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Things a Burglar Will Never Tell You


There are several things that burglars know about your home, that they have picked up on. In this article, we will take you behind the scenes and show you what a burglar is thinking...

One of the most crucial topics that the majority of homeowners and tenants are concerned about is that of home security. Even after practicing several effective tips to keep burglars and intruders away from your home, they can still find a way into your home. In order to help you out and make your house burglar-proof, we have listed some of the secret things that burglars will never tell you! There are many incidences of burglary across the country and unfortunately, the numbers are increasing each passing year. Therefore, you need effective security measures to fight the risks. Underrating the dangers of burglars loitering around in the hunt for next burglary and believing that nothing can happen to your house is sheer ignorance. It is worth noting that robberies don’t only cause financial trauma but the emotional trauma that lasts for a long time as well. Therefore, it is necessary that everyone is armed with imperative information to help enhance the security of their homes. This can be made possible by understanding the perspective of burglars, thus, we have listed some hidden secrets of burglars that they don’t want you to find out. So, let’s get started!

Be Aware of the Knock on your Door

You might think that burglars will keep a watch on your home from a distance and pen down your every move to act at the right time; however, the fact is that they do more than this. For instance, they will simply knock on the door or press the doorbell before using their equipment to pick the lock. If you answer the door, they will have a backup plan ready. They might then ask you for directions or offer to help you with things around your house such as mowing your lawn. If this has ever happened to you, chances are that you might be meeting a potential burglar. Make sure you are always vigilant before allowing someone you don’t know inside your house to perform any minor task. Always hire professionals through a reputable company that is trustworthy or one that you have used in the past.

They Might Ask to Use Your Bathroom

It is quite possible that a handyman working to clean your gutters or mowing your lawn might request to use your bathroom or want to visit your kitchen to get a glass of water. In simple words, they might be searching for ways in which they can enter your home in order to observe a potential entry or exit point for a future burglary. Always make sure that you hire trustworthy people to work in and around your house and never trust anyone whose certifications you have not checked yourself.

Potential Robbers Check for Newspapers Piling Upbreak in

Intruders will take it as a sign that nobody has been occupying the house for at least a few days. When homeowners are away from home for vacation, this is the best time for burglars to break into your house. Make certain that you ask your neighbor or a family member to keep your newspapers or pick up your mail so that it doesn’t remain unattended while you are away. If it’s winter season, ask reliable friends to make an impression of foot marks or car tracks moving towards your house. All of these will create the false impression that you are home although you are away enjoying the holiday with your family and loved ones.

Burglars Check for an Alarm Control Pad

Most houses have decorative glass on their front door, which makes it easy for the control pad of your home alarm to be seen from the outside. Make sure that you keep it hidden from any intruding eyes. Get in touch with a security company before getting an alarm installed and ask for it to be placed in a spot which is unnoticeable to potential burglars. You could also talk with a dependable locksmith professional and ask them to get wireless smart-locks and cameras fitted in your home.

Burglars Hate Loud TV Sounds

If you are out of your home for vacation, make sure that you don’t make it obvious for burglars. Plan so that intruders will think you are inside your house watching TV or listening to the radio. However, don’t overdo it as this plan may backfire as well. Keep in mind that thieves are always on duty and they are usually discouraged by big locks, particularly deadbolts, which are challenging to pick. If you want to get new and improvised security locks in your home, get in touch with our professional locksmiths.

Tips to Secure Your Home and Valuables

There are several things that you can do to keep your home and loved ones safe from intruders and robbers.

  • Keep the doors of your home locked: Most homeowners leave the doors of their homes open unknowingly. This sheer negligence can prove useful to potential burglars who are on the lookout for an easy entry point.
  • Use high-security lock systems: You might want to install aesthetic locks that go well with the décor of your home; however, make sure that the locks you want in your home are operational and highly secure as well. In the end, security is more important than your interior decoration. Fortunately, there are locks that are not only aesthetically-appealing but secure too!

Don’t Let a Burglar Break-in to Your House!

Everyone is worried about their home, possessions, and family and wants them to be safe from harm. Many people go to work and expect everyone and everything to be safe and in good condition when they return home. Regrettably, just wishing for the best is not enough and will not happen all by itself. Get in touch with Locksmithspros.org and have all the information about the latest and improved security systems at the tip of your fingers!