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9 Tips For Keeping Your Home And Car Safe

prevent burglary with effective security

As your trustworthy neighborhood locksmiths, we promise to provide you with the best locking systems for your home and car, and other security features to help protect you. Unfortunately, sometimes a good lock is not enough to prevent a break-in. Here we've provided you with home safety tips and professional auto locksmith security advice. 

Tips for keeping your car and home safe:

  1. preventing home & car burglaryLock your doors.  While this may seem obvious, it is surprising how many burglaries are committed involving homes or cars that were left unlocked. Living in a safe neighborhood or knowing your neighbors don't keep crime from happening to you. Make it a habit to not only lock spring locks like handle locks as these can be forced open quite easily. All exterior doors, especially doors with windows, should have deadbolts and even swing latch or chain locks for extra security.

  2. Lock your windows. In your home, be sure that your window locks are strong enough to prevent someone from opening them from the outside, then be sure to lock them firmly anytime you close them. In your car, remember not only to close the door windows but also the sunroof completely. Sometimes in hotter months, people tend to leave windows ajar to keep air flowing through their vehicles. While this is effective for cooling the car, it leaves your car vulnerable to break-in because it leaves room for your car window to be forced open.

  3. Hide valuables.  When you leave high-value items visible in your car or in your home where they are easily viewed through windows, you may be making yourself more vulnerable to theft. Thieves are looking for places where they can get the most valuable items in the shortest amount of time, so remember to put possessions under seats or in trunks of cars and put away jewelry, electronics, and small appliances.

  4. Park in well-lit areas. Parking in dark places leaves your car vulnerable to theft because someone is able to gain entry to it with less chance of being seen. Find a place near a street light or close to the front of a business.

  5. Security cameras. When choosing a parking space, keep in mind that many establishments have security cameras located outside of them. Burglars pay attention to these cameras, and even if a break-in does occur, you have a greater likelihood of finding the suspect when there is camera footage. We also recommend that you install security cameras in and around your home. As these sorts of systems become more common, there are many inexpensive options for security cameras.

  6. Motion sensor lighting. Having motion sensor lighting around your home may actually be effective in frightening away burglars that are attempting a break-in. 

  7. Get your locks rekeyed. If you're moving into a new house or aren't sure how many people have keys to your home, consider getting your locks rekeyed. The process is quite simple and a great investment, especially when you take into account the property loss and headache you could be saving yourself.

  8. Maintain your yard and have your mail collected. When leaving town for a long period of time, your home becomes more vulnerable to theft. Have someone shovel snow or mow the grass while you are away, and collect your mail. You can also have the post office hold your mail for you and collect it when you return. 

  9. Get a security assessment. To be sure that all your locking systems are working properly and you are doing everything you can to protect your home or car, get a professional residential locksmith near you to do a thorough security assessment and let our professionals use their expertise and make recommendations to keep you safe. 

Using these tips can reduce your chances of experiencing a burglary so you can stay as safe as possible. However, in the event that you do have a break-in involving your home or car, please give us a call. We work around the clock to provide services for emergencies like these. We can respond quickly to repair or replace damaged locks so you can get back to normal.

Contact the locksmith professionals today to schedule your home security assessment and find out more about our services!