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Tips for Keeping Your Motorcycle Safe and Secure

Like most property crimes, motorcycle theft has been on the rise in recent years, especially when it comes to mopeds and scooters that are lighter, smaller, and a lot easier to steal. According to a recent NICB analysis, out of the 51,000 motorcycles stolen in the US in 2021, only 42% were recovered.

If you are looking for a few expert tips and tricks on how to enhance the security on your motorcycle with the help of the best motorcycle locks and security devices, read on.

How Do You Securely Lock a Motorcycle? motorcycle bike locks

Our pros recommend using a motorbike lock to secure the front brake disc or opting for a grip lock to enhance security on the brake and throttle. It is also possible to use a D lock on the front wheel to prevent anyone from easily wheeling the bike away from the original parking spot.

Use Disc and Fork Locks for Your Motorcycle

Fork or disc locks are excellent ways of keeping a motorcycle in place by locking the steering wheel or the front wheel.

A fork lock works similarly to a car’s steering lock by preventing thieves from taking off with the bike even if they manage to steal the keys. While thieves might still be able to use the lights and a series of other features on the motorcycle, the fork lock will stop them from riding the two-wheeled vehicle to a different location.

Similarly, disc locks are used to stop motorbikes from being driven off. They work by keeping the brakes in place even when the key is available for use. Some disc lock models are heavier and chunkier than others, which means they are difficult to carry around. We recommend quality models that are fully portable and compact with 14mm locking pins that can be easily inserted between the wheel rim and the brake discs on sports bikes. If possible, invest in a disc lock that also features a loud 110dB siren that should deter any theft attempt. The best locks come with rechargeable batteries and USB leads.

Grip Locks Mounted on Handlebars

Grip locks are motorcycle locks invented, designed, and manufactured in New Zealand since 2001. They offer a much more compact and simple-to-use solution compared to classic security measures used for motorbikes. Choose a model that can be easily installed on the handlebar to lock the brake lever and the throttle grip in place. Installation and removal usually take under 10 seconds for the best models on the market.

How Do I Keep My Motorcycle from Being Stolen?

Additional solutions to prevent a motorcycle from being stolen include:

Locking the motorbike to heavy-weighted and immovable items

Rely on a ground anchor that can act as an immovable object and prevent the motorbike from being stolen. These ground anchors should be fixed to a wall or floor or wall and enable you to fit a chain and lock from it to the bike. Make sure you also have a chain and padlock to use together with the ground anchor, whether indoors or outdoors. You can opt for a bolt-down or an in-concrete ground anchor model that can be either fitted to brick walls, concrete floors, or vans and are suitable for Quad bikes ATVs, and bicycles.

For best results, we advise you to rely on a professional locksmith who can help you successfully install a ground anchor to a wall or the ground.

Storing the motorbike inside your garage

Opt for a garage door defender that is compatible with your garage door model, whether it is an up-and-over garage door, a roller shutter, or something else. Garage door defenders need to be installed at the center of the door, using a solid base. Steer clear from asphalt or block paving substrates for fitting.

Installing an anti-theft alarm on the motorcycle

Choose a good anti-theft alarm system for your moped, motorcycle, or ATV, and rely on the loud noises to deter potential opportunist thieves in the neighborhoods targeting your vehicle. Our experts advise you to consider opting for a special alarm sound that can clearly distinguish itself from other alarms in your area.

Using motorcycle covers

Opt for a quality motorcycle cover that can efficiently hide the bike and make it less visible or noticeable from the street. As a smart trick, you could opt for a cover branded with a cheaper make and model to make your bike less appealing.

Using security cameras

Rely on smart home security cameras that you can connect to your smartphones and access from any remote location in case you often times park your motorcycle in your driveway, in front of your house, or inside the garage. You will be notified as soon as something suspicious is taking place near your motorcycle.

Using multiple types of locks

We recommend using a minimum of two locks of different types such as a U-wheel lock and a chain lock to make potential thieves’ jobs more difficult.

Installing engine kill switches

These kill switches need to be fitted on the bike’s ignition. When they are engaged, they will prevent anyone from starting the motorcycle by disallowing it from moving. We strongly recommend using kill switches together with disc locks for the best results. .

Can a Motorcycle Be Stolen Without Keys?

Yes. One of the most common ways in which motorcycles are stolen today is by having them lifted off the ground and placed into vans nearby. Usually, bolt cutters are needed to cut the bikes free and lift them into the back of waiting vans, a process that does not take longer than 60 seconds.

What Other Safety Measures Should I Take to Keep My Motorcycle Safe?

  • Avoid overly customizing your motorcycle with lots of flashy and expensive accessories, gadgets, and gizmos. The trick is to make your vehicle the least appealing and ostentatious as possible.

  • Try to park close to other motorcycles and see if you can chain it to other motorcycles when parked in the same spot.

  • Safely guard your keys, keep them on you at all times, and never leave them in the ignition.

Get in touch with us for additional motorcycle security tips and hands-on help with installing motorbike locks and other protective gadgets. We are available nonstop and we charge the best prices in your area.