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Top Home and Business Intercom Security Systems


Do you need to improve employee communication around the office, get better access control over your front door at home, or add an extra layer of security to your property? Install a home or office intercom system to benefit from a range of advantages. Not sure where to start? Read on to learn everything you need to know about the best intercom security systems on the market.

intercom systemsWhat Are Intercom Systems and How Do They Work?

Also known as interphones or intercommunication devices, intercom systems are stand-alone voice communications systems mounted in buildings. They incorporate connections to phones, other intercom systems, walkie-talkie stations, or public address loudspeaker systems. They enable users to identify visitors at the door or gate and allow them to enter the premises from a remote distance. 

Some models also allow users to control door latches or signal lights. They can be used on homes that require a single connection between residents and the entrance. They are also popular in multi-unit apartments where the hardware needs to be installed in individual apartments. Some systems incorporate video options. Others are wireless and they rely on Bluetooth technology to connect to various smart home devices. Some intercom security systems are compatible with computers.

What Types of Intercom Systems Are Available For Home or Office?

While generally spread into the “wired” and “wireless” categories, intercom systems come in a wide range of options:

  • Residential building buzzers 
  • Systems for commercial buildings
  • Phone-based intercom systems
  • Gate intercom systems
  • Outdoor intercom systems
  • Video intercom systems 
  • Internal intercom systems 
  • Single audio intercoms

What are the Pros and Cons of Intercom Security Systems?

Intercom security systems come with a large number of pros and a few cons you should consider before making an investment:

Perks of Intercom Systems 

  • Video intercom systems provide you with live recording options. You can keep a constant eye on everything going on at home or at the workplace in real-time
  • They deter potential intruders. When used together with advanced locks, home alarms, and additional home automation systems, they enhance the protection of any property or area.
  • They let you communicate. You can use these systems to communicate with employees around the office, household members, and even repairmen and delivery persons when you are not present.
  • You can deny access to unwanted visitors. These systems allow you to constantly check and know who is at the door and only grant access to expected visitors. 
  • They offer enhanced access control. If you are looking for more control over who has access to your front door, an intercom system is a good solution.
  • They are versatile in use. Some models allow you to play music, control lights and locks, or manage other components of a smart home system via Alexa and other similar technologies. 

Drawbacks of Intercom Systems 

At times, the system installation might be complicated and take a lot of time, especially when dealing with wired systems that require physical wires to be fitted around a building. At the same time, wireless intercoms are usually limited in range and they might not be a good choice for areas where a 4G or 5G signal is not found.

Video Door Intercom Security Systems 

Video door intercoms are used to transmit video images. They rely on a camera that captures the images and a screen needed to display the footage. The best video door intercom systems feature built-in cameras. There are also models that are compatible with external cameras. To display the images, you will need separate hardware installed at different points of location inside the building. Video systems need extra bandwidth compared to audio intercoms. Preferably, they should be connected straight to the internet. Some models send video calls to smartphones. This means tenants can see who is sitting at their door and grant them access no matter where they might be.

Audio Intercom Systems

Also known as apartment buzzers, audio intercom systems enable visitors to talk to tenants inside a building. When they also feature a door release device, tenants can easily grant building access to their visitors. When compared to video intercoms, the latter makes for a better option since they are sold at similar prices to audio systems and offer more functionality.

Commercial Intercom Systems

These solutions enable visitors to call employees inside multi-tenant buildings or the business itself, without visiting a specific employee. These devices have an industrial design, they are built with sturdier materials and they can be either wireless or wired. Wired intercoms for business uses can be installed at access doors and gate monitoring purposes.

Burglar Alarm Systems With Integrated Intercom Systems

For enhanced protection against crafty burglars, we strongly recommend you integrate a home or office intercom system with an existing security system and automatic gate lock. With the help of sensors installed both inside and around the property, you will receive notifications in real time whenever someone is attempting to enter your property. The best systems come with a variety of functions including wireless controls and detection, door and sensors, internet backup, and others.

How to Install an Intercom System  

The chosen model and types, its wiring, and the actual location where the system will be fitted are factors that determine the costs and complexity of the installation procedure. For example, installing a video intercom system with several sub-stations in each apartment will require more expensive work, extra hardware, and wiring. A wireless system that can send signals to tenants’ smartphones will trigger less hassle in terms of installation. Intercom system installation in a location with an existing backbox and wiring will smoothen the procedure and lower the costs. Cutting a wall open or breaking bricks apart will add more costs. Besides the installation itself, there will be additional maintenance, upgrades, the need to buy replacement parts or extra fees for smart home intercom systems that you will need to worry about.

What Are the Best Intercom Security Systems on the Market? 

Most intercom systems cost a few hundred dollars up to thousands for more complex commercial intercoms. The price, however, is not the only thing to consider when shopping for a new intercom security system. After assessing your exact security and access control needs at home or in your business space, looking into your options should go smoother. To come to your help, here are a few of the best intercom systems you can currently find on the market:

Hosmart Wireless Intercom System 

The system comes with a half a mile range and seven channels and it is suitable for residential and commercial use. The system is sold with ROSH, FCC, and CE safety certifications and a lifetime quality warranty and it integrates state-of-the-art technology including the group call function that allows you to call all stations part of the system. This model also comes with monitoring and anti-interference signal technologies. A secret digital channel adds more convenience and brings more peace of mind. The Hosmart wireless intercom system can be connected to wireless doorbell systems and walkie-talkie stations. The system can be supported by a 5V 1A power bank.

SANZUCO Wireless Intercom System 

This model features group call functions and it is suitable for residential homes, offices, and hotels as it enables room-to-room intercom communication covering a 1000 ft range. It comes with a unique design and crisp sound quality. The LCD display screen is high-quality. The system is powered by a USB cable and does not require users to charge the battery.

Wuloo Intercoms Wireless System

This model is suitable for commercial and residential use and it features a powerful signal, anti-interference capabilities, and crystal clear sound. The added monitor, talk, call, and voice-operated exchange options add more convenience to the system. The fact that it works well outdoors via power banks is an added plus.

What Intercoms Do We Recommend?

While intercom security systems can provide you with more peace of mind and enhanced access control, they are not as effective as complex security systems that feature alarms and powerful locks. We strongly recommend you carefully consider whether installing such a system is the best decision in your particular case. Also, try to incorporate the system with the rest of your smart home devices for the best results. Smart intercom system, classic, wireless or wired, the decision is ultimately yours. We are here for more insights into additional residential and commercial security solutions at affordable prices.