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Keep Your Garage Secure By Access Limitation

Are you searching for some clever and efficient ways of strengthening security on your garage? Whether someone recently broken into your home garage or your car is currently reported stolen because the poor quality lock wasn't able to prevent thieves from breaking in, you've reached the right page. We are going to discuss a few proven methods of limiting access to your garage. Keeping the garage secure can be done with the help of simple garage locks or more advanced garage safety apps, depending on your budget and goals. Without further ado, let's find out how to implement the best safety solutions for your home garage.

Quick Tips For Keeping The Garage Securegarage door locks

The negligence of homeowners is one of the main reasons leading to garage break-ins. Doors that have not been properly closed or locked are common occurrences, especially in quiet neighborhoods where people tend to get a sense of security and downplay the risks associated with unlocked home and garage doors. However, open garage doors are not the only issues here.

Change The Default Garage Door Opener Code

  • More often than not, automatic garage door openers use the same codes, which will only simplify potential burglars' jobs. If you own a second-generation garage door opener that comes with a dip switch that can be manually set to answer a unique access code, make sure you change the default code on it, in case you haven't done so already.
  • If possible, invest in an automated garage door opener that uses rolling codes that will change every time you will use the remote to get inside the garage. This solution will provide you with enhanced security for obvious reasons.
  • If you own a keychain remote, remember never to leave it inside your parked vehicle.
  • In case your garage door opener has been built prior to the year 1999, you are highly advised to quickly upgrade to a fresher opener model. These old door openers are discontinued by most manufacturers, which automatically means you will have a difficult time finding affordable replacement parts.

Use A Deadbolt Lock

If your home communicates with your garage through an adjacent door, make sure you hire our expert locksmiths to fit a quality commercial grade-1 or commercial grade-2 deadbolt lock on the respective door. Provided a property criminal does manage to enter your garage, such a lock and its complex mechanism should delay them from also accessing your home. Plus, opting for a keyless electronic access control lock will add even more protection to your home.

Use Digital Security Cameras

Consider installing a smart controller featuring a digital security camera you can fit inside the garage so you can check it in real-time with the help of remote apps straight on your smartphone.

Choose Advanced Garage Security Systems

Look into garage door openers that feature CE-certified security options, including rolling code options that will allow you to simply press a remote control button on and choose a new code from billions of unique combinations that are impossible and can successfully prevent someone from replicating them.  Some garage security apps come also feature wall stations with so-called holiday switch locks that can effectively disable all remote access whenever they are engaged. This means your home should benefit from higher levels of protection while you are away on a vacation.  You could also opt for a Door Report type of garage door remote that will provide you with your pace of mind at the thought that you will always know whether you have locked the garage or not. These special units are built in such a way that they will start beeping and lighting up whenever the door of the garage has remained open.

On the same list of useful garage safety apps, we can mention the myQ smart access app that enables users to lock, unlock, and inspect the current status of the door on your garage, be it a residential or a commercial door or gate. The app can be controlled from any remote location with the help of a smart device and you can even set up a special alarm that will warn you whenever someone has broken inside our garage, grant access to your garage to guests when you are not home or schedule the automatic closing of the garage doors. You can even choose to leave the light turned on inside the garage or turn them off according to your needs. In order to use such an app, you will need to consider replacing your current garage door opener with a WiFi-controlled one.

Additional Garage Security Solutions

Install a solid, windowless door to your garage to offer potential thieves one less incentive to try their luck with your garage. It is possible to opt for a garage door that features top windows that will let you enjoy natural daylight.  You could also choose to have the existing garage windows covered or reinforced with the help of frosted glass. This way, you will manage to considerably reduce visibility to the inside of your garage, while making sure that the best locks, alarm and/or surveillance systems are in place.  Never leave the garage door unlocked or open during the night, and think about installing exterior lights to illuminate the garage and deter neighborhood burglars. Invest in high-quality motion sensor lights, if your budget allows you to, so you can benefit from even more perks.  Finally, start using a garage defender you can fit to the edge of the door in order to strengthen security. For any garage security need, be sure to give our pros a call!