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Gate Lock Services


Our gate lock installation experts have the knowledge and tools to care for your gate lock installation, repairs, and maintenance needs. Call now for our services! Increase the security of your property by hiring our team of expert locksmiths to install the best gate locks! Of course, gate lock installation isn’t the only service we offer. Actually, we can do literally any work that’s related to gate locks.

Our professional gate lock services include:

  • gate lock servicesFence lock installation
  • Gate lock inspection
  • Replacement gate locks
  • Gate locks repairs
  • Gate lock key extraction
  • Unlocking gate locks
  • Digital gate locks
  • Perimeter security

These are just some examples of the things we can do for you, but there are many, many other gate locks services in our offer. A great thing about them is that we can provide them whenever you want us to. Our team is available 24/7 for anything you may need!

Gate Lock Installation Near Me

Whether you need locks for your new gate or you want to replace the existing locks with new ones that are better-quality, we can do the job for you. We can even help you out with making the right choice when shopping for a gate lock. But, for that, we need to do a quick survey of your property. After taking a wide range of factors into consideration (including your current security features, your neighborhood, and so on), we will be able to give our recommendation.

Actually, picking the right gate lock is the difficult part. After you’ve bought the locks, the rest is our job. Our home locksmiths pride themselves on being experts in gate lock installation. Not only can we do it flawlessly but we will install the locks very quickly as well.

And once the locks are installed, we will also test them out thoroughly, making sure everything is in complete order. On top of that, we can also do check-ups and maintenance on a regular basis, thus making sure the locks stay in a good condition for many, many years. Of course, the durability of gate locks also depends on their brand, quality, and design, so make sure to choose the pick the right one!

What Types of Gate Locks Do We Recommend Installing?

Although we may recommend all kinds of locks to be installed on your gate, the experience has thought us that there are three types of gate locks that work the best – gate latches, keyed gate locks, and keypad locks.gate lock installations

Gate Latches

Gate lathes are among the top choices among American homeowners. The reasons for that are numerous, starting with the fact that they are very easy to use. Anyone can lock/unlock the gate from the inside using its latch.

Unfortunately, because of their design, gate latches are impossible to open from the outside. Surely, this will stop the thieves from getting in, but it can also cause you some inconvenience, you won’t be able to enter your own property through the gate directly.

Keyed Gate Locks

Keyed gate locks don’t need any special introduction. They work on the same principle as any other keyed lock; the only difference being that they’re installed on gates. In order to lock or unlock these locks, you need to use a key.

And always when there’s a key involved, lockouts are a serious risk. If you happen to lose or break your gate key, you will have to call professional locksmiths to solve the problem for you. Or, you can prevent this problem from happening at all! How? By using high-tech keyless solutions!

Digital Gate Locks

A high-tech alternative to keyed locks and latches are digital locks. They can be opened both from the inside and outside, for which you need to type in the right code, press the keycard, use a smartphone app, or something else.  Obviously, these locks are by far your most convenient solution. The problem is that, since they’re using both hardware and software, they might malfunction sometimes. Luckily for you, you have us to deal with gate lock repairs!

What Gate Lock Repairs Are Available at LocksmithsPros?

A broken gate lock can cause a huge number of different problems, including those related to your convenience, as well as those related to your security. Generally speaking, all the gate lock problems can be separated into two separate categories – problems locking and problems unlocking it.

What to Do If a Gate Can't Be Opened?

If you can’t unlock the gate lock, it can cause you a huge annoyance. The good news is that we can make this problem go away, regardless of what the cause of it might be – stuck latch, broken latch, broken key, forgotten code for digital gate locks, and so on.

What to Do If a Gate Can't Be Closed?

An even more serious problem is when the gate lock can’t lock. If that happens, your property won’t be safe. Burglars can literally just walk in your house through the gate. This is why you need to solve this problem ASAP. Luckily for you, we are at your disposal each day of the week for 365 days a year. So, if a problem like this happens, just give us a ring and we’ll be on our way. You should do the same for all the other issues related to the security of your property as our locksmith team can handle any kind of work.

Whether you’re looking to install new gate locks or repair the existing ones, you need to hire real professionals for the job. So, who should you call? Why, us, of course, Locksmiths Pros!