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The Best Home Security Systems

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There are hundreds if not thousands of home security systems and choosing the best system can be overwhelming. However, the main thing that you ought to be looking at is the ability of the system to secure your home, family, especially when you are away from home. Depending on needs and wants, manufacturers have gone to great lengths to ensure that you get a home security system that fits your budget.

We have constantly reviewed home security systems, and we have seen a section of the manufacturers who have gone out of business for cutting corners when creating home security systems. However, there are those that have maintained a high level of standards, and they invest in R&D to ensure that they diversify the home security systems market.

We have taken the time to look at some of the best home security systems, and we used the following criteria to determine the best home security systems.

  • Pricing and affordability
  • Customer service experience
  • Features and equipment offered

With the criteria in mind, we sort out to put security experts and our locksmiths in one room, and they identified the following home security systems. Read on to the end of this post and choose the home security systems that meet your needs and wants.

Frontpointhome security alarm system

This home security system tops our list for meeting our criteria of the best home security system. The company has a long history of putting the customer first, and they are a straightforward, no stress, and no-hassle home security company. While other companies use pushy sales agents to get you to buy their new products, Frontpoint beats every other company in this sector.

Frontpoint has a wide variety of packages from a simple door and window monitors to top of the line home security automation with CCTV cameras and video monitoring. Their top of the line Ultimate or Interactive package gives you the option of adding gadgets such as Nest Thermostat and SkyBell. This is one of the best-selling home security systems on Amazon and other e-commerce sites. It has a monthly monitoring cost of between $35 and $50 per month, and it is dependent on the features you choose. It might not be the cheapest option in this list, but it is an absolute best.


The company ensures that they get home security right. You get great value from the easy to use security system with optional monitoring and monthly fees. It is nothing like the typical traditional, but it is more of a monitoring system for people who want a simple home security system. You can make the installation a DIY project, and you can do it over the weekend, and it works for both homeowners and people renting apartments in the city.

You have to buy the equipment, which means that you own it, and you do not have to undergo extra installation costs when you move homes or canceling your contract. You can pay between $15 and $25 for the SimpliSafe monitoring services every month. Whenever you need to get in touch with the company, they will pick up in the third and have professional customer care representatives who attend to your queries as fast as possible.


When you get this security system, you get one-year money back guarantee, and it is the closest competitor for SimpliSafe.  This makes it a good system that you can try it out for a year, but it will not take you that long to see that it is among the best home security systems money can buy. Livewatch gives a two-year warranty on the equipment, but you can get them to give a lifetime warranty if you ask during sign up. If you feel that it is not working for you, unlike other companies, Livewatch does not have a termination fee.

You get cellular monitoring, as well as Z Wave technology support, which includes locks, lights, and small appliances. The equipment is only available for DIY installation, but you can contact us for professional home security installation. The customer care representatives will respond to your queries at any time of day and coupled with the extended money-back guarantee earns it a spot on this list of the best home security systems.

Nest Secure

This is one of the pricier options on this list, but it fits the bill for the functionality, extra features, as well as an easy and conversant design. If you already have the Nest ecosystem, Nest Secure will add unique security features you can hardly get from competing for home security systems. You will get an easy to use Nest app, which gives you greater integration with other Nest products. You get professional and self-monitoring options.

Since the unveiling of Nest’s revolutionary energy efficient Nest Thermostat, other home security system providers have been playing the catch-up game while Nest continues to release various products that have shaped the home security industry. You get among other benefits top-notch customer care service, better than average features, as well as fair pricing gave the quoted prices.There you have it our take on the best home security systems. While most require DIY installation, we offer professional home security installations, so contact us when you are installing your first home security system or upgrading to a better one.

To have these or any other security system installed in your home, contact our residential locksmith services today!