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Tools of the Locksmith Trade

From the beginning of modern civilization, humankind felt the need to keep its prized possessions to itself with the help of mechanical devices that now go under the name of locks. The first locks were nothing but knots made from rope. According to many historians, the history of today’s mechanical locks began more than six millennia years ago when Ancient Egyptians created the pioneer pin tumbler lock using wood. Other voices are still arguing about whether the Greeks, the Egyptians, or the Romans first created mechanical locks.  Whatever the truth, one thing is for sure. As brand new technologies emerged, locks made of wood and metal started being manufactured and used throughout the world. The more time passed by, the more advanced our locks became. The same happened with the basic locksmithing tools and skills needed to manufacture, install, and fix locks. 

Keeping Up With the Latest Locksmith Tools 

The advent of smart technologies and the fast rise in property crimes forced locksmiths to develop even more advanced security solutions. Among them, complex lock picking and lock repair tools and equipment.  Are you looking to learn more about the basic locksmith tools that every locksmith needs? Would you like to know what are a few locksmith specialty tools used by expert locksmiths? Whether you want to inform yourself on the topic or you are planning on opening your own locksmith business one day, this next information about locksmith tool kits should help.

Locksmith Tools Basics - Versatility Is the Wordlocksmith tools

Locksmiths need to use a variety of tools and pieces of equipment to perform their tasks according to the highest standards. The list includes tools that help them install new locks, fix or rebuild broken locksets, remove broken parts from keyways, reprogram car keys, and more. Their toolboxes are, therefore, packed with all types of small and large locksmith hand tools, electric equipment, and power tools.  The standard tool kit of a locksmith includes broken key extractors, a lock pick set for beginners, tweezers, key cutters and key duplication tools, tension tools, hand-held scopes, and padlock shims.

What’s in a Beginner’s Lock Pick Set? 

These sets represent the first investment all new locksmiths need to make when getting started. They consist of several lock picking tools, including standard diamond picks, hook picks, and rakes. They can be used to pick the majority of pin tumbler lock models, doorknob locks, deadbolts, padlocks and the majority of car locks. Standard lock pick sets for beginners include nine picks, broken key extractors and tension tools. 

Key Extractors for Broken Keys 
Extractor scissor sets featuring different types of configurations can easily remove any broken key parts stuck into keyholes. 

Tweezers with Formed Ends 
These tools work great at picking up the smallest pins inside locks and manipulating them as needed during repairs or lock changes.

Tension Tools
Tension tools are used to prevent pins from getting pushed back down by the springs inside the locks once torque is applied to the plugs. Circular wrenches filled with springs and feather touch tension wrenches are best for enhanced control and more torque.

Hand-held Scopes
Locksmiths sometimes need to work in very narrow or compact spaces. Handheld lighting scopes for wafer reading allow car locksmiths to look into the lock and read the heights of all wafers there while in the resting position. In return, this helps locksmiths easily decode the lock and even create a new car key without having to loosen any screw.

Padlock Shims
These enable locksmiths to take apart different locks by having them twisted between the body and the hasp. The latter can have different widths, which means it is a good idea to own a few padlock shims of different sizes available in the kit.

Locksmith Startup Tools for Homes 

Key decoders, lock and safe scopes, and lock tension wrenches are a few of the basic locksmith tools for home locks. Tension wrenches can pick a variety of locks found on most types of home door knobs by lifting the pins at the back of the cylinder keyway. Key decoders are metal or plastic cards used to establish the depth of the pin on a variety of keys. The list includes Weiser, Master, Weslock, Kwikset, and Schlage.

Locksmith Tools for Cars

These tools are also a critical part of any locksmith’s toolset. They range from universal gas cap tryout keys, car wedge sets, slim jim sets, and jigglers. Gas caps tryout keys can be used to unlock any gas tank. Car wedge sets slide in between the rubber of a car’s window and the window itself, simplifying car unlocking jobs.  Slim jim sets with special emphasis on clamp-on and round slim jims allow locksmiths to pick a large number of different car locks.  Car jigglers are also car door lock picking tools suitable for both domestic and foreign vehicles. Car shutter tool sets are used to hold open the dust covers of car locks, limiting the damage during lock picking.

Key Duplication Tools

Key duplicators and key cutters based on laser technology are capable of cutting regular door, car, barrel, and dimple keys on the spot. Professional locksmiths rely on advanced all-in-one key programmers that save them precious time and generate excellent results.

What Else Do Locksmiths Need?

Besides these basic locksmith tools, beginners and regular home or car owners also need protective gear. The list includes safety glasses used during drilling, cleaning debris, or cutting keys and locks and safety gloves that can withstand accidental cuts. Rust-resistant toolboxes that will keep all tools safe and protected against the elements are also needed.  Remember to get in touch with us for complex lock picking, lock installation, or key duplication services. If you want to know just what to do next time you are dealing with an accidental lockout, invest in at least a few of the previous tools and learn how to use them.