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Home Security Camera Installation

security camera for homes

Home serveillance cameras can increase the security of your home. We can help you install cameras that will meet your specific home security needs.

security camera installationWhen we think about our home security, the first things that come to mind are locks and alarm systems. Both of these things are very effective if used together, but they are missing a crucial component, actually seeing who might be trying to enter your home. There are a variety of reasons why you might want to consider installing home security cameras.

Why Should You Have a Surveillance System Installed?

Cameras have a massive potential to increase your peace of mind and with the rapid development of technology these days, installing a system is not even an expensive proposition anymore. If you are interested in one of these systems, our skilled and certified locksmiths can provide you with an assessment of your personal home camera needs.

Benefits of installing security cameras include:

  • See who is visiting your home
  • Track your nannies or technicians
  • Monitor your pets or children
  • Prevent potential break-ins
  • Get peace of mind when traveling
  • Watch other properties while away

There are so many reasons why adding a home security camera system is a good idea. It is a very affordable way to increase the safety of your house. Plus, when you don't have to call our emergency locksmith service in the future, you'll know it saved you more than just money!

Essential Components of Residential Security Cameras

Every person’s situation is unique. Someone who lives in the countryside has many different needs from a person who lives in the city. Furthermore, with a wide variety of video surveillance systems available on the market, just sorting out the different options can be tricky! When you considering a system, be sure to check for the following:


You likely do not need the most expensive option, but this is one of those investments where if you pay a little more upfront, it will more than benefit you in the long run. But here at Locksmith Pros, you won't have to compromise to keep within your budget: our locksmith service prices are the cheapest on the market!

Field of View

This determines how much of your property can be viewed from a single camera. Remember that the larger the field is, the less detail it will have. You need to strike a balance between detail and covering the important spots of your property with the right number of cameras. You can even attach a camera to a drone and do reconnaisance over your property.

Motion Sensors

home security camera

This is a must-have regardless of your budget. Motion detection allows you to be alerted when there is activity on your property so you can assess the best reaction to the situation.


With improvements in digital technology, getting high-resolution cameras have become less and less expensive. The higher the resolution, the better it will be for you as you can more clearly identify the nature of what’s happening. Just as you do not want to call the police on your son who arrived home late and forgot his key so too do you want to be able to see the face of any particular threat.

Night Vision

There is no clear pattern of when your house is more vulnerable. Some experts say during the day, some at night. Either way, you want to be able to have a clear field of view regardless of the time of day.


Cheaper cameras do not come equipped with microphones, but sound can be especially helpful if you are trying to keep track of your children or pets. Something might look normal on camera, but once you hear the sound be a cause for alarm. Your camera can also double as an intercom so you can provide instructions or warnings to whomever.

Wireless Cameras

These days many systems can work with your home Wi-Fi system. This prevents individuals from being able to cut the connection and also afford the opportunity for you to monitor your home’s situation via your mobile phone or computer.

Pan and Tilt Cameras

One great option is cameras that rotate across a certain field of vision and will then hone in on any movement that they detect. These types of cameras can save you money as they can cover a larger field while then being able to target anything suspicious.      

Types of Security Camera We Install

If you go on Amazon or Google and type in “Home Security Cameras,” you are going to be hit with such a multitude of results that going through them all might make your head spin. Our residential locksmith technicians have been working with and evaluating a huge array different systems over many years and we have compiled a list of some of the best systems for both quality and value based on our experience:

Belkin Netcam

Very affordable and it syncs easily with a host of different devices. Not only this but it offers HD quality images, has night vision and is very easy to install.

Samsung Smartcam Pan and Tilt

Another very affordable option that is very easy to set up and use, and has easily expandable memory. Best of all, it works as a motion detection system that tracks any movement.

Logitech Logi Circle Wireless

This battery-powered camera offers you maximum protection in case of power outages and other issues. Not only this, it features person detection, motion zones and custom alerts.

Blink Home Security System

This option is slightly more expensive than the other options but definitely worth it. Consistently rated as a consumer favorite, it features a suite of protection options along with free cloud storage so you do not have to worry about running out of space.

Ezviz Husky Outdoor HD

This is an ideal outdoor solution. These video surveillance cameras are built tough to endure all forms of harsh weather and as with the other systems employee wireless technology that makes installation and monitoring a breeze.

Give us a call today and we can help you select and install a system for whatever your needs while matching your budget!