • use keyless fingerprint access that accepts 10 or more fingerprints
  • easily add and delete new fingerprints for new users in Administrator mode, following simple instructions

Get in touch with us for more interesting information on these locks or hire us for any missing luggage key problem on the spot.