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Car Theft Statistics | Automobile Theft Prevention Tips

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According to the yearly Hot Wheels report issued by the National Insurance Crime Bureau, thousands of vehicles are stolen across the country because of the simple reason that owners accidentally leave their keys inside. In other words, they are unwillingly making an open invitation to opportunist thieves who won't think twice before taking advantage of the situation. While the advent of technology has considerably contributed to a drop in stolen vehicles during the last few years, there seems to be a small resurgence caused by drivers' complacency. If you wish to learn more about the reasons behind the slightly increasing number of stolen cars, find out what is the most stolen car, and how to avoid being part of the statistics, keep reading.

The Most Stolen Car Over the Years

History apparently likes to repeat itself when it comes to Honda and the number of yearly stolen vehicles. The multinational Japanese corporation that has been the indisputable world leader in the motorcycle manufacturing industry and the largest producer of internal combustion engines by volume, making it the 8th automobile manufacturer on the globe.

Unfortunately, it has also gained the shameful reputation of being the most stolen car targeted by vehicle thieves in the United States for a few years in a row. And 2017 makes no exception. In 2016, the Honda Civic recorded more than 45,000 reported cases of theft throughout America. Honda Accord was ranked the second most stolen car, with close to 44,000 cars that were taken from the rightful owners. The full-sized For Pickup and the Chevrolet Pickup ranked third and fourth in the same chart, according to the same car theft statistics.

According to official FBI reports, the number of property crimes in the U.S. has dropped between the years 1992 and 2016. Ad BJS report, on the other hand, speaks about a decline of more than 65 percent, during the same time-frame. Property crime encompasses theft and motor vehicle theft, as well as burglaries. To avoid falling victim to vehicle thieves, there are a few common-sense precaution measures to consider. One of the most important of them is having your car locks and key fobs periodically inspected by expert locksmiths for vehicles. The Locksmiths Pros team specializes in the entire array of the automotive lock, key, and ignition services. Take a look at our line of work and get in touch with us if you have any additional questions or concerns. Schedule an appointment for a free estimate and let us strengthen security on your car hassle-free.

The good news for owners of newer Honda cars is that last year's bulk of stolen Hondas were older models. They didn't have the latest security features, like today's vehicles. However, simply relying on the locks and alarms installed by the manufacturer will not suffice. If you truly care about the security and protection of our vehicle, you should take some additional security measures.

Car Owners' Risky Behavior

The National Insurance Crime Bureau speaks about one car theft taking place every 6.5 minutes, and 156 auto thefts occurring on a daily basis. Close to 60 percent of Americans say they rarely or never think about someone possibly stealing their cars. On the other hand, eighty percent of Americans always lock their cars, while 93 percent never leave any spare keys inside their cars. Nevertheless, close to 50 percent of people do not always park in areas that are well-lit. Also, 40 percent of cars have stated they do not hide away their valuables when parking their vehicles. Have of them oftentimes leave purses, bank statements, and wallets behind. One-third of the people interviewed admitted having left their cars on while running a quick errand.

Car Theft Prevention Measureslocksmiths pros

If you are not driving the most stolen car in recent years, it does not mean that you are safe from harm's way. While statistics speak about a drop in the number of stolen cars over the past twenty years, industry observers caution warn us thieves always come up with new and sophisticated stealing tactics. They include the use of smart keys, which eliminate the need to hotwire a car and risk getting caught in the process, or the use of stolen identities to secure loans for pricier cars. They also have no problem switching vehicle identification numbers to reach their goals.

In other words, it is not impossible for you to easily have your vehicle stolen or broken into and have valuable items taken from it. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, GPS systems, work tools, credit cards, and stereo equipment or cash are the top items that car thieves take off with.

Choose well-lit and monitored/guarded parking areas and never leave the keys in the ignition/on the front seat. Roll the windows up when leaving your car parked somewhere over the night. Install a dash cam that records movements nearby when your car is parked and not travelling. While car theft is covered by the comprehensive coverage of auto policies, in some cases, you may not receive any compensation if the theft was encouraged by something you did or did not do. For example, having faulty locks on the doors, or not adding steering wheel locks or alarms on your car could all be considered increased risks for theft. And they could prevent you from filing your claims or having them approved, in case of a car break-in or theft.

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