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Top 5 Security Issues When Buying An Older Home

Security Issues When Buying An Older Home

Being in the market for a new home does not necessarily mean you want to buy a brand new property. Most people opt for older properties for a number of reasons: better prices, a strong character, sturdier materials, better locations and so on.

If you are currently considering investing in an older home, the most critical aspect you should focus on is security. Here are some tips on how to make your life easier when you finally move in:

#1: Old Homes, Old Locks

Security Issues When Buying An Older HomeWhile this is not a general rule of thumb, it is usually the case for most antique homes. A century-old Victorian house that has been cherished and preserved by its former owners most likely comes with many original locks on the doors and gates. While these locks and padlocks might look charming and complete the personality of the house, they are less than ideal security-wise. Consider the effects of the wear-and-tear over the years and the destructive action of rain, snow, and debris on these locks. Add the considerably outdated state of these locks that no longer keep up with the advanced lock picking tools used by today's burglars. Would you feel safe moving in into such a property?

As well-seasoned home locksmiths who have been in the industry for many years, we have come across a number of customers in need of help with their old home locks. We know exactly how to assess any type of vintage lock and reveal all the threats and vulnerabilities it comes with. Needless to say, old, rusty or poor-quality locks are not the only perils that lay around in an antique home. Outdated electrical systems and bad plumbing, no home or fire alarms installed, faulty wiring – it's a real hassle moving into an old place. However, as long as you have a clear checkup list in mind and you know exactly what to direct your attention to, you should make your move as smooth and safe as possible.

It is best to have all old locks replaced with at least commercial grade 2 or 1 deadbolt locks for more peace of mind. These locks are difficult to pick and are more sturdy and reliable. They go well hand in hand with wooden or metalcore doors that are hard to kick open. Electric or smart locks that can be controlled with the help of access keypads, cards, digital fingerprints or smartphones are also worth considering for a real lock system update.

#2: Lots Of Hazards Everywhere

Old wiring and clogged pipes around the house, outdated electrical outlets and appliances, broken rooftops and faulty or missing air filters could all endanger yourself and your family. Unfortunately, this is usually a common scenery that antique homes have on display. Take a deep breath; it's all fixable and manageable. You just need to have the right people by your side.

To prevent potential home fires and floods, it is mandatory to get in touch with professional electricians and plumbers and replace all rusty plumping and out-of-date components of the electrical system. Ask for a price estimate – they are usually free – and find out how much money you should get ready to spend on all the repairs and replacements. Usually, the older the house, the better off you are with installing brand new systems.

#3: No Alarm System In Place

Most old homes did not have any alarms installed simply because these were not available at the time they were built. Some of them come with basic alarm models that are not suitable for this day and age. You need every available tool to fight off the dangers of home burglary and a good home alarm system with sensors on the doors and windows is an excellent solution. Connect your alarm to a local security company so they can immediately come over in case of any suspicious activity. Arm and disarm the alarm or control the front door lock with a few taps on your mobile phone. Have all images recorded and broadcast in real-time and keep an eye on your home while on vacation. All this is possible with today's modern home alarm systems. You can even have a smart peephole pr doorbell installed that allows you to see who's at the door before you open it and even have conversations with your visitors from a remote distance. While the charm of an old home is undeniable and it is found in its antique elements, safety should always come first. Making some of the upgrades could make a huge difference in your protection.

#4: Obsolete Garage Door Locks

Usually, antique homes come with old garage doors and door remote controls that have not been fixed or checked for many years. These will out your home at risk of burglary, especially if the garage is connected to the house through an additional door that does not have a sturdy lock on it. The garage door should be made of high-quality material and it should be fitted with a commercial-grade garage door lock with key cylinders and T handles.

#5: Flimsy Window Hinges

Corrosion and flimsiness usually characterize old window hinges. Needless to say, they wave been weakened by the power of the elements over the years.  Unless the former owners did something about it, chances are they still look the same. Have all windows inspected, sliding doors included and opt for metal and wood as often as possible, along with security grills made of brass for extra security.

Get in touch with us for any lock, home alarm, peephole, window or doggy door problems on your antique home and never go to sleep in an unsafe home!