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Motion Sensor Light Security Services

motion sensor lighting

Motion sensor lights will add a major security advantage to your home or office. Here's what you need to know to help you make the right choice in motion sensors.

You already might have an alarm system in place that alerts the authorities whenever there is an intruder in your home. It does not get better than motion sensor lights, and they will keep intruders at bay whether you are home or not. A study by ASecure Life shows that in the US alone, there is a home break-in every 15 seconds, and 34% of the break-ins, the burglars go through the front door. However, the uptake of motion sensor lights remains low, and it is because that few people understand how they work, and the misconception that they are expensive and they consume huge amounts of electricity. In this post, we look at the working of motion sensor lights and their benefits.

How Do Motion Sensor Lights Work?

These lights use motion sensors that detect movement in an area when triggered, the lights will come on, and the intruder will think they have been caught in the act. Some manufacturers go the extra mile to connect the motion sensors to your alarm system, so when the sensors are tripped, you can take the necessary precautions. Essentially, these lights stand guard while you are away or even inside your home relaxing after a long day.

motion sensor lights

Motion Sensor Basic Components

The motion sensor lights have one or more lenses that detect movement or rapid heat changes. The lights will come on for a maximum of 20 minutes by which time the intruder will have grown cold feet and made their escape. A majority of the motion sensor lights in the market uses pyroelectric sensors that detect the heat radiating from an object, and they will trigger the lights to come on if they detect something unusual. They also have light-sensitive diodes that prevent them from coming on during the day. However, some manufacturers have designed the motion sensors to trigger a silent alarm if an intruder comes by during the day. The alarm company or the police will contact you to inquire if it is a false alarm

Where to Place Motion Sensitive Lights?

The primary reason for installing motion sensor lights is to surprise the intruder, so you ought not to make them so obvious. Many of the motion sensor lights resemble normal security lights, and so they will go unnoticed. However, there is a science to installing the lights. Preferably, they ought to be placed 6 to 10 feet above the ground to ensure that they cover as much ground as possible.

Angle and distance between the lights are of much importance. The angle of the motion sensor lights ought to be between 180-degrees and 270-degrees, placed at a maximum distance of 70 feet between each set of lights. You also do not want to have the range of the sensors too big because it will mean that they will pick up infrared signals from your neighbors' place and along the road. If you are installing the lights yourself, ensure to follow the direction in the users’ manual.

However, you can leave the trouble to our capable LocksmithsPros personnel that has years of experience in home security installations. You can place them on the path leading to your front and back doors, the garage, along with the perimeter of your property, at the patio, stairways, decks, swimming pool, and any place where you feel that an intruder might pass.

What Are the Benefits of Motion Sensor Lights

Can Motion Activated Light Work Without a Switch?

How many times have you come home to a dark house and have to fumble for the security lights switch? I bet it is more times than you can count. The motion sensors will automatically switch on the lights when you get home, and you can comfortably walk into your house without the constant fear that someone is lurking in the dark.

Are Motion Sensitive Lighting Systems Energy Efficient?

The best type of motion sensor lights are those that use LED technology, not only are they energy efficient, but they last longer than the conventional light bulbs. In addition, since the motion sensor lights only come on when there is an intruder, they consume less electricity because there is no electricity redundancy, and they will turn off once the threat has been thwarted.

Will Motion Sensor Lighting Improve Security?

To save on electricity, most homeowners do not leave their security lights on while inside the house, trusting that the alarm system will alert them before the intruder makes their way into the house. Since you are clueless as to what lurks in the dark, motion sensor lights will act as a deterrent to burglars and animals, and this dramatically improves your home security. To have these or any other security features installed by one of our home locksmiths, contact us today!

Can Motion Activated Lights Be Used Anywhere?

Motion sensor lights are not only applicable in the outdoors; they still can be reliable indoors. While they are used as a deterrent in an outdoor setting, indoor motion sensor lights will come on as soon as you walk into the room and you can easily find the light switch. This eliminates the chances of knocking your toes on furniture corners, and we both know how painful it can be.

In conclusion, motion sensor lights are the perfect way to keep burglars and unwanted intruders at bay. You will not only feel secure, but you will also save more on your electric bill.