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The Types of Tools A Locksmith Uses

locksmith tools

Have you ever pondered ways to pick a lock? If yes, this is the right article for you. Here, you will know about some of the most commonly used tools that our locksmiths at locksmithspros.org use.

Locksmithing is an art and it is been continuously used for ages now. Locks had emerged decades ago as humans became more aware of their belongings and security. This art includes the methodical use of basic skills and tools. No wonder, locks are the integral parts of our lives today as they help keep our loved ones and our belongings safe and secure from burglars and intruders.

With the advent of technology and the increase in crime rates, manufacturers have come up with advanced security options. Our professional locksmiths are highly qualified, trained and skilled in creating new keys, assessing lock quality, and suggesting top-rated security options for your homes and offices.

Every locksmith requires a range of special efficient tools to conduct their job perfectly. Let’s know more about the types of tools that are being used by locksmiths all around the world.

Regular Tools for Lock Picking

locksmith toolsTraditional locksmithing doesn’t include advanced tools. It basically includes carpentry and metalworking. The advancement in the field of locksmithing in the last decades has made the manufacturing process of locks and security systems much easier, and thus, the lock repairing has also been simplified. In addition, the creation of custom locks has become outdated.

The modern locksmiths are now efficient in handling all sorts of advanced lock and security systems such as advanced and electronic locks. In addition, they are capable of handling and repairing such lock systems. Nowadays, locksmiths also work on lock picking solutions for contemporary locks. Tension wrenches and key turners are some of the common tools used by most locksmiths for dealing with a simple lock and key system. Skilled locksmiths often make use of contemporary equipment such as grinders, milling machines, and cylinder crackers. Because there are a variety of locks available on the market today, locksmiths often analyze the lock thoroughly and find out the most appropriate solution.

Other progressive equipment is door cracking tools. Locksmiths often make use of a bell with pulling screws for picking the lock cylinder. They often place air wedges between the frame and the door and then inflate them in order to put the equipment inside it. In situations where homeowners have tried to pick the lock inappropriately, locksmiths often make use of plug spinners. Other such efficient tools include electric lock picks and pick-guns. Warded locks and wafer locks need specialized wafer lock pick tools.

Tension Wrenches

One of the most common lockpicking tools used by locksmiths on a daily basis is a circular wrench tool. It includes a spring that creates a rotation. These tools are basically used on locks that cannot be picked with regular L type tools, and on those locks that are installed in constricted spaces with a tiny area around them.

One of the latest tools in the locksmith industry is the feather touch wrench that comes with a spring and includes better features than a tension wrench. Most locksmiths also use tweezers for wafer locks since they work to create torque to all sides of a lock.

Ball Picking Tools

These tools are round in shape and are included in the tool kit of most locksmiths.

Broken Key Extractors

As the name indicates, these tools work to extract damaged key parts that have been stuck in a lock and became a hurdle in their smooth operation.

Hook Picks

They have a hook at one end that is used for lockpicking. You will find several varieties of tools with hooks of different types.

Pick Guns

Pick guns are available in both an electronic and manual type and they work efficiently well for opening locks. They are generally used along with tension equipment and work to open pin tumbler locks.

Half-Diamond Lock Picks

Half-diamond lockpicking tools come available with several angles to help handymen regulate the inner machinery of locks with ease. They are good for handling tumbler locks and the best help for picking disk locks and lock raking.

Inner Groove Lock Picks

This equipment includes efficient tension wrenches that work well for raking. In general, they are created for laser locks and work to permit stress-free entrée into VW, BMW or Audi cars.

Picking Tools for Car locks

There are several types, sizes, and shapes of car lock picking equipment such as air fighter pro available on the market nowadays. All these tools include a bag that should be positioned between the door frames and blown to make space for other equipment to open the lock. This airbag also helps locksmiths to find the keys that are by chance stuck inside the car,

Drills for Replacing Locks

Drills are the best solution for replacing locks that have undergone irreversible impairment such as ignition cylinders that were damaged due to failed break-in attempts. Most locksmiths make use of screws along with the drills for replacing locks. 

Take Assistance of Skilled Locksmiths

The team of skilled locksmiths at locksmithspros.org works with the most cutting-edge tools to repair and install locks. We are available all around the clock to help offer assistance to customers during emergencies as well. Our locksmiths are not only certified and insured but experienced so that they can take care of all sorts of issues related to security systems.

In order to know more about our locksmith services, get in touch with Locksmiths Pros today!