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RFID Key Pouches - Pros & Cons

RFID cards or tags are composed of chips embedded in antennas on a certain substrate, along with different materials including adhesive, base, and front-face. RFID chips can host several memory banks used for encoding different types of information. These hardware tokens rely on one-factor authentication to offer simplified access control to various areas and devices, including cars, commercial buildings, computer systems, mobile devices, networks, or keyless entry systems. RFID technology key fobs use short-range radio transmitters or RFID chips and antennas to send coded signals to receiver units. The RFID tags are used for storing information that is then read from the RFID cards.

In general, RFID systems rely on symmetric encryption algorithms. Readers will normally initiate the execution of the protocol while the result of the authentication will be output by the same reader. While these tags offer advanced levels of security compared to traditional keys, once a third party learns the encryption algorithm used by such a system, they can decrypt them and get access to sensitive information or to the interior of a building, rooms, or vehicle they are not authorized to access. It is also possible to clone RFID technology key fobs and tags in a relatively easy manner, hence, the need to implement the best security solutions for RFID systems.

How to Increase Security on RFID Key Fobs faraday bags for rfid key fobs

One of the most frequent methods thieves use to target RFID key fobs and tags is using relay signals that can quickly imitate the signals that are emitted by the fobs when unlocking doors or starting car engines. The most efficient prevention method here is to rely on specialized RFID signal-blocking pouches, wallets, boxes, or Faraday bags for safe storage.

RFID key pouches significantly lower the risk of key fobs and tags being cloned by blocking all RFID transmissions that are not initiated by the rightful owners. With the help of their efficient protection, these security options can prevent unauthorized RFID key duplication by blocking the electromagnetic fields to and from the key fobs. This will prevent any unauthorized persons from getting access to a vehicle or access door, using the fob relay technique.

These protective pouches are made of quality materials such as copper and aluminum foil that can block the signal to the wireless devices stored inside. Whether you need enhanced security for your credit cards, car key fobs or house key fobs, these solutions are your best bet against experienced thieves.

Shopping for RFID Key Pouches and Wallets

Whether you are in the market for a Faraday bag or an RFID pouch or wallet, focus on investing in a quality, branded device that can successfully block all signals as intended to do. While cheaper alternatives do exist, it is best to steer clear of them and stick to durable and efficient solutions. Here are a few quick tips on how to choose the best RFID key pouches:

  • Build quality. Models like the Defender Signal Blocker can successfully block all signals while featuring state-of-the-art build quality. It can effectively store and protect larger devices such as smartphones. As a con, this model may not be the most convenient choice for storing smaller sets of keys.  TVL Anti Scan Wallet features a quality vinyl coating that adds to its sturdy feel. However, this also makes it not suitable for folding inside pockets.
  • Signal quality. Some options such as the Disklabs Key Shield Faraday Bag KS1 is a little pricier compared to the previously discussed model, but it does inspire a lot of confidence thanks to its “Secured by Design” accreditation received from the police. This model also comes with the excellent build quality. Its signal-blocking properties are also highly efficient and this is true even when the flap remains open. The Disklabs Faraday back is compatible with most types and sizes of keys and, despite its higher price tag, it represents one of the highest recommended solutions.
  • Versatility. The B-G RFID Keyless Entry Car Key Fob Signal Blocking Faraday Bag MIS1003 is sold in two available sizes. The smaller option can be exclusively used for keys, while the larger model is suitable for phones. This model also features a keyring on top and a chrome ring on the back, allowing users to hang it on the key hooks indoors. The Halfords Anti RFID Theft Wallet can also be used to increase security on several credit cards.
  • Twin pack alternative. You could also ppt for an RFID key pouch or wallet that features a twin pack to store and secure a larger number of key fobs simultaneously.
  • Color. Choose a bright color such as red or look for a model with a reflective strip to prevent misplacing or losing the pouch.

Final Thoughts

RFID key fob pouches, wallets, and Faraday bags represent excellent protective solutions for storing key fobs from unauthorized access, cloning, and relay attempts. Follow our professional advice to choose the most suitable model for your exact needs. If you need more tips or practical help with key fob repair or duplication, give us a call at LocksmithsPros.