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Top Home Security Apps For 2024

top home security apps

Would you like to control who enters and exits your home using nothing but the smartphone you carry with you or open the door for the delivery guy while you are out of town? Today's security apps allow you all of this and more.

It's impressive what kind of advancements smart technologies have brought into our lives, with special emphasis on personal security. If you are interested in finding out what are a few of the most reliable and efficient home security apps you could use, you've reached the right page. But first...

Why Do You Need A Smart Security App For Your Home's Protection?

home security appsFirst of all, these apps are not in any means mandatory. There are plenty of classic home security solutions you can successfully use to keep your home safe from the hands of potential crooks. The trick is to keep close ties with expert home locksmiths that specialize in the type of locks and alarms you are using. Have your security system with everything it incorporates inspected and services periodically. Just because you cannot personally notice any vulnerability or fault in your single- or double-cylinder lock on the front door, deadbolt locks or padlocks it does not mean that there is nothing wrong with them. On the contrary, the repetitive use and the periodical wear-and-tear factor will usually do a number on all locks, especially ancient locks.

If, however, you are interested in combining sturdy, classic locks with modern-day home security apps and devices, you could benefit from even more convenience and enhanced protection. Smartphone apps that can further secure your home can be usually run on all operating systems and, Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry included. They are extremely easy to install and control by the least experienced of users and most of them are free of charge. Just make sure you download the right, compatible app for your phone and OS and find out how to easily turn your laptop, tablet or smartphone into a remote control that allows you to manage all of the locks and security cameras inside and around the house.

Excellent Security Camera Apps For 2024

At the moment, there are two types of home security apps that you can find on the market for your specific residential security needs:

  • Third-party home security apps can be used in the exchange for a certain monthly fee. They are usually compatible with most types and brands of security cameras in the industry, but we strongly recommend you to check the compatibility before making eh purchase.
  • Proprietary security apps are developed by security companies and they can only be used along with the same branded cameras. They are free to use and they let homeowners create their customized security systems without interference from possible compatibility errors.

Here are a few of the most popular and efficient home security apps you could try at the moment:

  • Reolink is an excellent app that is fully compatible with all Android and iOS devices. It can be used with IP cameras and it can be set up with ease. The app allows you to see live videos recorded by the attached cameras on a nonstop basis, no matter where they may be. There are over 2.5 million Reolink users in the world and the night vision that allows you to clearly see at a distance of 190 feet is most likely one of the reasons for this app's popularity. You can also expect quality 5MP images and additional features such as a motion-detection alert.
  • Ivideon is a security camera app lets you send audio messages while watching live streaming images from compatible devices. This function is available from remote distances and it is well-suited for homes with children who need to be supervised nonstop, even when all adults are missing. Users can save all recorded images in the cloud for extra safety and convenience using cloud services.
  • Ring Video Doorbell 2 is a top smart doorbell camera device that lets you watch and record everyone who is about to visit you or keep close eyes on your package deliveries. Expect motion alerts and ring alerts to be sent to your smartphone, together with high-quality 1080p video images so there is no confusion concerning who is at the door. If you are having problems with your packages not being delivered on time because of an empty home and a hectic work schedule, this app is right for you.
  • August Smart Home Access System allows users to stay in control of their front door with the help of their smartphones. The August smart lock can be operated without the use of a physical key. Plus, the app allows you to create as many virtual keys as needed for your household members and guests out of town. You can even schedule specific dates and times for delivery services or the cable company. No more leaving the key behind when going out the door and locking yourself out. The August app features the excellent auto-lock an unlock options for entering and leaving your home with more peace of mind.
  • The August Smart Keypad and Lock are some of the best solutions in terms of smart security apps for homes. One of the main advantages of using them is that they can also be manipulated without the smart function, so if a glitch in the system causes any kind of disruption, you can switch to the classic deadbolt lock. You can create entry codes for each separate guest and let them enter your home by simply tapping on the screen or pushing a button.
  • The August Doorbell Cam can effectively stream live video images and send you alerts on your phone whenever the doorbell is rang.

For help with the installation of these doorbell systems or smart lock and key systems, contact LocksmithsPros today for a cheap residential locksmith to be sent your way.