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How Good Are Electronic Locking Systems?


If you have recently moved into a new home and you are looking to renovate your old property, or you are searching for some enhanced protection solutions for your business space, you can take your pick from a rich selection of security options. From enforced front doors to digital or biometric locks, complete home security systems, and wired electronic locking systems, there are many ways to strengthen safety on any property. In most cases, traditional lock and deadbolt combinations are good enough to ensure a decent level of protection. If your home or business needs an upgrade, a digital or electronic locking system is a good solution. Here's why: 

Do Electronic Locking Systems Reduce the Risk of Burglary?Electronic Locks

If you are thinking about cutting the risk of your home being burglarized, consider upgrading from your standard lock-and-key system to an electronic locking system for your home. You will benefit from a plethora of benefits including extra convenience and up to four times more durability and strength compared to keyed locks. Digital locks are also excellent options for business spaces that are looking to lower the risk of theft. Since they do not require any physical keys that can be stolen or duplicated, electronic or digital locks offer more protection against vulnerabilities. 

How Versatile Are Digital Locking Systems?

A keyless locking system can incorporate any type of lock that does not require the use of a physical key. The list includes voice-controlled locks, fingerprint, and digital number combination locking systems. The best electronic systems for doors, cabinets, or garages offer simple installation and they are highly versatile. Their components are operated by batteries and the exchange of data is done in a wireless manner. There are many different types of electronic locking systems, including cylinders and digital handles along with controllers, updaters, and online readers that can connect the locking components to the entire system. 

Can Digital Cylinders and Digital Handles Enhance Protection? 

Digital cylinders are fitted in a similar manner as mechanical cylinders. The procedure does not require any additional drilling or altering. Their length can be adjusted to fit the profiled spacers during installation. Digital handles can be fitted on any type of door using the same holes that had been drilled for the conventional handle when the door was installed. Their design is slim and attractive, giving any door a modern-day look. Digital locks mix enhanced security with appealing designs and they can be seamlessly integrated with most door handle designs to provide maximum freedom of choice in terms of color and shape. Since they do not provide access to the mechanics of the locking mechanism inside these locks, they cannot be removed using force. Digital strikes provide the same degree of security, control, and monitoring functions as online access control systems while preserving the advantages of offline systems. The best digital strikes feature inputs and outputs that can manage the door alarm or the door contact. Most models can be operated via wireless technology with zero cables needed for data communication.

How Do Electronic Locking Systems Enable Individual Room Control?

When your home is empty, the electronic locking system connected to your home automation system can be programmed to turn the lights off and control the heating or the ventilation depending on the exact number of people present in a room. This means you can enjoy lower monthly energy and electricity bills while lowering your carbon footprint. 

How Does An Electronic Locking System Work?

An electronic locking system for home renders physical, metal keys useless by replacing the classic lock-and-key mechanism with a PIN code, a wireless signal, or Time Sensitive Booking Codes which have a short expiration date that can be set up as needed. Electronic locking systems can also be controlled with the help of wearable devices like smartwatches and mobile key systems in the form of smartphone and tablet apps. All electronic locking systems for homes and businesses feature a few main components. The list includes the electronic locking system which can take the form of an electronic cylinder, the medium for identification which can be a smartphone, and the software that will manage access. With the help of integrated wireless technology, these systems can be easily integrated into complex home automation systems along with sensors on doors.

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Locking Systems?

Electronic locking systems have many advantages and a few cons. They should all be taken into consideration before deciding to install them at home or at your business space. 

Pros of Electronic Locksmith Systems

  • Convenience in use
    These systems eliminate the need to use physical keys and risk losing, misplacing, or having them stolen. This also means there is no risk to lock yourself out. 
  • Shared access
    You can share the access code to your front door electronic lock or share access using your smartphone app and allow guests, handymen, or relatives to enter your home when you are not home. 
  • You can use the key override options
    In case of a system fault, a power surge, or a drained battery, you should be able to manually unlock your door with the help of the key override feature.
  • Access control monitoring
    Digital locks allow you to monitor all the persons going in and out of your home and rapidly deactivate or replace the old codes if necessary. 

Cons of Electronic Locksmith Systems

  • System glitches
    On occasion, you may deal with a glitch in the system that may require help from professional locksmith services. 
  • The costs
    Usually, these systems are more expensive compared to standard locking systems.
  • The access codes can be compromised
    On rare occasions, someone could attempt to steal your access code. 

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