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The Latest Car Theft News: The Mirror Scheme

The Staten Island police have issued a warning regarding one of the latest car theft hacks used by thieves: the targeting of parked luxury vehicles that have their side mirrors sticking out, which is an indicator of the fact the car is not locked. Thieves will either take advantage of this vulnerability and try to steal the car using various engine start tricks or even the key that has also been left behind in the ignition, or take off with valuable items that have been left unattended inside the vehicle.  The discovery was made by special Staten Island investigators who were asked to look into a series of car larcenies, and it didn't take long before they noticed the peculiar pattern and connected the dots.

If you are afraid something similar might happen to you or you are simply looking for some additional car security solutions that would bring you more peace of mind, these next few lines should come in handy.

Don't Act Carelessly! Pay Attention To The "Open Mirrors" Thieves mirror car theft scheme

This is the exact piece of advice that State Island residents were given via the official Twitter account of the local authorities after the discovery was made. Many of the cars that had fallen victim to thieves and break-ins during the past few months were car models featuring side mirrors. However, not all of them had side mirrors. According to law enforcement officers responsible for investigating the car theft cases, the main problem continues to be represented by car owners who keep leaving their key fobs inside parked vehicles, whether by mistake or intentionally, while running quick errands. Accordingly, three out of the four total police precincts part of Staten Island dealt with a rise in the number of stolen cars in 2022.

Beware Of Joy Ride Opportunist Thieves

In some cases, the vehicles were discovered dumped in the Brooklyn area, after the thieves took a joy ride in them, which would indicate the young age of the property criminals, according to the same police sources. At the same time, the missing electronics in some of the vehicles might have also fallen into the hands of the same crews of teenagers or young adults looking for a quick hit without too many risks. Since they had found the vehicles unlocked and unattended, they didn't have a very hard time stealing the loose items or the cars themselves.  

A more professional group of car thieves located in northern New Jersey is the primary suspect for the theft of a number of luxury vehicles from Todt Hill and other similar upscale neighborhoods. All the vehicles that have not been recovered in the Garden State have been most likely shipped to other countries for big profits, according to police sources.

Don't Let The Mirrors Tip Off Car Thieves

The fact that the mirrors on recently released luxury models can fold automatically once the vehicle is locked and the engine is turned off seems to have also been enough for these thieves to target these cars that had their mirrors out. Most of them had their doors unlocked and the key fobs still inside the ignition. If you own such a model, make sure never to leave the vehicle unlocked with the key fob inside.  Moreover, there is also the risk of a car thief relying on a high-tech method of getting inside the car and taking off with it or the valuables found inside. Besides using the key fobs the thieves may find inside the vehicles left unlocked that will allow them to immediately get the engine started, there is another option burglars can use. With the help of special phone apps used for locating cars that still have their key fobs inside, car thieves can rapidly find your unlocked and highly vulnerable car and steal it in just a few minutes.

What You Can Do To Avoid Having Your Car/Loose Items Stolen

  • Never leave any valuables such as wallets, purses, laptops, or electronics lying in any of the seats of a parked vehicle. Any passer-by with criminal intentions will be able to see it and feel encouraged to break a window, grab the items and run away.
  • Always keep your GPS system, any work files, IdD, checkbooks, or suitcases inside the locked trunk of the vehicle. This way, you will not give any potential thieves the chance to find out your identity and subject you to even more risks.
  • Always lock your car and make sure to remove the key fob from the ignition or car door no matter where you are, whether you need to run a quick errand nearby and you will be back in a matter of minutes or you have parked in a safe area.
  • Immediately get in touch with the local police to report any suspicious vehicles, individuals, or groups you might notice in the area or neighborhood.
  • Fix any potential problems or vulnerabilities you might have noticed with your car locks or key fobs so you can maintain a high level of protection on your vehicle. The Locksmiths Pros team is here to assist you with the entire array of car lock and key replacement, repair, and assessment services you may need help with.

Closely follow the previous pieces of advice to avoid any unpleasant occurrences with your vehicle. Also, keep in mind that a professional car locksmithing service like ours could help you easily assess and fix any lock or key security vulnerabilities you might be dealing with, with or without your knowledge, while making potential thieves' jobs more difficult.