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Lock Picking 101

lock picking 101

Eager to learn how to pick the lock on your front door by yourself and stop calling the local locksmith every time you get locked out of the house by accident? Our professional team of experienced and licensed lock technicians can provide you with the right type of basic tips to get started. 

What Does It Mean To Pick A Lock?

Picking a lock is one of the most common services a locksmith is hired to do. In fact, most people end up getting in touch with a locksmith for the first time in their lives when they lock themselves out of their homes or vehicles.

Lock picking is a relatively simple procedure that relies on specialized tools that are usually inserted in the keyway and carefully manipulated, resulting in the unlocking/opening of the door. Lock picking is useful in a number of scenarios, including padlock unlocking for bikes, garage door lock opening in case of broken or missing keys, home lockouts, old chest opening and so on. Needless to say, the procedure is never to be used for any illicit activities. Some people may be interested to learn how to pick a lock in order to start a career in the locksmith field or be more helpful around the house. Whatever may be the reason that is pushing you to learn lock picking 101, these next few lines should help.

Tools You Will Need To Learn How To Pick A Lock

With an almost endless number of tools that today's locksmiths use to pick different lock models, it could feel overwhelming to choose the most suitable solutions at first. As a beginner, you will not need to worry about learning how to use any of the complex tools out there on the market. However, it will help to get a little better acquainted with some of the most common lock-picks used by our own technicians.

The list includes, but is not limited to:

  • Bump keys
  • Decoder picks
  • Torsion wrenches
  • Ball picks
  • Pick Guns
  • Half-diamond picks
  • Jugglers
  • Rake picks
  • and more

Lock picking amateurs should get started with a smaller lock pick set of tools found in most hardware stores and local locksmithing shops. These tools are normally made of titanium and they are sturdy and can handle pretty much any type of simple lock picking process.

Simple Lock Picking Methods

lock pickingLock picking is a genuine skill that can be acquired after prolonged practice. It is basically a matter of getting to experience several procedures and learning where to put apply the necessary amount of pressure and how to decide which lock would work best on which type of lock. Finding the pins that you will need to lift at the same time is not going to be a walk in the park. You will also need to apply the necessary pressure using a wrench and make sure you will clear the sheer line of any remaining pins.

Here are a few guidelines on how to perform the perfect lock picking:

  • Place the tension wrench at the bottom of the keyway and apply some pressure in the direction you would turn the key in. Put the right amount of pressure on the plug so you can have the driver pin catching the plug's edge.
  • Place the lock pick on top of the lock while sliding the rake back.
  • Turn the wrench slightly and rub the pick back and forth into the keyhole. Repeat relying on both of your hands and make sure all pins are set.
  • Do not rush into things, as you will only risk making things harder on yourself while compromising the success fo your project.
  • Get as much practice as you can – use old locks on your shed or drawers for it.

Should You Worry About Legal Matters?

As long as you do not plan on using these lock picking skills for doing anything illegal such as breaking into a shop or an office building you do not have access to, you should have nothing to worry about.

Most US states do not require locksmiths to have a locksmith license to do their jobs, so you should have no problem practicing your newly learned skills. Nevertheless, there are some states where lock picking requires a license while owning a simple set of lock picking tools could mean you have criminal intentions and you could be, in fact, planning to break into someone's home office or car.

Keep in mind as long as you do not live in California, Alabama, Nebraska, Oregon, New Jersey, Texas and eight other states where you are required to own a license issued by a state agency and meet the necessary credentials by the state you are in, you should have no problem using your lock picking skills.

For any emergency lock picking help you might need with your home, office or vehicle locks, feel free to get in touch with the LocksmithsPros team straight away! We specialize in the entire array of residential, commercial and automotive services, including lockout emergencies 24 hours a day, lock change and repair, duplicate key making on the spot and many more.