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Window Lock Installations

If the locks on your windows aren’t working properly, you can’t consider your home and office security. Burglars can come in whenever they want. That’s why you need to call us ASAP and our team of certified locksmiths will take care of window locks repairs!

Apart from calling us when you need your window locks repaired, you can call us for many other things, lock-related. For example, if you’ve recently bought a new set of windows and now want to install top-grade locks, our locksmith service is the company to call. You can also call us if you want your old window locks replaced with new ones.

Our window lock services include all the following:Window lock change

  • New window lock installation for homes
  • Office lock window installations
  • Replacing old locks with new ones
  • Repairing window locks that won’t lock
  • Fixing locks that can’t be unlocked
  • Replacing broken/damaged latches

As you can see, we can handle literally any kind of work related to window locks. Apart from being real experts in our work, we’re also proud of being extremely responsive. If you need us, just give us a ring and we’ll be at your place in no time!

Window Lock Replacement for Homes

Our window lock service includes both the installation of locks on new windows and replacement of old window locks with new ones. We heartily advise you to do this, as window lock replacement isn’t that expensive, while it can improve your home/office security significantly. Of course, this is only true if you pick the right kind of lock. There are three different security grades of window locks according to the American National Standard Institute (ANSI).

  • Grade 1 – If you want to really improve the security of your property, you need to replace all the old locks with Grade 1 window locks. These are practically impossible to pick, meaning that you will have a peace of mind, knowing that your property is secure. The only downside of grade 1 window locks is that they’re slightly more expensive than the others. But, you can’t put a price on your security…
  • Grade 2 – These locks are more affordable than the ones we previously dealt with. However, they provide a slightly lower level of security. This, of course, doesn’t mean that they’re easy to break.
  • Grade 3 – Although they’re your most affordable option, they’re not as secure as the other two. Still, if you have some rusty old locks on your windows, installing Grade 3 locks will certainly come as an

But, it’s not just about their grades; it’s also about their design. Depending on your property’s location, current security systems, and many other factors, some types of window locks may provide higher security than others. But, one thing is certain – whatever the type, we can install it quickly and professionally. 

Types of Window Locks We Install for Offices

We’re at your disposal to install any kind of window lock you have in mind. But, it’s up to you to choose which sort of lock you wish for your windows. To help you out with your choice, here are some window locks that we recommend.window lock repair

Window Latch

By far the most popular type of window locks, latches are installed on sashes, securing them together once you close the window from the inside. You should think of window latches as your primary window lock, which can be accompanied by additional locks.

Folding Latches

Similarly to regular latches, folding latches are also a simple way to improve the security of your property. How they work is that you need to fold the latch down once you’ve closed the window. And if you want to open it, you just need to unfold the latch.

Swivel-Action Locks

A great thing about these locks is that they’re super-convenient to use. It’s all because of their self-locking mechanism. Basically, in order to lock the windows from the inside, you just need to close them. And the same goes for unlocking them.

Keyed Locks

Did you know you can lock your windows the same way you lock your doors? To lock them, you need to use a key. Obviously, windows can be locked/unlocked only from the inside. Although they’re great for improving security, it’s true that they’re not too convenient. That’s why we don’t advise installing them in your home.

But, they’re definitely a great choice for offices. Ours recommend using them to lock the windows when the working day is over.

Window Lock Repairs

If something goes wrong with your window, you should call us to get it fixed right away. Otherwise, the issue can have a serious impact on your convenience, as well as the security of your property.

You will know that it’s time to give us a call if you experience the following:

  • I can’t close my window due to the malfunctioning window lock
  • I can’t unlock my window lock
  • I’ve broken the latch on my window
  • I’ve lost the key to windows in my office
  • I want to replace old window locks with Grade 1 locks

Of course, these are just some of the examples of the window lock problems for which we have solutions. And even if the issue that’s been bothering you is not on the list, it doesn’t mean we can’t handle it. Our team of certified home locksmiths has the tools and the knowledge to solve literally any problem, as long as it’s related to window locks.

For window lock repairs, call us! Why us? Because we can make the problem go away ASAP, as well as help out with many other things, window lock replacement, maintenance, and so on.