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Tornado Safety Lockdown


In the past few years, there has been a rise in the number of tornadoes and extreme weather, rampaging vast tracts of land and leaving havoc in their wake. Global warming could be the most probable cause of the extreme weather. Statistics show that the situation will only get worse, and it is only wise always to be prepared to minimize the casualties and the damage to your property.

Tornado safety lockdown means that when you receive a tornado warning, all people and items be locked in a safe place within a building away from the dangers of the tornado. It is best to be on the lookout for extreme weather, by being tuned to the radio, TV, or get a weather radio and a working telephone line or internet connection. This will ensure that you get notified of any tornadoes that might be coming your way. Our home locksmiths have got some practical tips for you to consider.

safety lock-downInitiating the Tornado Safety Lockdown

It is important to stay updated on the probabilities of a tornado. The authorities might announce it via the local radio and TV stations. To initiate the lockdown, sound a continuous siren through the intercom system and everybody in the area ought to go to the designated safe location. Since you can never know the speed at which the tornado is traveling, ensure that you engage the lockdown when the tornado is at least a hundred miles away.

Ensure that you have practiced with other people in the building to avoid any accidents. The best cause of action is to ensure everybody moves to the safe zone in a single file without running.

Once in the secure safe zone, ensure that there are plenty of:

  • First aid kits
  • Drinking fountains or packed water
  • Snacks and light food products in case of an extended stay in the safe zone
  • Bathroom facilities
  • Effective communication channels with the authorities, friends, and family
  • Blankets
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Heavy coat to protect from shards of glass and other airborne projectiles
  • Bike helmet, car seat

Make it known that nobody is to be released during the lockdown or enter the property, and only after the authorities give the green light to leave the area. Whenever your area starts experiencing bad weather, engage the people in the building in random tornado lockdown drills, as this is the sure way to maintain order in the event a tornado hits your area. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the average lead-time for an oncoming tornado is 13 minutes. This will be enough to get everybody to safety as long as the tornado warning is headed immediately.

Best Places to Have the Designated Tornado Safe Zone

In recent times, we have seen tornadoes flatten homes and buildings, and it might not seem like a good option to stay indoors. However, when a tornado rolls around, you do not want anybody outside. Get into a building and be sure to stay from the windows and mirrors because due to high winds, they might break and cut you. The best places to designate as a tornado safe zone is anywhere underground, that is in a storm cellar or basement. However, if you have none of those, look for a sturdy doorway on the ground floor of the building. Experts also agree that your risk of harm increases when waiting out a storm in the basement without any protection. If you do not have a storm cellar, stay safe under sturdy furniture. 

According to studies of the tornadoes that have made the headlines for causing complete havoc, only interior rooms such as closets and bathrooms remain. This is attributed to the supportive wall framing compared to the ceiling surface area. You can also use your bathtub as a hideout from the storm. However, be mindful of the glass in your bathroom and bring a mattress and blankets to cover your face and body from the danger of the glass. Lie as flat as you can on your floor if you do not have a bathtub. You can also hide under a table or a stairwell in the middle of the room. You can also hide in a closet; they are safe because they do not have windows and the closet should preferably at the center of the home or room.

Take Responsibility

Whenever a tornado warning is issued, most people panic and they lack a balanced mind to carry out a tornado safety lockdown effectively. It is important to know that you can survive a tornado and you ought to start planning early. If your commercial workplace or your school does not have a designated tornado safe zone, then demand it be put in place. For your home security, ensure to reinforce your bathrooms, closets, but build a storm cellar in your basement or above ground. Ensure to have the above-listed items in your designated and secure safe zones, and you will be safe.


Over the years, the public is aware of what to do when a tornado warning is issued, and thanks to advanced warnings, there are lives saved. Since the fatalities from tornadoes are still far from zero, there is much improvement needed in educating the public on the best tornado safety lockdown practices and measures.