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Keeping Your Pool Locked and Secured

pool security

Pools are inviting, fun, and easy targets for vandals and trespassers.  They can also be dangerous for kids who wander into the pool area and cannot swim. With security systems that keep violators out and warn nearby, responsible adults that a child may be in danger, you are sure to have lots of poolside time that is relaxing, safe, and enjoyable.

There is nothing like the summer! With warm weather and a pool out back, it is almost impossible not to be able to enjoy a few laps in the water.   There are things that can muddy this picturesque scene, however. Vandals, thieves, and trespassers can wreak havoc on your pool and the area surrounding it if left unlocked.  Child access to unsecured pools can also destroy this image of serenity, as well as shatter a family's world.  In order to maintain your safety and prevent tragedy, have a look at the variety of locks and systems that can ensure your summer is pool ready. 

How to Securely Lock Your Pool Area

In order to maintain safety on the immediate perimeter and the surrounding area of your pool, you need to check out thbest locks for poolsese locks.

Lockey Keyless lever Deadbolt lock

This keyless deadbolt lever lock is designed for ease of use, even though it is sturdy and heavy.  There is a keypad on both the interior and exterior of the pool gate you can have it attached to, and you can use the same access code for both sides of the lock.  This lock is made to withstand all types of temperatures and weather conditions, which makes its location near the pool a good choice.

Magnetic Pool Gate Locks

Magnetic pool gate locks secure the gate surrounding your pool and latch on their own.  And not only does the latch feature work automatically, but it can be opened without your hands, by pushing it open with a hip or waist. What makes this particular lock so great is that you can also attach a keyless lock as well as a lock that requires a key to open it.  You choose the level of security you want for your pool.

Lockey Double Sided Pushbutton Lock

Much like the Keyless lever deadbolt lock, this double-sided push-button lock allows for keyless entry and is weatherproof.  Proper use of this lock requires code entry on both sides of the door in which it is installed, adding to its security and that of your pool area.

Twist 40 Swimming Pool Lock

This stainless steel device is installed at the top of the gate surrounding your pool and opens when you press and twist it.  This lock can protect children from wandering into the pool, as well as prevent thieves who want to get in, and immediately out. of the area. The Twist 40 latches closed on its own, self-hinges, and can be accessed with a key if preferred. This lock is particularly good for large or small gates.

Locinox Security Knob

Similar to the Twist 40 Swimming Pool Lock, the Locinox Security Knob, requires greater effort and coordination to open, and that is before you use the door lock with it.  While this lock’s security relies heavily on locking the door with a key, it can be very time to consume for a crook to remove the security knob. And the last thing any crook wants is to be at the scene of the crime for too long.

Can LocksmithsPros Install Pool Security Alarms for Children?

In addition to protection against intruders, you must ensure the safety of your pool for those who are allowed to use it. To be honest, it is not just your pool that needs proper security, but your kids. While setting up pool security for children is the law in some states, you must always remember that a little one ’s wandering eyes are often followed by curious, wandering feet that are oblivious to personal safety.Pool security equipment

Poolguard Inground Alarm

This Poolguard alarm is installed on the side of your pool and uses an electric sensor to gauge the water’s ebb and flow.  This water movement essentially tells the sensor that someone has entered the pool, whether or not you are in it or just nearby. If anything over 18 pounds is sensed to be entering the pool, home and pool alerts are sounded.  In addition, the alarm will sound if someone tries to remove it from the water. If a child tries to get into the pool while covered, the alarm’s functions remain intact. There are a lot of safety features and add-ons to this system that makes it a great way to keep kids safe.

Pool Patrol Alarms

Pool patrol alarms are terrific additions to your pool’s safety.  This is because they require no structural modifications to your pool or deck, can detect movement of both kids and pets, is easy to use and can be easily removed from one pool and placed in another, and allows you to adjust the sensitivity of your device so you do not have to deal with false alarms.  This security device can sense people and items that are 15 pounds or more and works well in pools of varying sizes.

Whether you are securing your pool against would-be intruders or protecting children from entering dangerous waters, our experienced home locksmiths can help you set up a locks and motion sensor security systems for your pool and the area surrounding it.  

If you want to enjoy your pool with the fullest protection around, call our locksmiths today!