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Emergency Transponder Key Programming

transponder car keys

Your transponder has given up on you, buttons don't respond or you cover is broken, and you now face a two-fold challenge. Cutting a new car key clone and reprogramming the transponder. Going to a dealership will be a time-consuming and unnecessary effort, not to mention that it will probably cost much more. 

LocksmithsPros will provide you with a friendly mobile locksmith emergency solution available in any type of car key emergency and 24-hour a day. We are proud to collaborate with a network of amongst the best locksmiths nationwide who will use the quickest laser car key cutting techniques and program the transponder of the new car key. Should you need your transponder reprogrammed in a hurry and still benefit from quality service, LockSmithsPro is the right call for you. Get in touch now as we offer a 24/7 solution to all your car locksmith problems.

What Is a Transponder Key?

The transponder car key is named after the same device embedded in the key itself, i.e. a transponder. This technology is used as a security measure to increase the protection of your vehicle and make cars safer and generally more difficult to break into. The transponder authorizes you as the rightful owner of the vehicle by communicating with the computer receiver in the car which is programmed to only respond to the correct signal, unique to every vehicle. However, just like any piece of technology, programming a car key transponder, requires both specialized equipment and knowhow, which is what LockSmithsPros is here to do. 

How Long Does It Take To Program a Key For Your Car?

Many car-owners fear that if they have to reprogram their car keys, that will take them ages. As it turns out, however, most auto locksmiths will not take you more than several minutes to program a new transponder car key but we will also need to cut the key blade of the transponder key so all-in-all you are looking at about half an hours work.  Now, this service can only be carried out by certified and experienced car locksmiths such as the ones we work with at LocksmithsPro. The upside of our nationwide network of licensed and mobile car locksmiths is not only that a team will be dispatched to your location as soon as you place a call to our call center, but similarly, you can expect quick delivery and expert service.

Why May Programming a Transponder/Car Keys Take Longer?

In some cases, a manufacturer may have disabled the option to clone your keys, and our locksmiths would need to use a diagnostic machine to reprogram the key. Do not worry, though, because our team leaves nothing to chance and our mini-vans are fully equipped with all the required devices, equipment and tools we need to deliver quick service.  Furthermore, we will need to cut for you a new car key replacement and for that, you will need you VIN or vehicle identification number

What If I Need a New Key on the Spot?

As soon as a locksmith tells you that a new key may be necessary, you will probably think to yourself – "great, now I have lost an entire day!" That is not true, and when you book LockSmithsPro's service, you can rest assured that we come prepared for any sort of emergency.  It's not just the "near me" convenience that sets our service apart. We are quite capable of carrying out a full car key replacement and use laser car key cutting to duplicate or clone an old transponder key.  Put simply – whatever you need, we will deliver on the spot, without taking up any of your valuable time and sending you well on your way quicker than you have expected.

Not Sure about the Price? Give us a Call!

Transponder car keyIt all depends on what you need us to do regarding your transponder car key emergency. Transponder keys are the standard for modern-day car keys.  Basically, we are talking about a new key that has a chip embedded in the head of the key that needs to be programmed as well. If you have an exiting key we are looking at a cloning or duplication job but if the keys are lost and there are no old keys to copy we need to produce a new key from scratch.  The new key from scratch will require us to purchase your unique key code using your vehicle identification number (VIN) and if that is not available our locksmiths have the specialized tools and blank keys to backward engineer a new key for you.  When you speak to our call center agent please give them full details and they will be able to give you a very accurate price estimate.  In any case, we have very competitive and relatively cheap prices.

How Long Does Our Service Take?

You will find LocksmithsPros to be quite expedient. Whatever the time of day you call us, whether it's the small hours of the night or in the afternoon or early morning, you can rest assured we will be there for you. We use the "around me" approach, which means we have emergency locksmiths stationed nationwide and we will contact our local locksmith closest to your location so we have no problem getting to you immediately and quickly. Even if you are caught out somewhere on the fringes of our service coverage, you can rest assured that we will dispatch the right specialist to your location in no time at all, just provide us your GPS location or explain to us where you are currently. To complete the service for you from placing the call to sending you back on your way shouldn't take more than an hour and a half, but in most cases, we are done within 60 minutes, making for one of the quickest car locksmith services you can ask for.

Need help with your transponder? Don't give it another thought and get in touch with LocksmithsPros.