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Does Home Insurance Cover Locksmith Services?

While avoidable through a series of preemptive measures, home lockouts are stressful events that can be costly to tackle. This is particularly true when a locksmith near me needs to be hired to restore access to the property by picking a complex lock, replacing missing keys, and eventually re-keying or replacing the faulty or damaged lock mechanism.

Luckily, some homeowners benefit from home lockout protection. This means they are reimbursed in case they need to hire a locksmith in case of a lockout thanks to their home warranty or homeowner’s insurance. Are lost house keys covered by insurance? Does renters insurance cover all locksmith services? Keep reading to find out.

Do All Insurance Policies Cover Locksmith Services?

While not a standard or frequent practice, some home insurance policies also cover a series of locksmith services. Nonetheless, the coverage they provide is usually subject to many limitations.

However, homeowners who benefit from lockout protection assistance as part of their homeowner’s insurance policy are allowed to file reimbursement claims for some of their home lockout or lock re-keying expenses. Usually, these policies do not cover the full cost of hiring a locksmith in relation to a home lockout. On occasion, the policy will cover up to $100, with some locksmiths charging more when additional lock or key work is needed.

The procedure is kickstarted with the homeowners paying the necessary deductible. These usually start at $500 and run up to $1,000. As previously stated, most home locksmith services normally cost less than the respective amount, which means homeowners will discover it is more affordable to cover the associated costs of a lockout on their own instead of relying on their home lockout protection assistance.

If you are not sure whether your insurance covers locksmith services such as home lockouts, lock re-keying, or missing key replacements, read the fine print, talk to your dedicated insurance agent, or go online and do a brief search. You should not have a hard time finding out whether you currently benefit from home lockout protection assistance or what to do to enable it if you find it useful. More often than not, it is possible to add this particular type of coverage to the homeowner’s policy provided it is offered in the form of an addon.

Cases When Homeowner’s Insurance Covers Locksmith Services

Homeowner’s policies that cover a locksmith will usually include the following scenarios:

  • Window and door damage caused by natural hazards. Provided you need a locksmith to repair or replace a broken lock, the homeowner’s insurance will most likely cover the expenses.

  • Acts of vandalism. Provided someone vandalizes your locks, you may receive reimbursement for the repair costs.

  • Stolen home keys. When re-keying the front door lock is necessary as a result of a stolen set of keys, the homeowner’s insurance may cover the costs of such a service. It ultimately depends on the problem that requires an expert solution and the exact instances covered by the policy.

  • Vandalized or stolen home safes. Safes that benefit from coverage from a homeowner’s policy may also be reimbursed by their insurance company in the event of the safe being subject to theft or vandalization.

Are Lost House Keys Covered by Insurance?are lost house keys covered by insurance

Similar to having home keys stolen, losing your house keys can be equally stressful and expensive to tackle. Some home insurance policies may feature coverage for lock and key replacement. It is also possible to add the cover to the policy along with an alternative home emergency cover for an additional cost. The home emergency cover may feature locksmith services necessary in case of home lockouts or in case home security upgrades are needed. On occasion, the insurance companies offering these solutions will also get in touch with a locksmith service on your behalf.

Does Renters Insurance Cover Locksmith Services?

Locksmith services and lost key replacements are only covered by renters’ insurance provided your home has been broken into, resulting in damage to the locks or key theft. However, in the event of keys being lost or misplaced by accident by renters, the renters’ insurance will not cover the costs of replacement.

What to Do If Homeowners Insurance Does Not Cover a Locksmith?

Pay Out of Pocket

Provided you need to hire a locksmith but your current homeowners’ insurance does not cover the expenses, you will normally need to pay out of your own pocket. On average, the costs associated with a home lockout range between $35 and $150 for the lock-picking procedure itself. This final bill can go higher provided additional factors are involved, including after-hours services, extra mileage when not hiring local locksmiths and emergency services.

In the case that you need a brand new set of home keys cut because your old keys have gone missing or have been stolen, you may face an even broader array of costs. For the most part, the size of the final bill will depend on whether the lock is Biometric, mechanical, or electronic, with the latter usually costing a lot more compared to a standard lock and key mechanism.

If you are looking to save precious time and money, give our nationwide locksmiths a call. You will benefit from the quickest response times and most affordable home lockout prices starting at $30. Call toll-free at (888) 649-4142 for 24-hour top-quality lock re-keying, lock picking, and key replacement services.

Use Your Premium Car Insurance

Finally, some car clubs provide home lockout protection assistance along with car lockout solutions for premium members. This means they will normally reimburse their premium members up to $100 toward the associated expenses tied to a home lockout. This is usually a one-time service and is only valid for primary homes. These policies also do not usually include lock replacement service costs.

Some memberships only offer assistance with sending a locksmith team and providing discounted rates on occasion.

For any concerns regarding your current coverage, be sure to contact your insurance agent and explore your best add-on options. For any home lockout or stolen key emergency, hire our fast and affordable services 24/7!