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Drone Surveillance Security

Drones, the unmanned aerial vehicles, have been spending the last decade bettering themselves, upgrading with the latest technology, and providing efficient surveillance and security measures.  Drones are easier to handle now, are more lightweight, and can prove to be excellent observers. How is a drone the new age gatekeeper? Let us find out.

What Makes Drone Surveillance Reliable?

drone security surveillance

Great Communicators

One of the primary requirements for efficient security personnel is good communication. This includes two concepts – the ability to communicate well and the promptness of communication. Having said that, the drone is effective in both these areas.

For instance, if the drone is already in motion and a security threat is detected, it can provide a live feed of what its camera captures. The operator can also lock the camera at that particular intrusion and keep following the activity from a distance. In the other situation, whenever an intrusion is detected, the drone can be fed the event's coordinates through the geospatially maintained video management system.

Once the data is uploaded on the software, the drone immediately follows the instructions and sets off to track the unwelcomed activities. Owing to the fact that there is less human involvement in the whole process, it makes communication clear, with reduced chances of miscommunication.

High-Speed Movers

Another important feature of good security personnel is the ability to reach the incident quickly. Drones have a certain advantage when it comes to speed. For starters, they move aerially, where they do not encounter land-based obstacles like vehicles, trees, buildings, and the likes. This gives them a jump start over human beings moving on foot.

This is all thanks to their high elevation movement that ensures a clear track between the source to destination. Secondly, the other way drones have an advantage is that their dispatch commands are automatically uploaded to the server and communicated to them. This is done via a network connection. It operates on the cloud and hence can start quicker. This proves to be beneficial compared to the traditional approaches where the message was communicated through a radio dispatch.

Hi-Tech Quality Imaging For Flawless Aerial Security

The cameras mounting the drones have gone through major changes in the last few years, especially over the last decade. This means they have reduced in volume, weight, and size, indicating that it becomes easier to fit them everywhere.  On the other hand, they have made huge improvements in other spheres like image quality and resolution. They work with more efficient sensors that allow them to capture video feed with greater detail. The fact that drone cameras can zoom better, to the limit of 30x, gives the picture better quality, aiding drone surveillance. Moreover, for efficient night time vision, cameras with thermal vision are mounted on drones these days, that can transcend the barriers of rough weather conditions and smoke. This has been a significant breakthrough in recent years. You can let the drone run free even at night and in dark weather conditions, and you can receive the live feed. All of these factors combined, the drone comes with a superior vision to be your gatekeeper!

Fewer Restrictions

Security personnel is trained in a way that they have a lot of rules and restrictions on how they operate. For instance, if they come across an intruder, there are always certain norms to follow and a checklist to tick before acting on them. And more often than not, the intruder is aware that they are being followed. But these are very different from the perspective of a drone. For instance, they are not bound by rules and restrictions. They can continue to follow the intruder irrespective of the situation, even in perilous conditions. The other advantage is that the intruder sometimes does not even know that they are being tracked by the aerial vehicle. This gives the team an advantage since the culprit is unaware of the eyes following them.

Drones - Artificially Intelligent

Drones are not merely aerial vehicles with a camera fitted. They can do a lot more than that now. They can deal with data from the live feed to derive insights and act on them. The combination of video recording capabilities and deep learning techniques can help you automate security measures and actions. This gives them an edge as the new age gatekeepers. For instance, the ability to detect intruders and related activities from a distance proves to be one of the drone's greatest features.

Also, the fact that the drone can keep moving while keeping the target locked in is another important feature that comes in handy. Over the last decade, drone technology has grown in leaps and bounds and now can perform security tasks and surveillance independently. They even have the power to intercept phone calls, gather license plate information, and the likes.


Indoor drones can act as great security personnel when the need comes. You can deploy drones to scan a venue prior to an event. This can even help you place your security forces in the right areas. Having drone security makes the area less of a target, just like the way alarms and security cameras work. Drones can scan venue perimeters as well, for prolonged periods. And since they are active all the time, it is rare for a drone to miss an intrusion!