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How To Choose Steering Wheels Locks

Locks for steering wheels are capable of increasing security as they can put up an additional physical barrier against potential theft attempts. If you need more pointers on how to choose the best steering wheel for your vehicle, you've reached the right page. We are going to discuss the main features of these locks, as well as the main benefits of using them.

How Do Steering Wheel Locks Work?

Shortly put, a steering wheel lock is a security device made from metal that prevents the steering wheel from moving the car when the right key is not used. The device works by locking the steering wheel with the help of a spring-filled lever and, while not undefeatable, like many other security devices for vehicles, it can add an extra layer of protection against theft attempts.  Steering wheel locks are also good visual deterrents for potential opportunist thieves, as most of them will avoid trying to break into a vehicle that has an easy to notice the lock on the steering wheel. There are several different types of steering wheels, each with its own features, pros, and cons, and knowing what you should be looking for in a reliable steering wheel lock should come in handy.

Benefits Of Steering Wheel Locks

Steering wheel locks are good at ensuring higher levels of protection for a car. When someone tries to use the wrong key or to force their way into a car and drive off in it, this metal device placed on the steering wheel will stop the wheel from moving. These locks are usually hard to pick and not many car thieves will want to risk taking a long time or making loud noises in an attempt to steal the vehicle.  A steering wheel lock can give you extra peace when parking your vehicle in areas you are not familiar with, usually when traveling out of town. Unfortunately, you cannot always park in a well-lit area with surveillance cameras or manned guards around, so taking some additional precautions should ease some of the stress.

While the layered security approach works best at keeping vehicles safe from the risk of theft, steering wheel locks are a good start as well. Make sure you always choose the safest parking spots, lock all the doors, arm the alarm, and never let any lock malfunction or vulnerability stop you from enjoying full protection for your car.  A lock for a steering wheel could also help you pay less for your insurance premium as the majority of insurance companies' policies will provide discounts for enhanced protection measures. If you live in an area with a high rate of property crimes with special emphasis on car theft, using a steering wheel lock should become a priority.  

Steering Wheel Locks To Consider

steering wheel lock

Enclosed Locks For Steering Wheels

These locks provide a high level of protection against thieves as they do a good job at accurately enclosing the wheel in steel shells and being more difficult to pick and break. The bulkiness of these locks and the fact that that they are heavier compared to other types of steering wheel locks make them more efficient and reliable.

Traditional Locks For Steering Wheels

Most steering wheel locks are classic models and they consist of long bars that need to be tied to the wheels with hooks or expandable arms. They do a good job at maintaining the same positioning or steering wheel and stop thieves who will manage to break into the vehicle from getting too far, as they will have a very hard time driving and manoeuvring the car with the locked steering wheel.

Wheel-To-Pedal Locks For Steering Wheels

This is a type of lock that is connected to the pedals and the steering wheel and can prevent thieves from using two-key control points. They are bulkier compared to other types of locks and this makes them more difficult to store and use.

Preparing A Budget For A Steering Wheel Lock

Depending on the money you are ready to spend on a new lock for your steering wheel, you will benefit from more or less security features, some better than others. If you are not willing to pay more than $30 on such a lock, get ready for locks of different levels of quality, most of them offering decent protection while others being unable to tackle potential picking attempts. A mid-range lock for a steering wheel usually costs between $40 and $100 and the list includes the classic lock we have spoken about in the lines above, along with a series of wheel-to-pedal types of locks. Expect the quality of the materials these locks are made of to be satisfying enough to get the job done. We warmly advise you to consider shopping for at least a mid-range priced steering wheel lock for more pace of mind.

If you can afford to pay more than that, you will get a high-end lock, usually an enclosed model made of top-tier materials and crafted by skilled craftsmen. Depending on how valuable your vehicle is for you and how much you are willing to spend on seeing it protected at all costs, you should opt for the highest quality lock you can afford.  You could choose a universal lock that can fit all types of wheels, which means you should escape doing all the guesswork or the improper selection of the right latch points. Some vehicles, such as big rucks or 18p-wheeler, however, will require the use of specialty steering wheel locks.  Make sure you contact an experienced locksmith for cars and have them recommend the most reliable steering wheel locks for your exact needs. Ask for additional help with any lock, key, or ignition issues you might be dealing with and have them install a suitable alarm system for enhanced security for your vehicle.